Degrassi Junior High

CBC (ended 1989)
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  • S 3 : Ep 16

    Bye-Bye Junior High

    Aired 3/6/89

  • S 3 : Ep 15


    Aired 2/27/89

  • S 3 : Ep 14

    Black & White

    Aired 2/20/89

  • S 3 : Ep 13

    Making Whoopee

    Aired 2/13/89

  • S 3 : Ep 13

    Making Whoopie

    Aired 2/13/89

  • Cast & Crew
  • Dayo Ade

    Bryant Lister 'BLT' Thomas

  • Pat Mastroianni

    Joseph "Joey" Jeremiah

  • Stefan Brogren

    Archie "Snake" Simpson

  • Stacie Mistysyn

    Caitlin Ryan

  • Anais Granofsky

    Lucy Fernandez

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  • show Description
  • "Degrassi Junior High" was set in Toronto, Canada and focused on the lives of teenage students. The charcters were realisitc and delt with real life issues such as sex, drugs, dating, pregnancy, rock and roll, and much more. The actors looked like real people, not models, and they were good at acting. This added to how realistic Degrassi JH was. Degrassi Junior High ran for three seasons and after the students graduated from junior high school, the show became Degrassi High, and continued for two more seasons. The following year saw the tv movie School's Out, which focused on the student's life during the summer after high-school graduation. In 2001 Degrassi: The Next Generation started. It is much like Degrassi Jr High but with a new young cast... and old faves like Snake, Spike, Joey, & Caitlin are now parents & teachers (and couples).Theme Song Wake up in the morning, feeling shy and lonely, gee, I gotta go to this school. I don't think I can make it, don't think I can take, I wonder what I'm gonna do. But when I look around and see, that someone is smiling right at me, wait, someone talkin' to me, hey, I gotta new friend. Everybody can succeed, all you gotta do is believe, let's be honest with yourself, forget your fears and doubts, come on give us a try at Degrassi Junior High.- Words and Music by Lewis Manne and Wendy WatsonBroadcast InformationJanuary 1987-March 1987 Sundays 5:00-5:30pmJanuary 1988-March 1988 Mondays 8:30-9:00pmNovember 1988-March 1989 Mondays 8:30-9:30pm November 1989-Febuary 1990 Mondays 8:30-9:00pmNovember 1990-Febuary 1991 Mondays 8:30-9:00pmHow Do I Get Degrassi Junior High?All 3 seasons of Degrassi Junior High are now available on DVD. They can be purchased at Junior High is also still available on VHS. For VHS ordering go to

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  • Quotes (188)

    • Mr Raditch: Remember school elections are coming up next week. Get those nominations in early, get involved guys! Stephanie: Guys? What about girls?

    • Voula: (to Steph) You're such a baby a selfish baby. (throws bracelet down)

    • Stephanie: Voula, wait! Voula: You're on your own Ms. and your new image...

    • Joey: What a broomhead!

    • Steph: It's my new image! Voula: What was wrong with the old image?! Steph: Voula! Grade 8?

    • (Stephanie, dressed in her sexy clothes Voula: Stephanie? What are you doing? Steph: This is grade 8, right? We're supposed to be more mature. So, I'm gonna start dressing more mature.

    • Steph: This is gonna be a really big year, I can feel it.

    • Stephanie: Voula! Hi! I missed you so much!!

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    Notes (119)

    • After the events of this episode, Voula and Stephanie are no longer best friends, until the episode "The Best Laid Plans".

    • Filmed in Etobicoke, Ontario, and in East End Toronto, just like most of the other episodes.

    • This episode deals with teenage drinking.

    • The script for this episode was published in "3-D English: Scripts for Language Arts, Book One" ed. Mima Hoyes. Scarborough: Prentice-Hall Canada Inc., 1992 (50-73).

    • In the previous episode Wheels was in the grade eight class, and in this one he is back in grade seven.

    • Arthur and Yick get revenge on Joey by getting him stuck in the closet like what he did to them.

    • Joey calls the "drugs" he gave Melanie and Kathleen "New Zealand Zappers".

    • An episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation entitled "Jagged Little Pill" is similar to this episode. When one boy brings E to a sleepover, another boy goes to cut it in half and brings back vitamins, telling them all that it's E. The characters involved in "Jagged Little Pill" were JT, who brought the E and Sean who cut the pills in half and replaced them with vitamins.

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    Trivia (74)

    • Election Results: President- Stephanie Kaye, Vice President- Suzy Rivera, Treasurer- Alex Yankou

    • Stephanie's hair changes positions from scene to scene.

    • When Lucy answers the phone, she calls her mom "Alice".

    • In this episode Wheels is shown in the grade seven class, however he has previously been in the grade eight class.

    • This is the first and last time we see Joey's father.

    • Rick's house number is 927A; Joey's is 67.

    • Joey is one of four children.(even though we never see them).

    • Snake didn't make the soccer team because he isn't good, but after they make the bet against the girls, they let him on the team because he's a good swimmer.

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    Allusions (11)

    • It's not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game Before announcing the election results over the intercom, the principal Mr. Lawrence said "It's not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game that counts." This means playing the game in an honorable and self-respecting manner. By dressing sexy, kissing guys to get votes and making empty promises, Stephanie showed she was only in it to win the election by any means necessary, even if it meant losing the respect of others, and sacrificing her friendship with Voula.

    • Calculator watch Arthur was wearing a calculator watch, which only geeks wore.

    • The Idea Behind Placebos Joey sells "drugs" to Melanie and Kathleen, but they are really vitamin pills. The vitamin pill in this situation is a placebo, which is a drug that a person takes and believes has a certain effect, but the drug really does nothing at all. Placebos are used in medicine to determine how a person's expectations of a drug influence the effectiveness of the drug, aka "Mind over Matter". Sometimes placebos are all that is needed because the person believes the drug is working, kind of like how Kathleen and Melanie thought they were stoned when they really weren't.

    • Urban Legend This is much like the urban legend "the blind date" in which a young man goes to buy condoms and strikes up a conversation with the pharmacist/clerk/cashier and gets LOTS of advice and when he goes to get his date TA DA! it's his dates' father or in some cases her wrestler/football player brother.

    • Epilepsy Epilepsy is a brain disorder where electrical signals in the brain are disrupted. This change in the brain leads to a seizure. All Television and Video Game user manuals as well as any other equipment that create flashing lights or patterns have safety information about seizures in them.

    • Mono Mono (short for Mononucleosis) is a disease usually called the kissing disease because you contract it by either kissing someone who then passes the infection or drinking someone else's drink that has mono.

    • Loves Me Loves Me Not is usually refered to when you picking the pedals of a flower and repeating Loves me, Loves Me Not.

    • He Ain't Heavy... is a play on the hit song by The Hollies called He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother.

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  • Fan Reviews (24)
  • I love this show. It's the best teen drama of the late 80's/early 90's. This show is about kids entering junior high school. On seasons 1-3, some were in the seventh and eighth grades. They graduated from junior high school. They entered high school.

    By RaineRP, Jul 03, 2006

  • A perfectly real show.

    By D-Haha, Dec 24, 2008

  • A wonderful Canadian Teen show that I got to see in Australia in 1994 that still has a message relevant for today's youth.

    By Angel_Jaded, Aug 16, 2008

  • I'd like to see it again.

    By hawksie, Jul 07, 2008

  • spike and shane took over as the stars. alexa became a great character. the zit remedy never learned another song.

    By maddogmacias, Aug 21, 2007

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