Dean Martin Celebrity Roast

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  • Dean Martin: For years he was on the TV on Death Valley Days, where every week he worked with a team of mules. From there he stepped into something soft, politics. In all his picture career he never made an X-rated movie, his pictures were rated "M" you couldn't get in to see one unless you were accompanied by a moron. His movies were so bad they were shown at drive-outs.

  • (very prophetic statement) Phyllis: If you ever get to be President and I think you may and there's a depression, try not to have it at a bad time like when everybody's out of work.

  • Jack Benny: Ladies and gentleman I would like to say that Greg Garrison the producer of this show told me I only have four minutes to talk. That's impossible I stare longer than that.

  • Ronald Reagan: I've listened to the entire show and the best thing I can do to show my appreciation to all of you, is to invoke executive priviledge, I refuse to release the tape. I know that you all realize that I might having to tell you in the job I have, I have to make a great many decisions and let me just say about the decision I made in regard to tonight, with hindsight to the best of my recollection, at this point in time, I really goofed.

  • Dean Martin: It's really an honor for me to be on the dais, it's an honor because I'm usually under the dais. Hugh is a real success, he has the Playboy Clubs all over the country and you gotta give the guy alot of credit, actually he started out with only two bunnies, but you know how bunnies multiply. Hugh is really an American success story, as a boy he picked himself up out of the gutter, unfortunately he left his mind there. I tell ya this guy leads a real swinging life, I was up at his mansion once and I saw his bedroom, he gets so much action he's got the only waterbed with whitecaps.

  • Jackie Gayle: Dean you've come along way from Steubenville when you thought kung-fu was an Italian curse word.

  • Dick Martin: Hugh Hefner is a man who found out at an early age that life begins at 40 ... 26-36.

  • Joey Bishop: Will you tell me what it is your looking forward to? (bends down Hugh whispers in his ear) Your kidding with Totie Fields.

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Notes (32)

  • Dom DeLuise (as Justice Angelo Beducci) portrays a Marlon Brando Godfather like character.

  • Kris Kristofferson and Rita Coolidge's musical appearance were edited out in the re-released Celebrity Roast series. Also edited out is Audrey Meadows speech although she appears throughout the special.

  • The musical part of the program was edited out in the re-release of the Celebrity Roast series.

  • Hugh Hefner would later be roasted again by the New York Friars Club which aired on Comedy Central.

  • William Conrad was also an acomplished voice actor being a veteran of radio shows and numerous animated shows such as being the narrator of the shows starring Rocky and Bullwinkle.

  • Tim Conway was edited out of the re-released special as well as Lynn Anderson and Dean Martin's musical performance.

  • The musical performances as well as Tom T. Hall and Jeannie C. Riley do not appear in the Dean Martin Celebrity Roast re-release.

  • Joyce Haber was the columnist for the Los Angeles Times.

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Trivia (12)

  • Don Rickles and Redd Foxx got carried away with their barbs and a fight almost broke out. Don made several snide comments and said "why are we getting into a race riot while we're making a show here".

  • Sue Cameron was a columnist for the Hollywood Reporter.

  • Wayne Newton's comment about Christine Jorgensen and the missing private part was bleeped out in the re-released Celebrity Roast version.

  • Darren McGavin was appearing in his show Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Richard Roundtree was appearing in his show Shaft, Peter Graves was appearing in his show Mission: Impossible, Angie Dickinson was appearing in her show Police Woman and George Kennedy was appearing in his show The Blue Knight.

  • Maury Wills was a shortstop for the Los Angeles Dodgers his entire career from 1959 until 1972.

  • Mickey Mantle was an outfielder and first baseman for the New York Yankees his entire career from 1951 to 1968.

  • Stan Musial was an outfielder and a first baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals for his entire career from 1941 to 1963.

  • Luis Tiant was a pitcher for the Cleveland Indians from 1964-1969, Minnesota Twins in 1970, Boston Red Sox in 1971-1978, New York Yankees in 1979-1980, Pittsburgh Pirates in 1981 and finally the California Angels in 1982.

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Allusions (4)

  • Allusion to Truman's book. Dean Martin: Next we have a brilliant writer and a close friend of Johnny's, Mr. Truman Capote, you all remember Truman's big hit book "In Cold Blood", that's the story of Johnny's second divorce settlement.

  • William Holden: (on film) Hi Carroll, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy you on "All in the Family", you know something your almost as good as you used to be with Art Carney and Audrey Meadows on "The Honeymooners". Allusion to the 1950's comedy hit that actually starred Jackie Gleason as Ralph Kramden in The Honeymooners.

  • Ted Knight: You know I've always been a great admirer of Truman, ever since he beat Dewey. Allusion to the 1948 Presidential candidates Harry S. Truman and Thomas E. Dewey. When Truman won the Presidency over a very small margin.

  • Orson Welles: Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men, Orson Welles was the voice of the very popular radio series called "The Shadow". In the show Lamant Cranston returns home after war in which he had become a mad despot in tibet and after learning the error of his ways trains under a monk to refine his mental power to become a warrior of good. his powers allowed him to cloud mens minds and control them and also allowed him to make himself invisible leaving only his shadow. his powers also allowed to read mens minds to find their deepest darkest secrets hence the quote. The Shadow was made into a live action movie in the 1990's with Alec Baldwin as the lead.