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    Here we go again

    By Damianna15, Nov 23, 2015

    This show has Rockne S. O'Bannon all over it. I liked the first season because I like him, and LOVED Farscape. This is not Farscape, but I think it's worth a wait, and am anxious to see Season 2. All the aliens look Human--so to speak--and all the problems listed by others about the show seem reasonable, but. . . . Wait and see. I HATED BSG when it came out until a friend of mine told me to give it another go. Super glad now that I had even though the ending was SO BAD they had to follow up with--what was it, Caprica(?). I'd like to see what O'Bannon could do with Dr. Who. That's another show soon to be too quickly destroyed. Moffat needs to get out of the sand box with the complex stupidity. But again: wait and see where it goes. UPDATE: As I've come to see, it's not going to go anywhere. That's too bad. I really thought it was worth It's continuing. Kinda like Continuum should have continued, but the ending satisfied everything. I'd like to see another Firefly. Seems like whatever COULD BE GOOD gets cut before Its time. We need GOOD Science fiction please!moreless

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    By tvbobbo, Sep 10, 2015

    This show is simply terrible. And with its showrunner already exited for another show, it will finally be cancelled. Thank god. Release those poor actors and actresses and let them get on a show that actually has good writers, story, and plots, etc. Oh, and for the record, that Omec woman was one of the worst actresses EVER.

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    Thank You Defiance.

    By WillGooden, Sep 08, 2015

    I didn't know if I would like this show at first. I gave it a try for six episodes, feeling that it was a bit Cheesy and a tad melodramatic, but in time it grew on me. I even found that it grew on my wife who would watch it attentively watch it over my shoulder. What started as a time waster grew into a passion that became a weekly ritual. Upon the season finale I found myself a bit lost and befuddled. There is an empty space in my life where Defiance use to be. I hope it is renewed and I look forward to sharing in the cast future adventures. "Well Done Syfy!" After the End of Battle Star and Farscape I had lost Faith. (You aremoreless

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    By boedillard, Sep 01, 2015

    CaroleAndme - so you see the Omecs arrival similar to the blacks - killers and rapists. WOW - I didn't make that connection in my head but thanks for sharing your thoughts on blacks. I think as was said earlier if you want to find racism you'll be able to find naggers everywhere. Let me see, who are the WHITEST people on the show - the two who've killed many, destroyed the arch, slept around and betrayed just about everyone for profit - gee maybe the writers love blacks and hate whites!?! Or maybe only a dumbass makes ASSUmptions.moreless

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    It's about time!

    By BombayLace, Aug 28, 2015

    It took 3 whole seasons for that kiss. As for the issue of racism. If you are racist, you find racism in everything. That's just my opinion, oh right, I'm entitled to an opinion.

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    Totally digging it.

    By DeviousT22, Aug 25, 2015

    Season 3 Edit: I kinda wonder what's going on with season 3. New writers? Old writers out of ideas? Not really a great season. A lot of stuff just seemed to happen, well, 'because'... Shape up Sci fi, you have good actors hands down, don't blow it.

    Soooo even though Sci-fi is really my favorite television category, I'm always cautious starting a new one because often a potentially good sci-fi gets ruined by either bad actors or poor writing. That having been said...

    I think Defiance is Great so far! I would say more, but honestly, if you like sci-fi, just check it out for yourself.

    Edit: Lost 3 points for season finale. Won't spoil or anything, but generally a total cliff hanger with zero resolution to first season. Non-stop mysteries with no resolution = worst technique in TV history to get people to come back next season, and only really works on dumb monkeys. I'm always stupefied with how long people stuck with Lost, watched a little, grasped the theme, through it in the garbage...

    So anyways, mostly fun season, will probably give it a second chance next season, but if that ends up being the thing I will have to let this show go. Which will be sad, because it has potential.moreless

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    How about this is NOT the most racist show I've seen in a long time

    By evagladys, Aug 22, 2015

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it disheartens me and I think it is a bit irresponsible to deem an entire show and its producers racist over one connection made, without backing it up with well-stated points, and instead with overgeneralized statements.

    The original post I'm referring to:

    "This is the most racist show so far for 2015. They take a bunch of black people and paint them a dark shade of purple, but make sure you can still identify them as black, give the the click language of actual African, put them on a ship like the African migrants arriving at the European shores, and then have them be horrible cannibals that feed off white people, and their women being sexual predators. Yeah, the producers might as well be wearing white hoods"

    Now let me break this post down for you line by line in an effort to show you why I believe Defiance is in fact NOT a racist show and that this particular review is overblown and reaching for something that's not there. At the end of the day the show is about different races with different backgrounds trying to survive living on one planet together (sound familiar?) It's controversial. Sure, some episodes have let me down, but there have been some great moments, and overall, I think it's a pretty entertaining sci-fi show. But, that's just my opinion. Anywho, back to the point I was making.

