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    Dexter, your a monster!

    By KingofRogues, Feb 08, 2013

    What an episode! Dexter is back, and at first he seems so distant. Perhaps he is really is hurt? Or perhaps not, as we follow Dexter around, we the audience can feel the horror, the shock, the sadness and madness that a normal person would feel. But then we see Dexter and think, jeez, He really is a monster. Just as Dexter was on the path that might have eventually led him to feel real emotion. This changes everything. '

    And just as I was thinking where the show would go if Dexter started a new life, Well it'd be like watching a whole new series. It was nice to see Dexter make the RIGHT decision for once.

    And personally I had no idea where the show would go, but with Quinn tracking kyle butler, and the police thinking Trinity is still out there, I was surprised to find this opener as thrilling past seasons.moreless

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    Dexter is back! Great... How ever this was maybe not the most logic continuation from the last season but I still liked it. I hope the story develops well this year but i have great expectation. (S1 one still the best for me)

    By FloripaOliver, Dec 06, 2011

    Dexter needs to Man up in the moment. He comes over a little bit childish right now. Of course he suppose to be a little bit lost but he need to pick up now fast and show Miami who is the boss. How ever I am not sure if they are going to build the entire season around the subject that Dexter is the Killer from his beloved wife. I hope they have a little bit more in the background to make us watch the show. How ever still for me one of the best shows right now and cant wait to see next episode. Small tip: Outlaws (The new Show) with 3 Season bad guy is also pretty enjoyable maybe you go check it out as well.moreless

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    Whether or not you like this episode depends on what you think of as good. If you want something that will make you happy all the time you probably didnt like this. This episode lets you feel Dexter's pain and you do feel it.

    By CannonVulcan, Dec 06, 2011

    The pain he feels is apparent and while the detectives and others think that Dexter is showing no emotion anyone who has been watching this from the start knows that its quite the opposite. Dexters pain was clear from the start if you have never cried because you lost someone you loved and youve never understood anyone else's actions what would you do? he fights with his emotions that he did not believed he had and his human side came out far more than in any episode before.

    I felt horrible after seeing this episode does that make it bad? no because life is not always about the happy endings. There is pain in real life and Dexter shows you even a monster has feelings. He is going to be in quite a lot of emotional distress this season and hopefully by the end he will forgive himself and become what he once was or an even better monster. I loved it and hated it at the same time but it was the perfect display of what was needed. I think to give this any less than a 10 is to do an injustice to perfect writing and acting. This was a great episode even if it didnt make us feel all warm inside.moreless

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    This episode was A-mazing!!! Michael C. Hall at his best! So was Deb, all great acting! The story was beautifully and carefully threaded and we are in for a treat this season if the rest of the season is going to be like what we saw last night.

    By DrTrish197, Sep 07, 2011

    This episode was A-mazing!!! Michael C. Hall at his best! So was Deb, all great acting! The story was beautifully and carefully threaded and we are in for a treat this season if the rest of the season is going to be like what we saw last night. Now onto some interesting points I have to mention. Now, for the record, I want to state that I do not base any of the things that I am about to say on spoilers because I do not care for spoilers and stay as far from them as possible. I recently did a rewatch of the entire series and watched last night's episode 3 times now. So all I am about to say is my own personal opinion. OK, so here's what I think of the situation. We all know Dexter didn't kill Rita, not possible so I'm not even going to speculate on the idea. However, I am giving serious thoughts as to whether it was Trinity or not. I don't think it was. Killing a married woman in a bathtub and leaving a baby in a pool of blood was not Trinity's MO. He has always killed single women in bathtubs and never left witnesses even if it was just a baby. However he has killed a married woman in a bathtub before (only one whose husband got convicted for the murder). We saw Deb interview the guy. But that was 30 years ago and most likely Trinity's first kill. The married woman was always the jumper, and she always had only 2 kids, not 3. Also, there was no mention of a smudge left in Rita's crime scene, nor was her finger pointing to anything. Now it could be that they just didn't mention to the viewers that there was a smudge, but they mentioned that in every single one of Trinity's kill why leave this one out? So with that in mind it leads me to believe that it must have been someone else who killed Rita. It could be one of 2 people: either someone who found out about who Dexter really is and is playing games with him, or someone from his past who would know the details of his mother's crime scene to stage it back in Dexter and Rita's place to make it look like it (hint what Dexter says at the end of season 4 "Born in blood both of us"). I think I need more information to pick which of the 2 it really is, so maybe another few episodes and we might get more clues. However, I am leaning towards the first one (someone who found out) because we've already got someone from his past coming back to haunt him (AKA Ice Truck Killer). I am so glad Dexter is back. It has been a long time waiting. Let the good times begin now.moreless

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    They couldn't really have done it any other way, but that doesn't keep it from being disappointing.

    By WillYouKindly, Sep 07, 2011

    My Bad is in a weird situation. For the characters, Rita's death happened a few hours ago, and they need a lot of time to grieve, but for us viewers, it all happened nine months ago, and we have already moved on, so while a full episode of moping around is normal for the characters after such a monumental loss, but it's kind of boring for the viewer. Still, it was necessary to see how everyone reacts to Rita's murder, and most of it was very interesting. The problem is that almost everything that wasn't crying over Rita was completely unnecessary: Deb having sex with Quinn on Dexter's kitchen floor? Really?! Need I remind you that Quinn's girlfriend killed herself 24 hours ago? Consistency is nice. Also, why would LaGuerta cry over Rita for so long? The two characters never actually had a scene together in four years, she must not have known her that much. And of course, the stupid flashbacks were a pain. It was nice to see Rita alive one last time, but those flashbacks were so awkward and fake it really wasn't worth it. My Bad also lacks a "premiere twist", like seasons 1,2 and 4 had, that really made you want to see the rest. This just seemed like a prologue to season five instead of the actual premiere that gets things rolling for the rest of the season. Not a bad prologue, mind, but not what it was cracked up to be.moreless

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    Pretty Boring zzzzzz

    By claymore2211, Sep 07, 2011

    A disappointing start to season 5. No plot development. Nothing new on the characters. We find out that Dexter really is a robot with little human emotion. Big Reveal! hmmmph

    They should have skipped ahead a year and had all this funeral and mourning stuff over with. It is just bogging down a show that needs some zip.

