Let's Rank the Dexter Villains (Spoilers Obviously)

By Patrick Sullivan

Jun 25, 2013

Let's discuss - who is your favorite? The creepiest? The one you thought could have his own spinoff show?

Feel free to include actual villains, like season 1's Ice Truck Killer OR simply an antagonist like Doakes.

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  • Gem-n-eye Jul 22, 2013

    1. The Dark Passenger: season 2
    2. Trinity (Mainly because John Lithglow best actor out of all the major villains.): Season 4
    3. Jordan Chase and his crew: Season 5
    4. ITK: Season 1
    Traves Marshell Season 6
    7. The Skinner: Season 3
    There really wasn't a "Bad" guy for season 7
    It's making a list of the minor villains that is hard

  • SaviSandhu Jul 16, 2013

    1. Trinity
    2. Travis and the religious killings
    3. that guy that killed women by setting up the creepy mazes in his house

  • Haloprogram Jul 16, 2013

    the minotaur that is. I'd put Dexters brother as a nr2; that was simply epic. Travis was good and all (really enjoyed his character) but season 6 wasn't the best season.

  • bruno_fmenedes Jul 13, 2013

    Lila was, for me, the most interesting, nuanced, sexy and crazy villain character of all seasons.
    Trinnity was probably the smartest and most creepy villain, but was also helped by Dexter being at his most dumb self than ever before or after, and it wasn't extremely interesting IMHO.
    Doakes was the best rival/antagonist Dexter ever had IMHO, and the one that came closer to putting Dexter in jail for good, which is where he deserves to be.

  • bruno_fmenedes Jul 13, 2013

    The Ice Truck Killer was my second favorite villain. Dexter is the central character of the series, so the word villain here means someone who wants to kill him or his family. Dexter is bad guy but would only be the villain if he wasn't the main character IMHO.

  • NicholasSincl Jul 10, 2013

    There is absolutely no contest, Trinity all the way.
    Then ITK.

  • SteffWoolfolk Jul 09, 2013

    Trinity was the best by far! The ending so poetic, everything about that season felt good. I also loved Isaac because of the little moments he had with Dexter, which felt realistic somehow.
    But no one is better than Dex <3

  • Muderboy Jul 02, 2013

    The very best villain is, of course, Dexter himself--nobody does it better...

  • Iodselle Jul 09, 2013

    I second that!

  • J_Pip Jul 02, 2013

    Doakes, Hannah, and after six seasons each then Lila.

  • WillYouKindly Jul 01, 2013


  • ben45tpy Jun 29, 2013

    Characters who murdered a lot:
    T+1, ITK, Hannah, Skinner, DDK's imaginary friend, Sirko, Chase, DDK

    Characters who murdered occasionally & other adversaries:
    Doakes, Miguel, Brother Same, Lumen, Lila, La Guerta, Liddy, Christine Hill, Quinn, Louis

  • ludoTV Jun 28, 2013

    Trinity. Partly because of how great the actor played it (he was terrifying) and partly because he got to Dexter in a real way (eg Rita) which nobody else did.

    Jordan Chase was a strong character but I could not get past the fact JJMiller is 'Eli Stone' in my mind and so it was hard for me to take him seriously as a psycho

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