    Here is my breakdown:

    "They take a bunch of black people and paint them a dark shade of purple, but make sure you can still identify them as black" - You mean the TWO black actors who played the Omec? Two. TWO. Not a bunch. And on this show, so far I have seen purple, white, blue, silver-y, and orange/white aliens all who have done terrible things at one point or another. And can you please for the love of God be a bit more specific as to how the producers of the show made sure the viewers could still identify the actors as black, and what you're implying by that? (Please don't answer that)

    "give them the click language of actual Africa" - okay cool, the linguists working on the show got inspiration from an African language, just like i'm sure they got inspiration for writing the MANY OTHER alien languages spoken on the show.

    "Put them on a ship like the African migrants arriving at the European shores " -Um, it's a fucking show about aliens coming to Earth in spaceships. Literally every species has arrived on a spaceship or ark, please don't make this into more than what it is. It hurts my feelings.

    "Have them be horrible cannibals who feed off white people" - how is a black actor playing a purple-skinned cannibalistic alien a racist move? It's a Sci-fi show. About Aliens. Some aliens are good. some are bad. It's acting. Also, if I may be a dick for a second, technically the Omec aren't cannibals because they practice in eating other species (alien species, not white people, even though I'm sure they'd taste delicious).

    Women being sexual predators: I had no idea that having a black actress play an overtly sexual alien predator qualified as a racist move as well. What about Stahma's behavior, she's had sexual relations with multiple people on the show too, that ho.

    What's funny is that if anything is racist about this show, its the Omec daughters own racism, where she believes she is superior to all other races and that they should be slaves and sexual play pets before being devoured. Ha!

    Added Notes: Tommy from last season was black and he was a good guy. Also, some of the different aliens were even played by black actors. (There is a Irathient in some shots who you can tell is played by a black actor)

    So there you have it. I really don't think this show is racist. But to each their own!

    -Keep Calm And SyFy On-moreless

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    Down the toilet bowl

    By linewton, Aug 22, 2015

    This show started of interesting but dear lord, the writers are just throwing shit at the wall at this point. Agree with commenters below; racist, rapists, no one to route for, boring as hell in spite of the gore. Adios Defiance.

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    Most racist show I've seen in a long time

    By CaroleAndme, Aug 15, 2015

    This is the most racist show so far for 2015. They take a bunch of black people and paint them a dark shade of purple, but make sure you can still identify them as black, give the the click language of actual African, put them on a ship like the African migrants arriving at the European shores, and then have them be horrible cannibals that feed off white people, and their women being sexual predators. Yeah, the producers might as well be wearing white hoods.moreless

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    Better living through cooking

    By PatriciaGitsanasopon, Jul 29, 2015

    This show reminds me of Smallville before Rosenblum left. There is always one thing that happens that doesn't make me wasting my time watching this.

    So let me get this straight. Nolan gives a man that he doesn't know, and that NOBODY can vouch for, a weapon and lets this man come with him on a mission.

    This same man tells the townfolk to stay huddled in the cave and they obey him because of... reasons. Why would Nolan be ON POINT? If it was a trap then his army would have lost his general. But whatever, we needed redshirts to die for some potential drama down the road. Nolan must have survived the Pale Wars on sheer luck.

    Also if the stasis net could be used in such a fashion then there really wasn't much of a threat, was there?

    Why not simply bury a transmitter into the ground at all of the entry points as a precaution? Or devise a way to launch the transmitter far enough over the gate? But we needed a way to keep Datak alive, so scratch that.

    I did not think that Datak was going to cut off his arm, that was a nice touch. Luckily he timed it PERFECTLY. He has a really good sense of time.

    Now for Kindzi, she couldn't have found another way to get rid of Stahma, besides giving her the entire plan? Last week T'evgin was all "fck Defiance", now this week he's all "I've found a home". Who knew pancakes could bring races together

    This show has a weird way of downplaying death and focusing on the main characters. Nolan should have questioned the stupidity of his actions for much longer than a few sentences.

    The show meanders mostly and has some high points, but this isn't great sci-fi for me. I don't really care about any of the characters. I'm more interested in what happens to the town.


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