Let's Rank "Dexter" seasons (Spoilers)

By Abo_Malek

Jun 26, 2013

This is a follow-up for Patsully's yesterday post

So what is your favorite season/s of Dexter, and why?

For me it is like this:

#1 Season 4, Dexter the Family Guy and most importantly these Two Words: Trinity, Rita(R.I.P :( ).

#2 Season 7, Debra knows about Dexter "Dark Passenger",Hannah(Dexter's "True Love"), Isaak(i love that guy), the death of LaGuerta, what's not to like?.

#3 Season 1, getting to know Dexter the Killers Serial Killer, the brother of Dexter, Dexter's Past, Dexter Killing his Long Lost People Serial Killer Brother Brian.

#4 Season 2, the Bay Harbor Butcher investigation, FBI Agent Frank who suspects Dexter of being the Butcher, Doakes framing himself :) , Dexter seeing his "Trophies" with the FBI, Lila, and Doakes death.

#5 Season 5, Dexter's guilt for Rita's death, Dexter's newborn Baby, Dexter's affair with Lumen, the pursuit of the group of Serial Rapists/Killers and their leader Jordan Chase.

#6 Season 3, Dexter propose to Rita, Dexter become the Serial Killer Guru, Dexter kills his only Student/Partner/Friend/Best man at the time, Dexter is captured by the Skinner(a Serial Killer) he escapes and kills him and make it look like an accident and escape from the place before the police notice him and frame the Skinner for the killing of his Partner in killing Miguel Prado(Serial Killer Wannabe), and gets in time for his wedding.

#7 Season 6, the Doomsday Serial Killer, Nah, i really hated that season, the only good thing in that season was brother Sam, he had great moments with Dexter and almost made him feel human and feel mercy, but that Dick Nick(who shot Brother Sam) ruined it all :( .

What about you??

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  • adshurt Mar 07, 2015

    1. Season 2 - Everything about this season was perfection. The intense manhunt with Lundy & the FBI for the "Bay Harbor Butcher" was beautifully executed and never failed to leave you on the edge of your seat. And I know you can either love Lila or hate her, but her character was such a brilliant wildcard and the writers could have done anything they wanted with her. I also adored Deb's character development this season, with the help of her amazing romance with Lundy.

    2. Season 4 - Another perfect season. John Lithgow slayed as the notorious, family man "Trinity Killer". His interactions with his family were marvelous, the Thanksgiving dinner scene was one of the best scenes in any show I've ever seen. Dexter thinking he needed his help, then soon realizing how much of a nightmare he truly was, leading up to the tragic demise of my lovely Rita. Everything about this season was A+

    3. Season 5 - I loved Lumen. Her character was so freaking beautifully executed. I loved the arch for this season, and this is where Dexter was at his finest: bringing justice to people who deserved it. Lumen/Dexter working together brought some of the best kill scenes that the show ever saw. Although the whole Liddy hunting Lumen/Dexter plot was take it or leave it, overall, s5 was a phenomenal season.

    4. Season 1 - The birth of it all. The "Ice Truck Killer" arch was brilliant and there were so many crazy twists like in every other episode involving him. First, finding out he was Debra's boyfriend, and then that he's Dexter's brother! The idea of another killer knowing Dexter was incredible. Debra and her bubbly ways, before she became the badass she was, was adorable. Rita's storyline with her asshole ex-husband was also really well done. Fantastic season.

    5. Season 7 - LaGuerta investigating Dexter was well-written. Isaak Sirko's storyline was really good, even the whole Quinn/Nadia thing was perfect. The "oh shit Deb knows who Dexter is" plot was very well-executed in the like first 3 episodes, but then in my opinion, it turned to shit (until the finale). I will never understand the writer's decision with making Deb's biggest concern about Dexter being a serial killer, is his refusal to kill Hannah. I mean I hated her too, but it just lead to some really annoying scenes with Deb. The tension in the season premiere was unbearably amazing: one of the best episodes to date. And oh my god, the finale was gold.

    6. Season 3 - Miguel Prado was a fantastic character. He was a family man gone mad due to Dexter's abstaining from his code. And the whole arch this season was good, there really just wasn't much excitement present. I liked how it focused more on Dexter's personal interactions with Rita, ️Miguel, and his wife, and the finale with Rita/Dexter's wedding was beautiful. The "skinner" was definitely one of the worst storyline and antagonists in the show. And Quinn's introduction with the annoying Asian girl and freaking Anton was aggravating.

