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    I'd forgotten about that

    By mandytjie, Apr 28, 2013

    Wow, I'd forgotten about that, about Debra's little secret. I guess she really is more stuffed up than Dexter. One of the weaker episodes so far but definitely setting the scene for the great season finale. I'm just glad we've got a season 8.

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    Dexter refuses to kill Hannah

    By DexterMorgan2, Feb 07, 2013

    After Deb surprisingly asked Dexter to kill Hannah Dexter refuses to kill her but the person Dexter wants to kill is Issac after he was released from prison Dexter really got luck in this episode when Issac went to shoot him when Dexter was getting doughnuts but he dropped his keys so the bullet missed but it is long from over between Issac and Dexter Also didn't I expect Deb to tell Dexter that she loves him and we don't really find out what Dexter is thinking I feel like La Guerta now has an idea that Dexter is the Bay Harbour Butcher but it is unclear how she has suspected Dexter.moreless

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    It wears off already

    By d-phrag, Dec 19, 2012

    Besides the Oscar-winning performance by Jennifer Carpenter, it gets more and more boring to watch the final season of Dexter. Now the writers are piling up storylines and characters so they all can explode in the very last episode or two and have a grand finale with lots of fireworks. For me this season was unnecessary as the final season of Heroes.

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    By elmogrrl, Dec 17, 2012

    How the hell does Dexter not know what a booty call is? Hannah has to teach him what it is it's is so SAD!

    But awesome performance from Jennifer Carpenter this episode just the best person in the series.

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    By thefanof, Dec 14, 2012

    They were going for a Mad Men style conversation with Dexter and Isaac in the end, but it just came off as very boring. Jennifer Carpenter's performance was strong though where Debra professed her love for Dexter. Out of the norm for this show, but a good scene.

    Still, nothing special here.

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    By outbackphantom, Dec 07, 2012

    The whole episode could have been contained is 2 or 3, five minute scenes. Lets get on with the real show. The investigations, the planning and the executions of those who deserve it.

    I believe it was a big mistake letting Deb's get involved in the first place.

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    loved this episode

    By chris0478, Nov 25, 2012

    One of the best of this season. Conversation between Sirko and Dexter reminded me a lot of the style of season 2 episode the dark passenger. Heavy subjects of life described by the great authors behind this show. Hanna (don't know the actress's name) plays a great role as well.

    Thought they couldn't pick it up after the last two disappointing seasons, gladly I'm wrong.

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    A clever title goes here!

    By Spielor09, Nov 25, 2012

    Write a quick review to share your thoughts...

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    By DelilahKathry, Nov 23, 2012

    Apart from the fact, that I really enjoy this season so far and think the comparison with the last season of Heroes is hardly fair...

    PLEASE before you comment something, GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT! The following season will be the last one, not this!

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    By Breathe, Nov 22, 2012

    I was super disappointed with this episode - ENOUGH OF FILLER EPISODES! WHERE'S THE ACTION?!

    I understand the writers need to build for some super awesome cliffhangers but come on now.

    Anyone else here thinks Dexster should've killed Hannna?

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