Delta State

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Quotes (66)

  • Luna: Why do I feel like all hell's about to break loose? Claire: Because it probably is!

  • Philip: So where is Brody anyway? Martin: Well I phoned the number, it's a pager he hasn't called us back. Philip: A lot of good he does us, it's like calling a suicide help line and being put on hold!

  • Philip: Brave knight save beautiful damsel, earns a well deserved… chicken wing!

  • Brody: Alright, time to come back guys. Come on, don't try to be heroes now... come back.

  • Phillip: My entire left side is numb! Brody: It's a risidual effect of the disruption, brough on from the rapid transition from left brain to right brain as you return to our dimension. You're fine. Phillip: I'm having a stroke!?

  • Phillip: It's the Delta State. Nothing can't...not...exist...right? Luna: I don't know if that's brilliant or just bad grammar. Phillip: I believe today's word is brilliant.

  • Phillip gets tagged by pillow "OWW! I'm allergic to that."

  • Luna: Let's take good care of us right? Philip: Okay, let's take good care of us... I like when you say that.

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Notes (22)

  • This, and the next two episodes of Delta State, are now available on DVD in Canada.

  • Martin is obsessive; he irons his underwear.

  • We learn that before Claire lost her memory, she had a love one drown, and now she is afraid of water. In the episode before, Claire had a vision in the Delta State, about her drowning a doll.

  • When Stork is writing on the black board, he draws the same symbol that was used for "Project Infinate"

  • Professor Stork says Luna's full name "Luna Palasius"

  • Claire had a vision about drowning in the Delta State, which seems to be a running theme with her.

  • We learn that Luna has a sister.

  • We learn that Philip grew up in an orphanage.

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Trivia (2)

  • When Chantelle gave Claire the reading it was right on, and apparently she's been perfect with tons of other readings. But when Luna called earlier she had received the same kind of reading that Claire had gotten, the two are in different situations and Luna doesn't have a boyfriend therefore the reading couldn't have been correct, but if that's Chantelle's power… how was it wrong?

  • If the rifters dont want the foursome to find out their past then why does Maria makes Brodie's apartment available to Martin?

Allusions (1)

  • X: X
    When Phil arrives at the previous courier's house, he sees him being carried away on a strecher. In the background, you can hear music from the game "Math Blaster" as the game over music.