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  • (A woman cuts in line at the post office) Rube: Afternoon ladies. Are you two old friends? Cutter: Eh, her daughter is in my son's class. Rube: I have a question for you. Is everyone in this line an a**hole? Cutter: Eh, excuse me? Rube: Is everyone you just cut in front of an a**hole? Cutter: Eh, no. Rube: So its just you then. Cutter: I have children in the car. Rube: I have a cake in the oven. He's got three minutes left on the meter, she's got a lunch meeting. We all have a finite amount of time. Now get in the back of the line. And don't use your children like that — it's shameful. Cutter: Ehh. (Goes to back of line) (Everyone in line claps)

  • Delores: Check it out Millie! Gollum at two o'clock. (George/Millie looks to her left That's ten o'clock! No wonder you're always late.

  • George: Sometimes off-color language is the most efficient way to convey an idea. George (V/O): As in, get the f*** away from my cubical.

  • Daisy: I never rush, if I see someone running I just assume they're a loser. George: Unless they're a runner. Daisy: Yeah, even then... especially then.

  • Joy: (to Clancy) You get to have our daughter on holiday when she opens presents, and I get her for the one when she throws up.

  • George (V/O): I heard it a million times while I was growing up "Hurry up, Georgia! Seize the day, Georgia!" And no matter how fast I went, I just kept falling behind. I just kept getting later and later. And the whole I was thinking "what's next?" I couldn't wait for "What's next?" Maybe people should just find one pretty spot and stay there. The funny thing is, when you die, everybody reffers to you as 'late.' But now I know that's the one thing that happens on time.

  • Daisy: Hi James. James: Hi Daisy. Daisy: What's your last name, James? James: Bond. James Bond.

  • (Daisy is on a dating game) Daisy: I smell an obsession with UFOs. Man: (smiles) I'm not obsessed with UFOs. Daisy: OK. Man: But I did come here with one. Big one!

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  • In this episode we learn that Daisy reaped one of the Andrews Sisters though she can't remember which one (it can't be Patty, she was still alive in 2004) and Rube reaped Amelia Earhart.

  • Featured Deaths: - A woman is crushed by luggage at an airport (soul taken by Roxy) - A speed dater throws himself from a rooftop (soul taken by Daisy) - A cyclist crashes into the back of a car (soul taken by Mason) - An impatient guy gets hit by a bus (soul taken by George)

  • Inside Rube's dead mail are some 1928 $100 gold certificates and 1928 $50 silver certificates. You can tell by the size of the money, as well as the overall design.

  • The man who dies in the end is named M. Hart. His license plate reads: HART ATTK.

  • After Roxy and Daisy sing the theme song of Mercury Messengers, Rube says "it's a little early for the Andrew Sisters." The Andrew Sisters were actually a sister trio. Even though there was a short period of time, younger sister Patty went solo, and LaVerne and Maxene continued as a Duo. During their career they sold loads of records, featured in Movies and during World War II, they entertained the Allied Forces.

  • In the beginning of the episode we see M. Hart, George' reap, stuck in traffic. Behind Hart the Vancouver SkyTrain drives by. The Vancouver SkyTrain is very unique and is something that would never be found in Seattle.

  • Along with the messenger service being called Mercury Messengers, Mason's reap was Herman (very close to Hermes). Hermes is the Greek equivalent to the Latin Mercury. This ties into the theme of the episode which is rushing and hurrying.

  • The messenger service is called "Mercury Messengers and Copy Service Ltd." Mercury is the g-d of trade and commerce, and is closely related to Hermes, a messengery.

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  • Reggie: They call me Harriet Potter. Harry Potter is a famous series of books written by J.K. Rowling. It's about a boy of the same name who learns, at the age of 11, that he is a wizard. It might also be referencing Harriet the Spy, which is about a 10 year old girl aspiring to be a writer and a spy.