    Let's hope this Rita thing doesn't drag on too long. We need our Dexter moving on to his next adventure.

    I find it a bit unbelievable that someone so cunning as Dexter obviously is (after all he HAS avoided detection for his entire life) would admit out loud to the police that he is responsible for Rita's death. Dexter would be much more controlled and wary than this. This is simply a plot device to shed suspicion on him and have the police investigate him for his wife's death. Lazy on the part of the show-runners.moreless

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    good start

    By clovetter, Sep 06, 2011

    The true emotions and psychology behind such a complex character like Dexter, can not be more prominently illustrated than in the series 5 opener. Never before has the dark avenger seemed more real, and the aftermath of such an unexpected, unimaginable death was a great way to show this. The various flashbacks deepened the unrested mentality of the present situation, and to good effect, demonstrating an episode focused more on reaction rather than action, and with good reason. In fairness, series 5 had a difficult series to follow, and although it has started off great, the continuing story couldn't quite match the infamous trinity killer, but it held its weight nonetheless. Very well done.moreless

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    *** Spoiler-free *** Drowning story, cold lead performance, cult red and grin scene, questionable new ingredient, inspiring "Debxter", strong supportive cast and characters

    By goa103, Mar 14, 2011

    Despite the pesky Batista-LaGuerta relationship the fourth season was exceptional. Lost Boys and The Getaway will be remembered as two of the most inspiring, shocking and fascinating episodes ever aired on TV. From its masterful performances to its controversial concept Dexter will never stop to amaze me. There're shows that quickly jump the shark but in this case the great white is not a match for our favorite monster next door. He's just too different.

    After the finale dramatic events, like many viewers, I had a few theories about what would happen next. But puzzled and devastated I also felt quite lost. However if we pay attention the moments we share with the Morgan family can only make us stronger. They should open your mind to the wild and wide complexity and ambivalence of the world. We all have an eight passenger lurking in the dark and trying to unleash its fury against us. Some people bury themselves under work, others passively pray all day long hoping for the light to knock at their door step. The show is so literate and deep that most episodes deserve a second viewing. My Bad is no different from its peers.

    First of all the dream team behind "Debxter" did it the hard way. 28 days later ? Make it a second ! We witnessed the wicked twins deal with their happy ever after fate. Of course it was captivating and emotionally overwhelming but somehow Michael C. Hall wasn't at his best in my humble opinion. He was great but not as convincing as usual. It's like if he allowed his mask to cool off for too long. Or maybe it's just that his vision is different than mine, so obviously more accurate. Otherwise the family reunion he was featured in was the most tragic and hilarious I have ever seen. It was just a smart and bold move by the writers. It also reassured me about the unlimited potential of the fifth season. However I question the approach imagined to better comprehend our serial killer. It's not original compared to the way his father pops up from nowhere and I found these scenes weren't well blended with the others. I wish they had been more creative and thought something out of the box instead of sticking to an overused recipe. But its execution was well done and in fact I have to admit that it made me want for more, much much more !

    As for the other characters they remained themselves, with a twist. Subjectively Jennifer Carpenter is a screen goddess. Seriously I appreciate the way her exquisite skills are used. She's a weapon of mass creation ! Deb is the perfect match for Dex. They're more than just sister and brother. They're the tentacles of a unique, tortured and beautiful amphibious creature. Of course compared to other episodes like Easy as Pie her performance was less excessive because it was more about Hall. But I really like her pants, or not, and can't wait for her inevitable moments. Indeed I suspect the puppet masters have planned something very special for her this season. Her development in the pilot had already a few sparkles but I'm sure the best is yet to come. Let's also not forget to mention the Vince attitude, whom revelations were pivotal, and the Batista-LaGuerta mumbo jumbo that finally made sense when I never expected it would. Am I happy for them ? Oh yeah !

    It leads us to the story, intense and unpredictable. The beginning was linear but their adventure quickly became mazy and you should quickly lost your reason between its hazy lines. From its indecisive partners to its ultimate pinnacle the journey wasn't flawless but overall it was a bitter delicious way to begin the season. Moreover its abrupt ending should make you hungry for next week so you better full your belly before enduring My Bad because when it comes to Dexter missing it is not excusable, it's lethal.moreless

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    See Summary

    By TrueTvWatcher, Mar 14, 2011

    My Bad, the season 5 opening episode, was very emotional. It picked up where season 4 left off. Rita was killed by the Trinity Killer and Dexter is falling apart. This episode sets up future episodes as well. I really enjoyed watching this, although it was very sad and makes viewers think. I believe this is a good thing though, and appeals to viewers. This episode represents the series, it is frighteningly realistic, human, and gives perspective. The writers and actors of this show do an amazing job of making viewers connect with a serial killer, I mean it may even be evil, but we can't help but feel for him.moreless

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