Days of our Lives

Ep. #9586

Season 38, Ep 157, Aired 6/24/03
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  • PREVIEW: Vin threatens Bo after a heated argument; Larry escapes with help from Nicole; Tony finds out about Cassie's past. Cassie and Lucas kiss! SUMMARY: At Jack and Jennifer's, they are getting ready to go live and find out that their guest has cancelled. Jack rushes out and leaves Jennifer alone to open the show. She is not sure what to do or to talk about and tries to get Barry to come on the air with her, but he refuses. Just then, Jack returns, he has gotten Nobu, a sushi chef from down the street, to guest on the show. Nobu makes some sushi for them to sample and Jennifer is wary of eating the uncooked fish. She mentions that she read somewhere that pregnant women should not eat raw fish – and this news almost makes Jack nearly choke on his sushi. Barry right away assumes that she is telling everyone that she is pregnant, but she assures him – and Jack – that she is not pregnant. Jack seems to breathe a sigh a relief. They thank Nobu for coming by and he leaves and Jennifer takes the opportunity to demonstrate a few self-defense moves – and manages to wrestle Jack to the floor and she takes him into a very passionate kiss… Over at the hospital, Sami is asleep and has a dream about Lucas confessing his love to her and she suddenly awakes, really freaked out. Imagine her surprise when she opens her eyes and looks around the room and sees Lucas sitting in a chair reading a book. She hurries up and closes her eyes so it looks like she's sleeping before he sees her. Tony comes into the room and he and Lucas have a long conversation about how guilty Tony feels for Sami's accident and how Tony can't believe that Lucas is sitting there with her. Lucas assures him that he is there for Will's sake only – since Sami is his mother. The more they talk, the angrier Sami gets and she clenches the sheets with her fists. Lucas eventually leaves and Sami finally opens her eyes and sees Tony. Tony gets the nurse and then tries to leave. Sami motions to the nurse to get him to stay and she writes him a message on her message board, "go to hell!"… After leaving the hospital, Lucas goes to the DiMera mansion where he finds Rex and Cassie coming home and Lucas asks Cassie what happened. She tells him she was arrested and cries on his shoulder. Just then, Tony comes home and asks what is going on and Cassie tells him that she was arrested for prostitution. Cassie heads upstairs to rest as do Rex and Mimi, who has just come by to visit Rex. Once alone, Tony learns from Lucas that Maya has been playing him. Tony realizes that he will need more diamonds, so he heads upstairs and interrupts Rex and Mimi preparing to make love. Mimi takes the queue to leave and goes downstairs for a drink. Once alone, Tony asks Rex to go into business with him. Rex quickly agrees and tells Tony he would be happy to, "father". It is quite clear that Rex wants to be a DiMera. Tony leaves and Mimi returns. Rex tells Mimi everything and they start to make love. Meanwhile, back downstairs, Cassie comes back down and turns to Lucas to help her forget what happened the night before. They start to make out and are almost caught by Tony, but manage to cover. Tony tells Rex he will take care of business and he leaves. Cassie starts to kiss Lucas again and he responds, but they are interrupted when his cell phone rings – it's the hospital, they are calling for Sami, she needs to see him. Lucas quickly takes off, leaving behind a hurt Cassie... Meanwhile, across town, Nicole is walking down the street, dressed in disguise, and manages to get Larry's police escorts out of the car by pretending to be injured. While she distracts them, Russell goes to the car and cuts Larry's handcuffs and lets him out of the car. Nicole pretends to still be hurt when the police car suddenly blows up and is on fire. She acts really surprised and the policeman go to check it out, wondering how they are going to explain this. They think the "woman" will help with the explanation, but when they turn to her, she is gone. A little later, we see Russell driving a car with Larry and Nicole safely in the backseat and Larry kisses Nicole's neck – as he promises to kill Victor for her… Over at the police station, Bo is talking to one of the guards and he tells Bo that Vin Ramsell made a deal with the DA for a reduced sentence. This angers Bo and he pays a visit to Vin in his cell and Vin makes it clear that he is not afraid of Bo… Meanwhile, Hope is visiting Alice and is telling her about having to sell the Fancy Face to fund her and Bo's new business in bounty hunting. Hope tells her that she doesn't want to sell the boat and thinks that maybe she might withdraw the interest off her trust fund until Alice tells her that due to the economy; Hope's trust fund is not what it once was. Upset by this news, Hope realizes that the only way is to sell the boat. Alice tells her that she would like to help and tells Hope that she can lend them the money they need. Hope appreciates Alice's support, but tells her she cannot take her money. A little later, Bo comes by Alice's house and Hope tells him about her talk with Alice – including the part about the money not being in her trust fund. And since they don't have much in savings, they will have to sell the boat. Suddenly, Bo's cell phone rings – it's Vin. Bo asks him what he wants and Vin tells him "your life"… Bo is not threatened by Vin, but doesn't tell Hope what he said exactly. Bo assures Hope that they'll survive... and he'll keep his family safe from Vin… Over at the Brady Pub, Belle is sitting at the bar, still suspicious of Philip. He takes a phone call and Belle overhears him mention pier 32 to the caller. Philip abruptly takes off and Belle is even more suspicious and she tells Shawn that she believes Philip is still up to something – she just doesn't know what. Shawn tells Belle everything about the night of the party – including that Cassie showed up at lookout point and came onto him and that Maya is interested in him. Suddenly, Belle sees Philip leaving and decides that she has to know what's going on with him. She tells Shawn that she is supposed to meet Kate to look over some designs and she leaves. Belle then follows Philip down to the pier. Shawn sees Belle headed in the opposite direction than where her car is parked and goes after her. He follows her all the way to the pier and realizes she is following Philip and wonders what the two of them are up to now...moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Tracy Middendorf

    Caroline Anna Brady (#2) (1992)

  • Martha Smith

    Sandy Horton (#3) (1982)

  • Roger Aaron Brown

    Danny Grant (#2) (1981-1985)

  • Amy Yasbeck

    Olivia Reed (1987)

  • Clive Clerk

    David Martin (#1) (1966-1967)

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  • Notes (3)

    • Hope makes reference that Doug and Julie are in Cryo visiting Bill Horton

    • Andrew Masset (Larry Welch) is now being credited as "Andrew Hyatt Masset"

    • Tape Date: Various

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