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    about the actors of degrassi...

    By DevinandRob, Jul 05, 2006

    this show is really really fun to watch bacause it gives you great facts to tell all your friends about degrassi. degrassi is my favorite show so ofcourse this really great to me cause i love to know everything i can about degrassi. the episode tell you alot compared to other degrassi specials. alot of degrassi specials like "degrassi tells all" dont really tell you that much about the show. i think the reason i like it better is because the show is a half hour long as conpared to degrassi tells all is only two to five mintutes long.moreless

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    Degrassi Unscripted is an okay series that follows a cast member around for a day in the life point of view...

    By crayonrayon, Feb 10, 2006

    Degrassi Unscripted is an okay series that follows around a different cast member of Degrassi The Next Generation each week with a Day-in-the-Life point of view. The series is kind of interesting to see what the actors of the series are like when they aren't acting, but can be somewhat boring after a while.

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    Really good idea.

    By 0MGitsASH, Nov 10, 2005

    I watched all the unscripted epsiodes. This was sucha good idea. I good to know more about the cast. Like i found out Aubrey (jimmy) is half caucasian which was cool. I got to learn about everyones taste in clothes and stuff and what their hobbies were. I was amazed when i found out that Stacy (ellie) likes to wear pink because im so used to seeing her as a punk-rocker type.

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    should we have a new degrassi unscripted season?

    By krober009, Sep 03, 2005

    i think that we should have a new degrassi unscripted season during the time we wait for season 5 of degrassi, i mean after all, the-n still hasnt interviewd andrea lewis(hazel), shane kippel(spinner) sarra barable tishauher(liberty) ryan cooley(jt) jake goldspie(toby) ETC i mean i think they all should get a chance to be nterviewd to!

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    I love this show. I think it's a must see.

    By truetnthottie, Aug 16, 2005

    I love that this show shows you what it is like to be in the life of a degrassi star. I really like the show. It is very good. I think that everyone should watch this. My favorite episode is the one with Paige. I love her in real life but I hate her character on Degrassi.

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    I think..............

    By whittlez_01, Aug 15, 2005

    It's ok, it could be better, or more interesting. But thats what i think so well my reveiew has to be 50 words long so i am wasting my space trying to get it to 50 words. hey you guys how do you feel about the real degrassi: the next rox my sox off, its da bomb well i guess thats it, bye!

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    this show is about all the cast stars on degrassi and the next generation!!this show talks about their life and you get to see sneak previews of the next season of degrassi!!

    By allysoniscool, Aug 07, 2005

    i love this show!!!i love to see what being a movie star is like in canada b/c it is so much differ than it is here in the United States.well it is a lit tle bit you get to go in on the set of degrassi

    1111i think it is faboulous!

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    Degrassi off the set

    By DegrassiSoulja, Jul 19, 2005

    Miriam's Dog, Adamo's Italian Heritage, Cassie's CD, Jake E's guitar, Lauren's friends, Stacey being friends with Lauren, Aubrey's cd promo, Melissa's singing. You can find all this on this show. Degrassi:Unscripted. The-N is doing all they can to get more people to watch the hottest show in Canada. I'm in love with Degrassi.

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    I don't really watch Degrassi, but this show is one of my guilty pleasures.

    By KaylaLovesTV, Jul 18, 2005

    This shows shows how the stars of Degrassi live. It's unscripted, so anything can happen. Even though it's a reality show, I find it quite interesting. I like the cast's bedrooms and houses. I don't really watch Degrassi, but this show is one of my guilty pleasures. It kind of needs a tune-up though.

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