Dead Like Me

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  • George: (voice over) I stared at the back of her seat for what seemed like hours, thinking about all the things I'd rather be doing, like having a root canal or a pap smear, or going to church.

  • Betty: Do your nipples get hard when you sneeze?

  • George: (voice over) I was dead—nay, undead—and not only did I have to find a job, I had to do laundry. This was my so-called afterlife.

  • George: (voice over) It had a poorly-ventilated, third world youth hostel kind of charm. At least there weren't any bodies. And of all the various and sundry stains, none of them were blood or gore. I was thankful for the little things.

  • George: I saw them drop a piano on a chick's head - I don't think they're looking to score points for originality.

  • George: (voice over) looked like my inner child's road to adulthood was paved with crack cocaine, ten-dollar blowjobs, and maybe even a trick baby or two.

  • George: (voice over) Mason had vanilla. Normally, I'd find that suspicious, but on him, it was endearing.

  • Mason: As childhood traumas go, nothing - nothing - beats the realization that everything dies.

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Notes (40)

  • The budget of the pilot episode was about $6,000,000. It was shot in July 2002 (in Vancouver, Canada). The exact running time of the uninterrupted pilot episode (both "parts" consecutively) is 1 hour and 14 minutes.

  • Though divided by five years, Jasmine Guy and Mandy Patinkin both appeared as the Devil on the show Touched by an Angel.

  • This episode was nominated for two Emmy Awards in 2004 for "Outstanding Music Composition for a Series (Dramatic Underscore)" and "Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a Series".

  • The discordant version of "Que Sera, Sera" at the end of the pilot is performed by the band Pink Martini, with vocals by China Forbes. The jazz song which plays in the back of almost the whole pilot episode is called "Hell" and the artist is Squirrel Nut Zippers.

  • Bryan Fuller has stated that Piers Anthony's novel, "On A Pale Horse," was a primary source of inspiration for this series. In that novel, a potential suicide, Zane, is about to end his life when he sees Death in the mirror behind him, panics, and turns around, shooting and killing Death. He is then forced to fill Death's vacant "position" and fulfill his duties, much like the premise of this series, being the embodiment of Death is a transitory position anyone can occupy.

  • This episode takes place in Vancouver Washington and was shot in Vancouver British Columbia.

  • The original title of the series was "Dead Girl", but was changed, which is why episode 2, also written by Bryan Fuller, who created the show, entitled it "Dead Girl Walking".

  • Rebecca Gayheart appears by voice only.

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Trivia (172)

  • Featured Deaths: - Police shoots a robber - Woman falls off a fence - George gets hit by a toilet seat from space - Piano falls on a woman (Soul taken by Roxy) - Two crack dealers shoot each other (not seen, souls taken by Mason) - People executed in an apartment (bodies seen) - Teen neck breaks in revolving door (Soul taken by Mason) - Little girl dies after train wreck (Georges first reap)

  • Ghosts are not supposed to be able to move material objects. When George first gets hit by the Toilet Seat her ghost self goes up to her dead body and moves her shoe with her ghost foot. Even though she is going to become a reaper she should have not been able to move her shoe.

  • This episode included a scene at the funeral where George observes her dad hugging another man, this was to set up the future story-line of George's dad being gay. This story-line was dropped by MGM.

  • In the original script, Georgia had told Reggie if she ever died, to order balloons for her funeral. But other than that, in the pilot episode, it seemed like a pretty odd occurrence. Many people did not understand the guy with the balloons because of the cut conversation between Reggie and George. The moment where George told Reggie about the balloons (in the first version of the pilot script) was the scene where she found Reggie in her closet and told her to get out, and Reggie was upset so they talked for a while and in the end, George said, "Hopefully when I die, I'll get balloons."

  • We learn that the soul will wither, die, and rot inside the body if the body lives past its time. We also learn that a reaper's last reap becomes the next reaper.

  • Happy Time looks different in this episode. It has tiles on the floor and the windows with the logo are placed throughout the entire office.

  • This is the first time we see George in her unique sleeping position: on her side with left leg tucked over the crook of her left arm. She will be found sleeping or waking from this pose many times through the series.

  • When George is alive, she says that her mum hates balloons, and then at the wake you see Mrs Lass chasing out a man with grey balloons.

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Allusions (60)

  • George: This was my so-called afterlife. A possible reference to the short lived series, My So-Called Life.

  • George: ... just send them to the cornfield or something... This is a reference to an episode of The Twilight Zone called It's a Good Life. In that episode, a little boy has the power to make things vanish. When he vanishes a person, he says he sent that person "to the cornfield."

  • Rube: You like spaghetti, George? I like spaghetti. I like board games. I like grabbing a trifecta with that long shot on top. In American horse racing terminology, a trifecta is an exotic parimutuel bet in which the bettor must predict which horses will finish first, second, and third in exact order.

  • Betty: We are on the flirting edge of nowhere with 10 miles to go, and I am wearing my Blahniks. Do you know how many people had to die for me to get these? Manolo Blahnik (born November 27, 1942) is a Spanish fashion designer and an eponymous fashion label, one of the world's most prominent in women's shoes. His shoes, now sold in stores bearing his name around the world, range in price from about $500 to $2500. They often come with stiletto heels, which can reach as high as five and a half inches, and embellishments like beads or ribbons.

  • Age 27: We learn that Mason died in 1966, in search of a permanent high when he was 27. The age is a possible allusion to Jimi Hendrix (1942-1970), Janis Joplin (1943-1970), and Jim Morrison (1943-1971), who all died at the age of 27. Janis died from heroine, Hendrix died from sleeping pills and Morrison died from unknown causes; all of them were popular high seekers in the late 1960s.

  • Franken Fruity Doll: The doll that George buys at her mother's yard sale is based on the advertising character for Franken Berry, a strawberry-flavored cereal introduced by the General Mills corporation in 1971.
    It was part of a line of monster-themed cereals which included Count Chocula, Boo Berry, Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy.

  • Episode Title: Dead Girl Walking The title is play on words based on the 1995 movie "Dead Man Walking".

  • George: It was like an alternate universe where I didn't exist.. There were no goatees any gold lamé sashes, just a hole where I used to be. A reference to the episode "Mirror, Mirror" of the original Star Trek series in which Uhura, Kirk and a few other crew members are cast into an alternate dimension in which many crew members wear gold lamé sashes on their uniforms and Spock has a goatee.

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