Death Note

Nippon Television Network Corporation (ended 2007)
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  • S 2 : Ep 37

    New World

    Aired 6/26/07

  • S 2 : Ep 18

    New World

    Aired 6/26/07

  • S 2 : Ep 17


    Aired 6/19/07

  • S 2 : Ep 16


    Aired 6/12/07

  • S 2 : Ep 15


    Aired 6/5/07

  • Cast & Crew
  • Mamoru Miyano

    Light Yagami

  • Brad Swaile

    Light Yagami (English Version)

  • Shidou Nakamura


  • Brian Drummond

    Ryuk (English Version)

  • Kappei Yamaguchi


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  • show Description
  • "The human whose name is written in this note[book] shall die." These are the first words read in the Death Note by Light Yagami, a straight-A student who develops a god complex when he finds a notebook, dropped by shinigami Ryuk, that has the power to kill anyone whose name is written down in it. However, matters get out of hand when the Japanese Police Force tries to solve the case of the mysterious upsurge in criminal deaths alongside master detective L. It's a battle of wits in this anime based on the popular manga by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. Opening Themes: - "the WORLD" by Nightmare (episodes 1-19) - "What's up, People?!" by Maximum the Hormone (マキシマムザホルモン) (episodes 20-37) Ending Themes: - "Alumina" (アルミナ, Arumina) by Nightmare (episodes 1-19) - "Despair Billy" (絶望ビリー, Zetsubō Birī) by Maximum the Hormone (マキシマムザホルモン) (episodes 20-36) Airings Outside of Japan: US Airing: Cartoon Network (Adult Swim) - Sundays @ 12:00 AM (10/21/07-12/23/07; episodes 1-10) - Saturdays @ 11:30 PM (1/5/08-2/2/08; episodes 11-15) - Sundays @ 12:30 AM (2/10/08-3/30/08; episodes 16-23) - Sundays @ 1:00 AM (4/6/08-4/27/08; episodes 24-27) - Sundays @ 12:30 AM (5/4/08-7/6/08; episodes 28-end) Canada Airing: YTV (Bionix) - Fridays @ 10:00 PM (10/26/07-7/4/08; episodes 1-end)moreless

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  • Quotes (365)

    • Ryuk: Gone already? You should go and take a look. Someone might pick up the notebook if you are lucky. And you get to see something you won’t forget for the rest of your life. Isn’t that right..? Right... Light?

    • Ryuk: (Describing the human world) It's a boring world, with boring people who do boring things. But the man who tried to change the world was interesting.

    • Ryuk: Who are you? New-Comer: I came to see you. I have something to ask you. Ryuk: Something? New-Comer: You'll find it worth your time. (Throws something to Ryuk) Ryuk: (Looks at the shinigami-realm apple in his hand and chuckles) I'd prefer one that's juicier.

    • Light: (thinking about the Death Note) It's pretty lame, not to mention, twisted. It's really not that different from one of those chain letters you get. "The human whose name is written in this notebook shall die"? Come on.

    • Light: (thinking) Sudou... Maybe I should try killing him. No, I should definitely avoid killing people I know. Then again, does it even really matter? I mean, would anyone really care if a guy like him is to disappear one day?

    • Ryuk: (seeing Light laughing at the Death Note) You've taken quite a liking to it.

    • Light: (when Ryuk is eating his apples) Hey, are you even listening?! Ryuk: Apples from the human world are... What's the best way to describe these? Juicy?

    • Light: But somebody has to act! Sacrificing their own peace of mind... because the world can't carry on like this! I can do it... No, only I can do it! Yes... I'll do it. I will use the Death Note... to change the world!

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    Notes (120)

    • This episode is also known as the "Special Director's Cut".

    • Canada (YTV/Bionix) Airdate: October 26, 2007

    • US (Cartoon Network/Adult Swim) Airdate: October 21, 2007

    • Manga Correlation: - Chapter 001, "Boredom"

    • Word Origin: In this episode, Light states that the word "Kira", which is a name given to him by the general public, is most likely derived from the English word "killer".

    • Canada (YTV/Bionix) Airdate: November 2, 2007

    • US (Cartoon Network/Adult Swim) Airdate: October 28, 2007

    • Manga Correlation: - Chapter 002, "L" - Chapter 003, "Family" (Pages 1-8, 25-End) - Chapter 004, "Current" (Pages 1-2, 5-9, 14-18)

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    Trivia (191)

    • Listen Closely: About an hour and forty minutes into the special (when Higuchi flees from the police officer that just pulled him over), the full version of the second ending theme, "Despair Billy" (絶望ビリー, Zetsubō Birī) by Maximum Hormone, is played as the background music.

    • Altered Scene: Taku In the manga, the girl outside the store was being harassed, and wasn't touched. In the anime, she was nearly raped, up to he point where her clothes were damaged.

    • Altered Scene: Picking His Note In the anime, Light picked up the Death Note using his right hand holding the right side of the book. In the manga, he gently lifted up the Note by holding on to the top.

    • Altered Scene: Light's Remorse In the manga, shortly after he kills the biker, Light actually begins to cry and feel faint, muttering "I killed... two people..." while the anime does not. This actually shows that Light is actually not an evil person, just that the Death Note has begun to erase his own conscience.

    • Goof: When Light sees the Death Note falling, it lands with the front cover facing down, but when Light goes to pick up the Death Note, the front cover is facing up.

    • Symbolism: The entire episode's setting is dark and cloudy until the end of the episode, when Light reveals his plan of purging the world of evil. Once he brings this up, a ray of sunlight strikes his desk through the window, suggesting how much of an improvement to the human world he thinks the Death Note will bring.

    • Filler scene: Ryuk's affinity for Earth apples is introduced in this filler scene, when Light's mother interrupts his conversation with Ryuk to give Light a bowl of apples.

    • Moved Scene: At the very end of the first manga chapter, the last panel shows the reader a glimpse of L. However, this scene is cut out and pushed to the next episode.

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    Allusions (13)

    • The theme playing at the very beginning of the episode is a chanted variation of the prayer Kyrie Eleison, which is Greek for "Lord have mercy."

    • The first time we see Light's classroom, one student is playing a handheld game that looks like a Nintendo DS Lite.

    • The large projection screen seen on the side of a building in this episode, has the title "Fanasonic" written underneath it. This is a reference to the popular electronic comapany, Panasonic.

    • When the police from around the world meet together at the Interpol meeting, most of the members there have a name tag with their names on it, and a flag to represent their country. It turns out that some of those name tags represent famous soccer players (real life players) from different countries, the name of the soccer player, being matched with the flag of the country which he is from.

    • The back of L's computer shows a logo similar to those found on the backs of Apple brand computers.

    • During Rem's flashback, everything is in shades of gray with exception to Misa's red hat (which she only wears in the anime, and not the manga). A similar effect was utilized in the film Schindler's List, which told the story of one of the Holocaust's death camps. The entire film was in black and white save for one little girl wearing a red dress. Whether or not this was intentional is debatable.

    • Look Closely: The search engine Light uses to look up the Blue Notebook is called "Gentle," a play on the actual search engine "Google" especially when considering the similarity between its search results page and logo's color scheme. The Gentle search engine is used in later episodes as well, but this is its first appearance.

    • L's Fighting Style: L's fighting style is based off of the Brazilian martial arts known as capoeira. The idea for L to kick in an unusual way was actually thought of by Takeshi Obata, the artist of the manga, who did not consider the fighting style at all when drawing the scene out. While no real background information was given to the fighting style in the series, fans speculated and soon enough, the idea was brought up in the Death Note novel The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases.

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