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  • 9.0

    Dexter and Travis help each other to find Gellar but things don't go to plan

    By DexterMorgan2, Mar 06, 2013

    Dexter works with Travis to try to find Geller but when Dexter finds Geller's body at the end it makes a lot of sense about the season because when Geller apparently escaped in the previous episode I was wondering how he did it It turns out that Travis is actually the monster behind the Doomsday murders that killed his sister and everyone else and now Dexter is trapped with him I just don't understand when Dexter was trapped in the elevator Travis had enough time to kill the victim and set up all the blood to come down and I don't understand why Travis would kill his sister which will take him to the top of the suspect The last three episode are going to be interesting to watch and will answer a few questions.moreless

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  • 7.5

    Glad that's over.

    By WillYouKindly, Feb 22, 2013

    Well, at least now it's official and we can all stop guessing. Sigh.Hopefully the reveal that Gellar has in fact been dead for a while and Travis is the only Doomsday Killer - as well as a schizo - will lead to a more interesting final quarter.

    The episode was still pretty interesting, especially Casey's crime scene, which was brilliant, even though it brings a very hard question: how did Travis jam Dexter's elevator, knock out Casey AND hide his body in, what, ninety seconds? That seems pretty efficient, even by Dexter standards. Oh well. Suspension of disbelief and all that crap.

    Dexter's arc with Travis was still good, despite the ├╝ber-obvious twist. His plan to honor Brother Sam by giving Travis a second chance to start his life anew was excellent character development, which goes to show that this series still has some of the best writers in the business, despite the Gellar mishap.

    It seems Louis might pull a Christine Hill and wreak a bit of havoc in the final stretch too. I get the feeling that hot Ryan will return and help him along. It was reported that she'd be in seven episodes and was MIA since the fourth. You do the math. I doubt it will be in link with Travis' storyline, but it should be interesting. Though I'm still wondering what role Jamie could play in their plan. Maybe a reenactment of Brian's ritual? If that's the case, there are a lot of parallels to be drawn between Deb and Jamie, as well as Brian and Louis. And that music when they showed us the prosthetic hand? Yeah, that one.

    Maybe this is just wishful thinking, but I can kind of smell Laguerta's end this season. If Deb finds out everything there is to know about that dead callgirl, Laguerta and Matthews will most assuredly get the boot, which would be great for the show. The only other alternative I can see would be Deb losing her job, which isn't an option. Deb being by far the best supporting character, and Laguerta being universally hated, the writers can only choose one option.

    In short, if it wasn't for treating the Gellar reveal in such an insulting "Behold Thy Great Plot Twist" way, this episode would have scored much higher with me. It's a promising lead-up for the final quarter of the season, and despite this season's faults, I'm still, as ever, psyched for the rest.

    Go Team Dexter!moreless

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  • 9.5

    Awesome twist

    By badblokebob, Feb 20, 2013

    I don't understand all the reviews slagging this episode off. That twist was awesome. Not the greatest episode ever up to that point, maybe, but not a bad one either. From a turning-things-on-their-head point of view, the twist alone justifies a high score.

    And I reckon anyone who says they saw it coming either got lucky with a guess or is a big fat liar.

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  • 3.0

    This season is predicable, dry & boring.

    By alexlips, Jan 05, 2013

    The quality of this season is significantly lower than of what we are used to in Dexter. The plot is dry and predictable, which is a shame. The first few episodes showed so much potential for this season. It had a great theme - religion - but the last 3 or 4 episodes have been slow, predictable and painful to watch. The surprise at the end of this episode somewhat saved this episode, however, the surprise itself has been expected since episode 1. The writers have dumbed down this season. Dexter's relationship with Travis in his search for goodness, or whatever, is not believable and is bullshit.I'm sure the last three episodes will be better but it's such a shame that the bulk of this season has gone to waste. The writers now know that there are at least 2 more seasons of Dexter to be produced, I hope they don't continue on this crusade of predictability and tediousness. We want Dexter back! The high quality, on-the-edge-of-your-seat,intelligent, surprising, interesting & amazing Dexter that we have all come to love.moreless

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    Get Gellar

    By thefanof, Jan 12, 2012

    We were all a little bit freaked out when we got the news that Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C Hall were dating, but now taking that dynamic into the actual show? I won't say that it destroys the program's value, but this was a huge mistake tonight having Debra have this revelation.

    That's not it though. The twist as to who the real mastermind was, just a big mistake. How could they not know Gellar had been dead?

