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    Devious Maids.

    By Dec1964, Aug 08, 2013

    So now we really know who Marisol is, when one of her students recognizers her at the grocery store, while Rosie and Spence are sexting each other. When Marisol is confronted by her student she blows it of as mistaken identity, but Rosie isn't really convinced. So Rosie does some investigating on the computer and all truth is there, Marisol Suarez PH D Professor of English Literature. Rosie confronts Marisol and Marisol tells Rosie why she is doing what she is doing and its all to do with her son being in jail for the murder of Flora and Marisol goes on to explain how she is so very sorry that she had to lie about everything. Then Rosie tells Marisol that she is going to tell everyone about her dirty secret until Marisol produces Rosie' cell phone and that she knows all about the affair between her and Spence. So they come to an agreement and Marisol says you wont tell my secret and i wont tell yours and Rosie says i hate you. Carmen and Sam start having a relationship, but it comes to a very short end, when Carmen asks Sam, dont you want to be something other than a Butler, dont you have any ambitions in life and later that night Sam tells Carmen that he just quit and he wont be there in the morning. Sam tells Carmen i'm going to be that somebody you want me to be with and Carmen isn't that happy about him just leaving like that (She Really Loves Him). Remi has a drug addiction for Cocaine and its not the first time he has been to Rehab, Zoila tells Valentina and she gets quite upset and the only one that can help him is his father Philippe and he really doesn't want to go but he does. At the end Rosie and Marisol make up, but Marisol wants to tell Zoila and Carmen everything, but Rosie tells her not to and Rosie decides to help Marisol find out who killed Flora. Fantastic Episode Again. Thumbs Up.moreless

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