Designing Women

Oh, What a Feeling

Season 4, Ep 16, Aired 1/29/90
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  • Episode Description
  • Their delivery van breaks down stranding Anthony with a nasty client in the middle of the freeway and in a rain storm. The ladies need to get a van to finish the delivery, by midnight so they decide to buy a new one. They end up dealing with a sexist used car salesman.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Meshach Taylor

    Anthony Bouvier

  • Paul Clay

  • David Trainer

  • Michael A. Ross


  • Mick Regan


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  • Quotes (4)

    • Julia: Okay, we're about to run out of time, so I'm going to be blunt. Suzanne, it does not further negotiations to have you popping your cleavage on that man's desk. Suzanne: I think it furthers things just fine. I had him confused. Julia: You certainly did. Every time he looked at your chest, we had to listen to that story again about the summer he worked on the dairy farm. Suzanne: Well, excuse me for taking charge of the situation. You all weren't doing very well, and I am the expert in this area. When it comes to taking something from a man, I know what I'm doing. I wish you two would stop undermining my plans. Julia: Suzanne, we have already seen Plan A and Plan B. You can just put them away now.

    • Julia: (trying not to appear desperate to a car salesman) You know how badly we need the van, and that's fine, because I like to deal honestly and fairly. Now, . . . we're a group of nuns and we need the van to transport blind orphans.

    • Charlene: What are we going to do? Anthony is stuck out there on the 285 in the pouring rain with that awful Mrs. Fricke and all her furniture. Suzanne: Well, I know what to do. It's real simple, too. We call the police and tell them that Anthony is an escaped convict who's stolen a load of antiques and taken a white woman hostage. They'll just rush right down there with one of those big ole paddywagons and pick Anthony up - probably even deliver the furniture.

    • Charlene: Why don't you try this one - Krazy Joe's Junkers. He's crazy, so maybe he stays open later. Julia That's who I was just talking to. Charlene: Really? Julia, you called a guy named Krazy Joe? Julia: Yes, Charlene. That is how desperate I am. I telephoned a man who not only calls himself Krazy Joe, but he spells crazy with a "K" and prints the "Z" backwards - a man who's based his entire business career on the theme of illiteracy.

    Notes (1)

    • Michael Ross played con-man Gayland King in the episode, "Nashville Bound".

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