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    Oh dear!!!

    By danny7277, Jun 08, 2011

    Epiphany was with out a doubt the worst episode of desperate housewives ever!! The storylines this week were just utter rubbish, I'll start by saying I cant believe that eddie is the strangler it is just so stupid. And the womens story's with him were also stupid espically gaby's it was just ridiculous that she was best friend with a little boy!

    Bree's storyline with eddie was ok but nothing special.

    Susan's was ok also it was nice to have her talk about her art work, apart of susan that the show dosnt explore much.

    Lynette's storyline was also pretty weak, I mean inviting eddie to move in with her was pretty silly i mean she has already got 4 Kids and a another on the way, how many rooms does that room have. Overall pretty rubbish!!moreless

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    Awful! Possibly the worst episode ever.

    By sanctuary, Mar 05, 2011

    Seriously what are the writers thinking. This episode wasn't realistic at all, nothing in it worked. Where is this season going? I find it awful that they made Eddie the killer. It's just stupid. Not believable. The woman who played his mother looked like a hag. The Gabrielle and Eddie relationship was all weird. This season has gone downhill since the plane crash. So apparently Lynette will be devastated in the final episode. What a surprise! I wonder what is going to happen? I am so frustrated why do I even bother to watch this show anymore? It's so silly.moreless

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    Meet the official worst mother in the history of the show.

    By SWERJ321, Aug 28, 2010

    Diane Farr was a great choice for Barbara, an experienced actress who did an amazing job as such a monstrous woman. Everyone wonders how killers come to be and this answers that question expertly. When you tell your four-old son how "it's not your fault you ruined my life" how can you be shocked he turns out so twisted? The thing is, you felt so sorry for the kid, who was a good guy at heart but his mother's constant run-downs and laughs at his lack of any ability or promise destroyed what good he could have done with his life. Yes, it's true that the other ladies, in their own ways, inadvertedly added to it but Barbara clearly shoulders the massive blame for helping her son become a killer. It is interesting seeing things in flashback as the revelation he was after Susan was a surprise. But Farr sold it perfectly as the monster who created a monster and made this a truly chilling hour.moreless

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    This was one of the best episodes I've seen of Desperate Housewives of any season. They've built the suspense all season as to who the strangler is, and everyone's thought it to be an evil monster.

    By Tom_ZeCat, Aug 28, 2010

    This was one of the best episodes I've seen of Desperate Housewives of any season. They've built the suspense all season as to who the strangler is, and everyone's thought it to be an evil monster. What no one suspected was that it's been what would be a sweet kid that everyone likes. Through flashbacks, the authors show us how he became violent. This episode has tremendous credibility in showing how a young man became misogynistic and violent, and it did so in a way that both saddens us and terrifies us. We mourn with Eddie when he's mocked, and we're shocked by his violent scenes. However, what scares us most is how human a violent person can be. The saddest part is we know how different it could all be if Eddie had been treated better. Season 6, Episode 20 is fine TV. It manages to, with credibility, show the development of a violent personality without condoning that kind of behavior. In short, it portrays the darker side of human nature as all too human. It's chilling. It's a must-see episode.moreless

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    Very good episode which makes us understand Eddie.

    By stewie1423, Jun 20, 2010

    That was pretty intense at times. I loved the way it went through each characters time with him and how they saw his life was troubled. His mother really was horrible. 'A monster is created by another monster' - that's what Mary Alice says at the end, in this case it really seems to be true.

    I felt sorry for Eddie throughout and even his killings were horrible you understand his pain and loneliness. The saddest scene was when he broke down with Bree about wanting someone to love him - that was powerful. It was a very revealing episode which sets the stage for the final three episodes - is Lynette gonna find out about Eddie? I think so.

    I'm hoping this season ends on a high note, it has been kind of hit and miss lately. Strong episode.moreless

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  • 8.7


    By thefanof, Jun 16, 2010

    Incredible, incredible episode tonight. A very powerful story from top to bottom. Desperate Housewives may have created the best backstory for a character ever with Eddie, and they did it all in just one episode. Hard to beleive that just a few weeks ago this kid was nothing more than a wannabe stand-up comedian.

    The backstory with each of the Housewives was well-done and the viewer could see the frustration in Eddie growing with each case. While I am getting tired of all these backstory episodes showing the interaction a character had with the rest of the cast, I loved tonight's episode. My only worry is that having a serial killer on the loose may take away some of the momentum from the Angie and New York dude storyline.moreless

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    "Dead Drunk"

    By StevenSaunder, Jun 12, 2010

    This is the first time I've written a review. I felt compelled to because that was one of my favourite DH episodes in a long time. I know the flashback eps get a lot of sighing but they're part of the reason I love this show, something about what goes on under your very nose going unnoticed really fascinates me. Kudos to the actor playing Eddie, I felt real sympathy for a character who could easily have been just a monster and credit must go to the acting. Also, with regards to my summary title, this line from Lynette made me laugh at a point when the episode was reaching it's climax. The great comedy effortlessly cutting through the drama is what makes this show truly stand out. For me, the tension has well and truly been built towards the end game of the season and proves to me that DH has a lot of life left in it. I'm as excited about the show now as I was 5 years ago.moreless

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    Really interesting.......

    By vicky24c, Jun 12, 2010

    In this episode of Desperate Housewives, the following happens. All of the women of Wisteria Lane still don't know the identity of the Strangler, but we get to see what happened to him in his childhood, and how all of that has shaped the person he has become. We see how his father left his mother, his mother began drinking and that he mother has a hatred for him. We see how each of the women on the street have tried to help Eddie for many years, only it was useless. As the episode ends, we see his mother learning the truth about the strangler, and then he loses his temper and kills her. Overall a really interesting episode, but helped us to understand why Eddie is the way that he is.moreless

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  • 8.5

    Not too original but very powerful

    By CellBlocknutter, May 03, 2010

    Yet another 'all about' episode. Good job I enjoy them!

    Eddie is a surprise charecter who sort of puts a spanner in the works of anyone theorising on what has been something of a dull and easy to miss mystery. But this does a decent job of pulling it all together.

    So like every year (or twice) we get an episode like this which explains to us the inner working of the latest nutter, and this one like normal tugs at the heart strings and asks are they really evil? And who let them down?

    So this is an exploration of Eddies life, a story of knock back after the other, one unlucky boy whos family let him down and society failed to understand.

    It's quite powerful really and makes you pause for thought. We all know someone a bit like Eddie. We've all. To a degree we've all treated another human being in one or some of the ways that Eddie was treated, and we all see those lonely people who we have no time for who if we were honest, really look like they need a friend. So it works, and it tugs at the heart stings.

    It's hardly original, but it's poignant and absolutely in the spirit of Desperate Housewives. It plays on that everlasting theme that was laid in episode one of not juding a book by it's cover.

    I also never complain when we get to see Mary Alice or get to have a trip through time these are the sorts of things Desperate HOusewives fans want and Marc Cherry gives us it.

    What makes me not go any higher than 8.5 is because this episode wasn't anything major and I;ve been waiting ages now for some Barrowman and when we finally get to see him, he goes on Hiatus after just one episode! Thats the fan boy in me talking! And while this unravelled mysery does make sense I can;t help it felt it didn't have enough to stand on, as if this episode was to say no it's not Danny who killing women and here's why. I like a good twist but, I don't think enough crumbs led to Eddie. Still at 8.5 I definatly enjoyed it.moreless

    7 10

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