Designing Women

Perky's Visit

Season 1, Ep 7, Aired 11/24/86
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  • Episode Description
  • Perky Sugarbaker, Julia and Suzanne's mother, and her friend Bernice hope to escape the dull routine of their lives in the retirement home by joining the girls and their ex-con handyman Anthony for the holidays. However, when a would-be business competitor that Anthony had disliked turns up dead, the holiday becomes more lively than anyone had expected.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Linda Bloodworth-Thomason

  • Jack Shea

  • Louise Latham

    Perky Sugarbaker

  • Harry Thomason

  • Tony Maggio


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    • (Mary Jo and Julia enter in a huff and arguing.) Julia: Look, Mary Jo, all that I'm saying is that I'm not gonna pay one red cent on that ticket, and if I have to, I'll take it all the way to the Supreme Court! Charlene: What happened? Mary Jo:(very dramatically) We're on the way to the bank to make that deposit, right? But the car breaks down, so while they're working on it, Julia decides that we should walk to the bank and make our "drive-thru" deposit on foot because the inside of the bank doesn't open until 10. Charlene: Sounds reasonable to me. Julia: Thank you, Charlene! Mary Jo: So, there we are standing in the drive-thru, and when we "pull up", so to speak, to the glass window, the guy refuses to accept our deposit because we're not inside a vehicle. Charlene: That's ridiculous. Mary Jo: So Julia commandeers the back seat of the woman behind us and starts yelling for this woman to drive us through the drive-thru! And then the bank manager makes Julia get out of the woman's car, and then the police come. Need I say more? Charlene: Well, Julia. If you're not gonna pay the ticket, what's your defense gonna be? Julia: My defense is that when I attempted to use that drive-thru window, I was indeed inside a vehicle; the vessel in which I have chosen to go through life - my body! Suzanne: Oh Julia, don't be ridiculous. No judge is gonna believe that! If you'd gotten to choose, you would have selected a much newer model.

    • Anthony: It's been a fine afternoon. Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks again for turning me in for murder.

    • Julia: Oh, Anthony. We just feel terrible. I wish you'd take some more of that turkey for your dog. Anthony: I don't want any more of that turkey. I like my dog.

    • Charlene: (to Suzanne) I curse the day I ever told you we had an outhouse.

    • (Discussing the fact that Mason is leaving) Charlene: I couldn't accept a plane ticket just because he feels guilty about moving away. I wouldn't have any integrity. Suzanne: Ya know, sometimes I think about stuff like that, then I just try and put it right out of my mind.

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    Notes (2)

    • This is the only appearance of Perky Sugarbaker.

    • In this episode we are first introduced to Bernice Clifton. She becomes a series regular over the next few seasons.

    Trivia (1)

    • The Thanksgiving dinner represents the first time Suzanne has ever attempted to cook.

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