Days of our Lives

Ep. #9426

Season 37, Ep 252, Aired 11/4/02
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  • Sami and Kate meet in Salem Place, and bicker about Lucas and Will for a bit. Kate tells Sami to put this costume on; and hands her a bag. Sami says she is not going trick-or-treating! Kate says this costume is going to save her life. Sami dresses up almost looking like a hooker, complete with a shorthaired blonde wig. Kate tells her to put on the mask, and Sami asks her what is all of this for? Kate says she is going to go to the Cheatin' Heart, and that she is going to pretend to be Nicole, and hand out some business cards (with all of Nicole's phone numbers on them!) to all the men she will flirt with there! Kate says the phones at Titan will begin ringing off the hook, and it will be men who want Nicole to fulfill the lewd promises she made them on Halloween! Sami pretending to be Nicole is a hit at the Cheatin' Heart, and even Kate gets up on the bar and does a dance with Sami! Sami ends up meeting a guy named Toby, and she asks him to play number 87 on the jukebox. Sami then does a sleazy little dance for all the boys. Toby ends up asking Sami to go back to his place, but she says she can't tonight. However, she gives him, and the rest of the guys her business cards. Sami and Kate take their leave together and celebrate their imminent victory in the alley, for when Victor finds out so many men have been given Nicole's number, he will surely get rid of her! The two quickly remember that they are bitter enemies and go off their separate ways. The two can't help but smile about it as they walk off. (There was an oddly long close-up of a warehouse door nearby...) Brady chases Chloe right into Salem Place. She tells him that she can't talk about this, and she doesn't want him or anyone to suffer because of her. He tells Chloe that no one knows what the future holds, and he just wants to live in this moment and share his feelings with her. He asks her to be with him, but she says no and to leave her alone. Brady says he's sorry but that is the one thing he cannot do. He tells her that she is right about what she said before, and the last thing she needs from him is pressure. Brady tells her that they need to focus on getting her well. Not wishing to give her stress, he promises to wait until she is better for romance and until that time, he will always be her friend. Chloe is grateful. He cell phone suddenly rings and it's Craig, calling to let her that he and Nancy are at the hospital for Nancy's amino. Tomorrow they will know if there has been a match. She tells Brady that she should go and he asks her if she wants him to go with her. She tells him no, she wants it to just be the family. Brady says he understands but looks hurt. Chloe touches him ever so lightly, just enough for him to know in his heart how she truly feels. He then tells her that he wishes he could have done more for her, and he tells her that he's still working on finding Sykes for her. She then leaves to meet them… At the hospital, Nancy and Craig wait for Dr. Bader to do the amino. Nancy is really nervous when she sees the size of the needle. Dr. Bader gets there to begin and tells them that they have a visitor and Chloe enters. Craig and Nancy are ecstatic that she's there. Chloe tells them that she couldn't let them go through with this without her. Nancy then asks Craig and Chloe that she is nervous enough as is, and seeing them is making her feel worse. She asks if they could wait outside, so they do. Nancy makes it through the procedure, and she tells Chloe and Craig now they just have to pray. But, as Nancy gets dressed, she is suddenly hit with abdominal pains. She fears she is losing the baby… In Belle's dorm room, Shawn is upset and staring out the window as the others try to find a way to help Shawn. Mimi gets an idea, grabs Phillip, and tells him that she needs his help to cheer up Shawn. The twins try to talk to Shawn and make him feel better, and Belle gives him a hug. Later, Mimi and Phillip show up and insist that they play Twister. Mimi thinks it will be fun, and she tells Phillip that they can also use this to crush Cassie and Rex's crushes. They play for a little while trying to keep Rex and Cassie away from Shawn and Belle. But the game gets old really fast and since Shawn still isn't cheered up, they decide to all go for a walk. They end up at Dot com, where Belle sees Brady and talks to him. She talks to Brady about how bad she feels for Shawn, and how she doesn't seem to be able to help him. Brady sympathizes; he feels the same way about Chloe. Meanwhile, Mimi flirts with Rex, and he flirts back. Rex appears to be mighty interested that she does not have a boyfriend in Salem! At the same time, Cassie begins flirting with Phillip. Shawn ends up seeing a poster of his mom and Zack, and he takes it down. Belle wonders what he is thinking, and it turns out he was just making more copies to hang. Everyone decides to head off to place the posters around town ... Meanwhile, when Brady leaves Dot Com, he walks around Salem having regrets about not finding Sykes. Elsewhere, unbeknownst to Brady, Sykes is just feet away from him on his cell phone telling the caller that he is in Salem to get his relocation assignment… In the secret room in the DiMera mansion, Tony demands Rolfe tell him everything about the connection between the twins and Stefano and the key. Rolfe tells him how he has always been monitoring the twins, and he froze them to transport them to Salem. He says that on the night of the meteor shower, he was flying a plane to try and locate the twins' satellite and to help them arrive in Salem. However, he says, a meteor hit the plane, causing it to crash. Rolfe says he barely survived; he had suffered a mild concussion and feared that he had failed Stefano and that the twins were dead. But, he continues, he has returned to Salem now to see through his maniacal mission and accepted the faculty position as the twins' professor so that when the times comes to perfect the twins according to Tony's needs ... Tony interrupts him and insists he must know the plans and he refuses to let him tinker with two innocent human beings. Rolfe replies that the twins were created so as to continue the DiMera legacy in Salem. He says they are the phoenix risen from the ashes. Tony asks him if he is saying these twins are his father come back to life in a new form? Rolfe says no, the twins are Stefano's creation and have come to Salem to fulfill the DiMera legacy. Tony is upset because that is his birthright, and he came back to Salem to carry on his father's legacy. Rolf says to Tony, "You are going to need this..." and he holds up the blue key, much to Tony's surprise… Episode Pictures courtesy of

  • Cast & Crew
  • Tracy Middendorf

    Caroline Anna Brady (#2) (1992)

  • Martha Smith

    Sandy Horton (#3) (1982)

  • Roger Aaron Brown

    Danny Grant (#2) (1981-1985)

  • Amy Yasbeck

    Olivia Reed (1987)

  • Clive Clerk

    David Martin (#1) (1966-1967)

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