Degrassi Unscripted

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  • Melissa McIntyre: Miriam's fantastic. She's an inspiration.

  • Cassie Steele: I learn from her, and she's.. I think she's one of the best actors I know personally.

  • Mike Lobel: Miriam is a great girl. She's very collected. She's very calm. She has her head on her shoulders.

  • Aubrey Graham: Miriam is probably, she is the most fun out of anybody here definitely.

  • Miriam McDonald: I'm Miriam McDonald and this is my life unscripted.

  • Adamo Ruggiero: I'm Adamo Ruggiero and this is my life unscripted.

  • Adamo Ruggiero: I didn't cheat! Why is everyone picking on the little Italian boy?!

  • Cassie Steele: I'm Cassie Steele and this is my life unscripted.

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Notes (62)

  • Miriam was 12 when she auditioned for Degrassi.

  • Miriam has tried all types of sports.

  • Miriam is very athletic.

  • Miriam grew up in Oakville.

  • Song in Miriam's CD player: Phantom Planet.

  • Song played: Willa Ford - I Wanna Be Bad.

  • Miriam has a secret language.

  • Miriam lives with her mom, dad, sister and dog.

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Trivia (4)

  • Jake used to date Lauren Collins who plays Paige on Degrassi. He went to school with his other co-star Stacey Farber.

  • When Stacy goes into the Ellie Wardrobe Department she says Ellie would never wear pink, yet the shirt she is holding has some pink on it!

  • Stacey is nothign like the character she plays, Ellie.

  • Aubrey calls his grandmother Bubbie, a Yiddish term for grandmother.