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  • 5.5

    Obvious twist

    By AmirMishali, Dec 12, 2011

    Shocking! Gellar is really dead, which means that all the time we thought there are to Doomsday killers, there was actually only one very twisted individual with a sort of multiple personalities disorder.

    Well, at least it's shocking if you haven't watched previous seasons, seen any thrillers to use this old trick, or if you are extremely naive.

    To me, that twist was obvious from the beginning of the season, probably from ep. 1. Not that it explais how Travis managed to kill the professor, make his body disappear and then come back to rescue dexter from the elevator, all in a couple of minutes...moreless

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  • 6.5


    By TornIdentity19, Dec 05, 2011

    It wasn't a bad episode, at least not in comparison to 'Nebraska' a few weeks ago. I like Deb in therapy, purely because I think and I hope they're going to lead it up to her finding out about Dexter. If not, I'll be disappointed. Musuka's assistant turning out to have the hand was also kind of predictable but a bit more interesting than the main plot.

    Who else has thought Gellar wasn't real all along? I certainly did. It's been painfully obvious, to the point that I was thinking the writers were trying to throw us off but NO - he's not real. Travis is the Doomsday Killer. A very predictable twist that should have been done a lot lot better.

    This season continues to disappoint and is probably the weakest of them all. What a shame.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Outstanding plot turn. *spoilers inside*

    By Gera777, Dec 03, 2011

    After Dexter found Travis they become partners. But Travis doesn't have any interesting information.

    Though Dexter figured out possible next victim - atheist professor. He tried to prevent homicide and kill Gellar, but wasn't successful because of elevator shot down.

    Police found professors body. After touching victim's arm whole team had a blood bath.

    Quinn is still a mess. Lost his gun and screwed with not MILF type lady, had a fight with Angel.

    Debra wants to renew the case of drug addict girl. Laguerta tried to stop her but Debra insisted. And after this arguing Laguerta meets the chief of police, so he's involved. God, this guy learns nothing!

    Now we know who bought a hand of Ice Truck killer victim.

    In the end Dexter found Gellar in the fringe. And it is obvious that Travis has multiple personality disorder.

    Really cool plot turn!moreless

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  • 4.5

    More sloppiness is just what this season needed

    By CCrider71, Dec 03, 2011

    Well, its not like we didn't see this coming as I was afraid of in my review from three episodes back; no real Olmos vs. Hall showdown.

    Mind you, Dexter has always had a showdown with the serial killer of the season...and this indirect showdown looming with Travis may surprise us yet but I doubt it...but it IS different.

    I don't think I mentioned it in my last review but the new lab prospect turning out to be the guy who bought the Ice Truck Killer memorobilia was pretty obvious too from the start...just a little too helpful and nice to be true, especially in covering up the traces of the sale on the internet. It's a pretty silly side story but I suppose it gives Batista's sister some sort of purpose other than being Dexter's maid. Not to mention it's something else for Batista to do instead of fighting Quinn for no apparent reason; implausible drama just for the sake of drama = no fresh ideas.

    Dexter continues to be sloppy as well...turning his back on Travis in the church after he breaks his chains, who at the very least was a dangerous accomplice, blew my mind. He should know better after all of his experiences.

    Yet more ominous signs of a season going nowhere. The only thing which might just be interesting is whether the therapy Deb's going through will lead her to question Dexter's secretiveness enough to put the pieces together but this a long shot because they seem to have steered it all back on Debra and her issues instead of what this might tell her about Dexter's hidden nature. Seems they'll just continue to tease us for another season or two until the series finale...I feel it can't come to soon at this point, the glory days of the show (like Cheers back in the day, which dragged on for three or four seasons too long) seem to be over.

    Oh, and whatever happened to the other kids? Did they disappear in that black hole in Genoah City that Y&R uses when they no longer have a current use for a character? Maybe the next time we see them they'll have aged twenty years too.

    Bah humbug!


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  • 5.0

    An incredibly original twist that NO ONE saw coming... (minor spoilers)

    By DavidRouben, Dec 02, 2011

    Never before have i seen a twist quite like this. Except in fight club, and psycho, and the sixth sense... seriously!?! it was pretty obvious; no one ever really saw or talked to Gellar except for travis. going back earlier in the season to the "whore" they kidnapped, when she said there were two people, that just shows you how full of plot holes this season has been. As for the rest of this episode, what was with that whole angel-quinn fight? exactly what did it add to the scene or the episode?

    Considering how this season has gone, a 5 is a generous score. this episode was better than what we've seen in past weeks, but that's really not saying much. i really hope dexter gets its act together because right now I see no reason as to why it should be renewed for two more seasonsmoreless

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