Surprise, Motherf**ker

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  • 6.5

    Wrong season

    By feidhelm, May 12, 2013

    I think the serial has jumped the shark.

    What I appreciated most were the incredible ways Dexter succeed in killing without being never discovered. The moment Deb caught him in the church, in the last season finale, that was the beginning of the end. If this had been the last season ok, but going ahead now will be very difficult.

    I fear the serial is dead :(

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  • 7.0

    good season finale

    By DanusiaRegina, Apr 02, 2013

    but LOTS of loose endings here. and, again, that leads to the lazy writing i've been mentioning since season 5. the writers must think viewers are really stupid. this season finale made me remember a lot the first book, darkly dreamin dexter - in the books, laguerta dies incredibly soon. i'm sorry dexter wasn't caught - because after all the shit he's done i no longer root for him. nor debra. they're really f*cked up and i hope they get caught next season. but if the lazy and predictable writing continuous... i suspect they'll get away with everything and will run away and live in another country. perhaps even hannah will join them and they all go live happily ever after in argentina.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Great viewing

    By -Salamander, Feb 22, 2013

    There's no great surprises here as we head towards the possible last season. You cannot have a show about a serial killer and never deal with the obvious extensions that being such will eventually throw at you.

    Do we honestly believe we it's possible to have someone capable of what Dexter does and not eventually find himself in a position where an "Innocent" will have to die to cover his tracks, or he gives himself up?

    No - no matter how well intentioned his code is..... escalations happen and we lose the guilt free side of Dexter's murders. And about time cannot really have a show that glorifies vigilantes and be on ethically moral ground.

    I have very much enjoyed watching this show and await the fallout of Dexter destroying Debra's Karma.

    Thought provoking stuff :)


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    Surprise Motherf**ker !!!!

    By m8iitk, Feb 12, 2013


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    How has it come to this

    By DexterMorgan2, Jan 28, 2013

    A fantastic season finale with a shocking ending where Debra decides between La Guerta and Dexter and chooses to kill La Guerta The only way Dexter could fix things is to kill La Guerta thats how desperate he had become and how close La Guerta was He originally did plan to make it look like someone else killed La Guerta but when Deb arrived the plan changed Dexter has proven to be smart enough to drop the Bay Harbour Butcher case but the La Guerta case will now open and could leave consequences especially for Debra Deb already feels distraught and you could see on Deb and Dexter's face when they returned to the party that they don't believe what had happened and that they have done a bad thing There is a lot to think about for season 8 when it returns in the summer.


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    F*** awesome!

    By Addic7ed, Jan 25, 2013

    I must confess I had stopped watching this show because, I too, believed it was getting boring. But now I'm happy I decided to watch this episode. The scene were Deb shoots LaGuerta made my heart shrink. The way she cried almost made me cry too. Great performance. For a moment I thought she was gonna turn around and leave Dexter to finish the mess he got them into. But shot her. She is now a killer, just like her brother. How sick and exciting that is at the same time. Can she act normal now and put this behind? What are they gonna do? How is this going to affect them? Excellent season finale.moreless

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    can you belive

    By rogerrose1481, Jan 09, 2013

    I am a beliver in dex. Thats my boy

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  • 9.0

    Surprise, you fucking better believe it!

    By lightningbarer, Jan 04, 2013

    A lot of people have been saying this series is seriously treading water, that seeing a Serial Killer do what he does over and over is stale, well it's episodes like this that get me to keep coming back to the show!

    Since LaGuerta figured out Dex was the BHB, we've all been expecting either she'd unravel completely and be drummed off the force, or end up on Dex's table. As I watched this episode I kept thinking 'he'll pin Estrada's death on LaGuerta' as a kind of botched frame-job on Dex, it would work with the planted evidence earlier in the show, but what they came up with excellent. Deb kills her to save Dex and after, it looks like the both of them are about ready to break apart from what the two have done and done to each other.

    If the producers choose to end the series next season, it should be the best series ender in a long while.moreless

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    Surpise Motherf*cker

    By WalterThomas, Jan 02, 2013

    I think this was an excellent end to an awesome season.

    First of all Dexter killed an innocent or two back in season three or four. Mistakes during his normal hunts. Nothing new there.

    I didn't think the current trend of Debra knowing the real Dexter would work out. I thought they might have to make some plot where Debra either died or forgot everything.

    But behold, It was Deb that killed the innocent (as Harry coined it) and although she cried obsessively afterward when they went to Batista's party they seemed like they were holding it together pretty well (like she scratched her knee and after crying it was all better). Makes me wonder if there isn't a table set-up in Deb's future and who might be on it if there is.

    I thought LaGuerta was going to get it. She was screwing around too much and outlived her usefulness as a character, especially after Williams left. Still I was envisioning her getting suspended or terminated.

    As far as this not being as good as previous episodes, I would like to remind people this is the first we seen where Debra involved herself in one of Dexter's kills by choice. We know that she helped cover up the kill at the end of season 6, but that was exclusively Dexter. Afterwards she helped cover his tracks again, but still this was all after the fact. This was the first time Deb willingly participated in actually killing someone. It's a far cry from the season 6 finale. I think the interesting turn will be how this picks up in Season 8. It looks like Deb may have a little psychopath in her, and if she can hold it together may become the perfect partner for Dexter. No one can watch this from Season 1 and not see this one coming.moreless

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  • 7.5


    By thefanof, Jan 02, 2013

    We all wanted Maria LaGuerta dead, it just never seemed possible our hopes would be met.

    Going into this season I thought that the end would have Debra killing someone, but again, I never expected it to be her.

    The episode had its moments, but it became a little too predictable, even if it did get darker than the show has ever gotten. The show had been taking a more mainstream turn recently, so this revelation that Dexter would kill an "innocent" (as Harry oddly worded it) was welcome from this watcher.

    Fitting wrap-up, but not quite as good as we are accustomed to.moreless

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