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  • 9.5

    Worth a Watch

    By brendadressel3, Jan 25, 2015

    Dead Like Me was a pleasant, comical but philosophical series. At first glance it had a morbid humor that I have only ever found in other works from Bryan Fuller. Taking a deeper look at the series, however, it brings up a great number of questions about life and death. It honestly encourages me to sit and think about my life.

    At the same time that the plot allows me to further educate myself about what it mans to be alive, I am again brought back to the strange humor found in Dead Like Me. The series allows me to revel in some comic deaths and cry at other more somber ones. Many of the characters are easily relatable and, well cast. The character Reggie was particularly well played, as I watched her develop the most from her sister's death.

    It may seem odd reviewing such an old show, but the series was different. It educated people in a way that society needs. It showed the good, the bad and the indifferent in life and death. It showed how everyone has their own struggles, and how at times we should love and care for each other. It allows a person to see just how big the world really is, and notice how many lives there are in that world.

    Should the series come back? I would like to say yes, but after so long Dead Like Me would be better off making a completely new series with a similar concept. The second series left everyone with many questions, but realistically the series would develop a greater following with a new character in a new location, still holding true to the spirit of Dead Like Me.

    I can say with full honesty Dead Like Me teaches the value of life.moreless

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  • 10


    By LNB-1337, Sep 17, 2014

    One of my fav shows - too bad it was cancelled.

    I loved this show - a fresh idea, funny and smart.

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  • 8.0

    Muth was great as a reaper

    By RockWolf, Sep 03, 2012

    The style and concept of shw kept you coming back. Loved the humot and the crazy stuff that made the reapers seems almost like bricklayer building something every second.

    Like to Ms Muth is something new.

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    By mindmalfunction, May 29, 2012

    I loved this show and its time for a remake....okay people, get to it. Its time to remake this show.

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  • 3.0

    So bad and dull that its sad. The worse thing about this show is that it just got worse and worse with each episode. They literally dug their own graves.

    By Valentine_76, Oct 04, 2011

    I found the idea of this show interesting and thought it might have potential. The idea of the grim reaper not being a black hooded figure but an actual person made me want to tune in so I did. Unfortanately, I was more than ready to tune out after the first episode. George dies by getting hit with a toilet seat that fell from a space station. Seriously?! How messed up is that? That made me want to turn it off immediately, but I didn't because I wanted to give it a chance. The characters in the show are interesting, but most of the story lines were boring and dated. Then the creatures were introduced that reapers weren't allowed to stop. I would appologize to the people who died, because of the creatures they COULDN'T see. I'm sorry, but noone should be allowed to die when it was done like that.

    Sad to say, the show failed in my opinion.moreless

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  • 8.5

    This was a great and refreshing show. Finally someone had teh balls to think of something different pertaining to religion, which I guess is not that easy in our society. The show is about reapers (you know the grim reapers)...

    By provencrt, May 01, 2011

    These reapers get assigned dead people to help cross over. So basically they go to a scene where someone is going to die, wait for the accident, and help the remaining spirit cross over. George the main character is a young girl, in a dead end cubicle job. She gets killed by a toilet seat from space (whch is literarily a Sh**** way to go). There is a catch though, these reapers must eat and live somewhere, therefore they need to earn money, some by crime like Mason (Callum Blue) and other with legitimate jobs. This sets the characters up for some really funny situations. The pillar of the show is Mason, a reaper that died chasing the ultimate high(a drill to the head,lol). Shame the show ended so soon, and even worse that they made a movie. But all in all, a higly underrated show, that should have lived to see at least 8 years of quality television.moreless

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    Dealing with death.

    By partyhack, Apr 24, 2011

    I was having trouble dealing with the fact that I will soon be dead. The VA doctor was even cold enough to tell me by phone that my cancer was terminal. How could I be dying? I don't even feel sick, "You will as it spreads" he said.

    One of the keywords I used in google brought up the show "Dead Like Me" and out of curiosity, I downloaded the first couple of episodes. I was hooked. Since I am now too weak from chemo to do much else, I downloaded all 29 episodes and the movie. I watched them all. You know the old cliche "I laughed, I cried"...I did. I cried a lot. Me...a combat veteran, hardened by a sometimes tough life of 60 years...crying like baby.

    In writing about death, they captured the essence of life...and death, and helped me find a way to deal with my own life...and death.

    Thank Youmoreless

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  • 9.5

    Outstanding,beautiful and creative!!

    By tchron702, Apr 24, 2011

    I will truly miss this show,it's a shame it was only a two season run. Its been the best story show on TV in a long time. Make's you cry and think,plus it's cast was picked perfectly.It was sad to know it was not going to be brought back for a third season,made watching the final show sad to watch.Everything was fitting,the sad part was it will always leave me wanting more! also for the record I believe the last guy who dead on the episode should have been left to suffer!! To the creators: Bring back another season please!!! And thank you for such a wonderful story line!! Outstanding,and inspiring for those of us who believe the the here after!!moreless

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    to all of you how say "bring it back", dont just say it, do something about it. all must tell the people incharge if anythings going to change. EVERYONE!!!!

    By charblasaur, Jan 01, 2011

    ok, I bet most of us has said \'\'bring it back\'\' but has anyone actually done anything to get it back? and since the show is still shown in reruns then there must be people watchin it right? so if enough people told Showtime they want it back and up and running then maybe if we\'re lucvky, they might just listen. so i sugest that everyone that wants the show back get in contact with the good people at showtime and give them a good reason to do so. now for contact if you live within scandinavia go to and send them an e-mail. im gonna do it right now and i hope you will aswell.

    viva la reapersmoreless

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  • 9.0

    Show started out on different take of life after death thing then characters got tweeked. Appeared to have been a "new" writer mixing messages and losing my religion thing came about. Show still good but I could write better stuff. Didnt need to quit.

    By katzelhymer, Aug 30, 2009

    The Sister should have met up more with the little boy reaper. Ellen should have had the guy dating her and learning some lsson to give her a reason for being in such a limbo setting. Why the heck was she going thru ll that head thinking stuff otherwise? It had great content that it could have reached that I kept coming back to see if she got the message. There should have been less of the Friday the 13th TV Show thing going on. This was one heck of a show and now I have ONE less reason to watch TVmoreless

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