Designing Women

Dash Goff, the Writer

Season 2, Ep 6, Aired 10/26/87
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  • Episode Description
  • Suzanne's visiting ex-husband, a novelist who loves flowery Southern words and women, is in a writer's slump and contemplating suicide.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Meshach Taylor

    Anthony Bouvier

  • Linda Bloodworth-Thomason

  • David Trainer

  • Gerald McRaney

    Dash Goff

  • Annie Potts

    Mary Jo Shively

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    • Suzanne: Y'know, being married to you wasn't a walk in the park either. You always used to get mad about the least little thing, like if I just happened to throw away the wrong papers or something. Dash: I think you're referring to my third novel. Suzanne: Do you still miss me? Dash: Sometimes,...................when I'm drunk. Suzanne: Y'know you should do something about that. 'Oughtta go to that Schic Center or something. Dash: Unfortunately they don't have a program for men who were married to you, dated you, or just brushed up against you in an elevator. Suzanne(Smiling):....You do still miss me.

    • Julia: reading aloud the thank-you note Dash has written) Yesterday, in my mind's eye, I saw four women standing on a verandah in white gauzy dresses and straw colored hats. They were having a conversation, and it was hot - their hankies tucked in cleavages where eternal trickles of perspiration run from the female breast bone to exotic vacation spots that Southern men often dream about. They were sweet smelling, coy, cunning, voluptuous, voracious, delicious, pernicious, vexing and sexing - these earth-sister, rebel mothers, these arousers and carousers. And I was filled with a longing to join them. But like a whim of Scarlett's, they turned suddenly and went inside, shutting me out with the bolt of a latch. And I was left only to pick up an abandoned handkerchief and savor the perfumed shadows of these women. These Southern women. This Suzanne, this Julia, this Mary-Jo and Charlene. Thanks for the comfort. --Dash Goff, the Writer

    • Julia: If you all could quit quibling for one second, I have something here I've been working on. 'Dash Goff, a lover of women, mostly Southern, and words - all kinds. And when he got them both together between two covers, it was a rip-roaring, firecracking, roller coaster of a ride, and we are all better for having bought a ticket.'

    • Dash: You have always belonged with another time. Julia: Oh, you think so? Where would you put me? Dash: Oh, I don't know..., some time before flirting became extinct, when letter writing was an art, stationary was engraved, and dinner was an event.

    • Julia: When I finished your book last night, I had one pang of regret. Dash: What's that? Julia: That you're not my brother-in-law anymore. I kinda liked being related to someone who has this kind of panache and style. There's not much left of that in the world, ya know? So few people appreciate good literature or even read for that matter.

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    Notes (1)

    • This episode, a favorite among DW aficionados (because of its almost idealized Southern gentility), brought Gerald McRaney and Delta Burke together in real life. They began dating shortly afterwards and eventually married.

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