Let's Give the Boy a Hand

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Quotes (22)

  • Harry: It's great to see you having such a great time, Dex. Dexter: Are you kidding me? This hay is giving me a total allergy attack and we are just going around in circles on a pumpkin patch.

  • Dexter: (Voice over) Gift-wrapped and begging for death, tools at the ready. He was left here so I would kill him, but my new friend doesn't see me as clearly as he thinks. I can't kill this man. Harry wouldn't want it, and neither would I.

  • Dexter: (Voice over about the clue) My friend left this. He's showing me where to go. Am I going because it's what he wants or because that's what Harry would want? And what do I want?

  • Deb: (watching security footage) Oh look, there's Mr. Tub-O-Lardy bring Mrs. Tub-O-Lardy another bucket of fried chicken.

  • Dexter: (Voice over during the blow job) I've come to to appreciate the comfortable moments with Rita. The easy, quiet moments. This might be better.

  • LaGuerta: If I were you I'd head back to the station. Traffic at this hour's a bitch. (walks away) Deb: Speaking of bitch...

  • Dexter: (voice over) Unlike Harry, my new friend doesn't place much value in blending in. He wants me to see who he is and what he does. Everything about him is brazen, authentic. What does that make me?

  • Harry: You can't be a bully, Dexter. First of all, it's wrong. Secondly, people remember bullies. People like me, cops. A Bully is a felony waiting to happen. So..? Dexter: Blend in.

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Notes (1)

  • The song towards the end of the episode is called "Hidden" by Daniel Licht.

Trivia (4)

  • When Dexter takes Rita and the kids to pick out Halloween costumes, Dexter suggests a costume for Rita to wear. It's hard to see, but he is suggesting that she dress up as a witch.

  • On the beginning of the episode right at the moment Dexter is doing a voiceover about the Halloween tradition of people wearing masks of monsters, Cody appears wearing a mask of U.S. President George W. Bush.

  • Goof: In this episode, when Dexter looks at the back of the photograph and sees the smiley face, the photo paper is HP. Digital photo printing wasn't around when Dexter was young.

  • Dexter should stick to blood spatter - for both the foot and the hand he is way off on where the killer's incisions are. The hand has been severed well below the carpals, clean through the radius and ulna. Similarly the foot has been removed by cutting through the tibia and fibula - the tarsals and metatarsals are about halfway down the foot itself.

Allusions (3)

  • Title: Let's Give the Boy a Hand The title is a line from Denice Williams "Let's Hear it for the Boy." The song is on the Footloose movie/musical soundtrack.

  • Dexter: Dexter Morgan, this is your life. This phrase came from the popular show This is Your Life, where celebrities were "ambushed" and interviewed and reacquainted with old friends and recounted person tragedy.

  • Rita's Halloween Costume Rita was dressed as Lara Croft, from the Tomb Raider video game series. Angelina Jolie starred in the movie adaptation titled Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.