    7. Season 6 - I think the only thing going for this season was the creative kills, because I mean they were pretty cool. But other than that, I hated the religious aspect of this season. It altogether could have been completely avoided. And I mean I liked the finale, but IF ONLY DEB FOUND OUT IN THE SEASON 5 FINALE, UGH. This season was really just throw-away bad.

    8. Season 8 - I honestly don't even want to discuss how disgustingly bad this season was. Why would a woman so important to who Dexter was just show up in the last season? Why would they include a big bad in a season that was supposed to wrap everything up and not even give us his identity until the third to last freaking episode? Why did they bring Hannah back? Why did they bring in a new protégé for Dexter to train, only to kill him off 2 episodes later? Why did Deb end up in the ocean? Why did Hannah end up alive with Harrison? Why did Dexter become a lumberjack? Complete garbage.

  • AdamUpBxtch Feb 28, 2015

    1. Season 1
    2. Season 2
    3. Season 4
    4. Season 7
    5. Season 8
    6. Season 3
    7. Season 6
    8. Season 5

    Season 8 as a season wasn't terrible (It was miles better than Season 3, 5, and 6 which sucked major balls), the only thing bad about it was the Finale Episode and the fates of the the characters.

  • joename69 Sep 29, 2013

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  • Abo_Malek Sep 29, 2013

    Season 8 -8/10

  • HadeelGhoneim Sep 23, 2013

    #1- Season 4, ( who couldn't like the trinity!!!!!)
    #2- Season 2,( loved it except for Killing Doakes)
    #3- Season 5,1,6,7, (so close)
    #4- season 3. ( didn't like the relationship between Dexter and Miguel)

  • geoffmaze Sep 20, 2013

    Great seasons 4, 2, and 1. Edge of your seat entertainment.

    Good season: 7

    OK seasons: 3 and 6

    Really bad season: 5

    Absolute dog crap: THIS SEASON 8!

  • RayCapanay Sep 17, 2013

    4 2 7 1 3 5 6. i hope this final season would be after 1st at least i hope. ;)

  • IffatPINK Sep 08, 2013

    2...1...4...5...3...................now on season 6.....

  • joename69 Aug 16, 2013

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  • chrisdynamo39 Sep 28, 2013

    How the hell can you think 6 was miles better than 3?? 6 was absolutely atrocious whereas 3 was amazing. You're insane.

  • Faithin1 Aug 12, 2013

    Honestly, I think:

    1 I loved how they handled everything from the book, with two exceptions. I didn't like Deb being "engaged" to the killer and I still wish they would have offed LaGuerta like in the book.
    3 I hated Miguel, but it was such an interesting go to see how "normal" Dex could be.
    4 I loved the "family man" Trinity angle, but Rita in a tub was AWESOME. (though I still miss Julie Benz)
    5 I liked Lumen, and the story with her. It was a new twist.
    2 I hated Lila and the other garbage. Doakes was fantastic, but I wish it had followed the book and kept Doakes around.
    7 Deb asking if he was a serial killer was decent. LaGuerta dying was a huge YAY.
    6 I hated this season. Brother love and fake characters... blah.

  • joename69 Aug 16, 2013

    Im sorry but Season 3 was just terrible, easily one of the worst seasons of TV ever created, the only good part was Miguel.

  • Faithin1 Aug 19, 2013

    I didn't love it, but when ranked, I think it was the lesser of 2 evils for me. I liked Dexter reaching out... and it was better than the 3rd book, and he wasn't training Cody and Astor to be killers, so plus for me.

  • joename69 Aug 19, 2013

    Ive only read the first book, and you do know they stopped following the books after season 1. But in season 3, Miguel and everything about Miguel was amazing, but toher then everything else was just awful in every way.

  • Faithin1 Aug 20, 2013

    I think that I agree with you. Although they followed some aspects of the second book and season 2, (very very very very little) I do know they quit. I was glad in some ways, not in others.

  • StrawDog Aug 06, 2013

    2 - Because everything came together so beautifully.
    4 - Because Trinity, and what other reasons do you need?
    1 - Because if it hadn't been great, I wouldn't still be watching.
    7 - Because Yvonne Strahovski mmmmmm.... and Deb finding out.
    3 - Because slightly boring but hadn't lost its edge yet.
    5 - Because Lumen was alright but the Big Bad was weak.
    6 - Because Brother Sam was cool and I actually didn't figure out the twist but nor did I particularly care.

  • StrawDog Aug 06, 2013

    There's no doubt in my mind that this is the definitive correct ranking, no room for error.

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