Dean Martin Celebrity Roast

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    wonderful show!

    By WonderKiddo, Apr 19, 2013

    I used to recall watching this amusing show years ago! Dean Martin was such a massive host! I really love his assertiveness no one can beat him and I'm a huge fan since then! That's why I screened every DVD shop online to get a real and good copy of this show! I'm also afraid of being scammed! Thankfully, the copy I got from dvdbooth .com which came in great quality. I can't find any kind of this show during this generation and it was nice to have a copy of it.moreless

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    incredible show!

    By MrCulkin, Nov 21, 2012

    It's hard not to laugh at the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts because he and his friends always dig fun at each other and only Martin could deliver the hilarious spirit for all of his viewers! I have ordered a DVD copy of this show at Absolutely wonderful set. Great quality and complete episodes! I'm definitely a fan of this show and I do not get exhausted watching this one-of-a-kind-show over and over again.

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    this was a very big classic show that featured one of the bigest stars at the time

    By cube2k8, May 07, 2010

    the dean martin roast was hilirous i did grow up in that time but i knew what they were talking about when i saw the show in later times. it was hilrous it featured some of the vintage stars of hollwood at the time and most of the most famous stars that would come make jokes on dean martin. it was a great show and it was due to the fact that the dean martin show was having low numbers it was funn and i enjoyed it and that is why i gave the show i what i gave it which was 8moreless

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    This is the beginning...

    By Inbredpoet, Sep 03, 2007

    Dean Martin has started something that has grown to cult status. The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast was a spin off of a segment of the Dean Martin Varity Hour. The Celebrity Roast became so popular that it became a very seprate members only club called the New York Friar's Club. The New York Friar's got together and Roasted friends and famous as an induction to the Friar's Club. Their Motto "We only Roast the Ones We Love" has carried through to today as the Friar's Club still meets annually. From 1998-2002 Comedy Central aired the annual roast, and following that Comedy Central began their own annual series of Roasts, but the true Dean Martin Celebrity Roast continues on in the New York Friar's Club which is un-televised annually.moreless

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    This was the most star-studded show on TV ever!

    By cuddles3, Jul 05, 2007

    Big names everywhere you looked, because everyone wanted to be on Dean Martin's Celebrity Roast! I never missed a show! This was a laugh-a-minute, & the commercials were torture, because I couldn't wait to see more of the program! Especially fun was when someone like Frank Gorshin or Rich Little would get up & do an impression of the roastee or one of the other guests! And it was always a stroll down memory lane to see some of the older participants such as George Burns or Milton Berle! Whoever thought of bringing the roasts to TV was a GENIUS!moreless

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    The father of the current new york friars club specials which appear on Comedy central. this show features classic stars of stage and screen truely being themselves and showing respect for eachother.

    By dragon22a, Jun 15, 2005

    great show with great stars. the humor is smart and cuts to the core. the only problem with the show is its lack of availability. never shown on tv anymore this show is only available on VHS via mail order. other releases that may also be good for fans of the show is the dean martin variety hour which is also available by Gunthy Renker.

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