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    Best season finale of any show ever

    By MarcBate, Sep 04, 2013

    So poetic, it left me in I'm not one to cry easily! Just happy we didn't have to see Rita's ghost in future seasons like Harry's.

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    Best Dexter episode of all time.

    By DexterMorgan2, Apr 28, 2013

    After such a good cliffhanger from the previous episode and a fantastic season this episode takes it to the next step and if I could rate this episode 11 I would With all the attempts Dexter has had to kill Trinity the frustration gets to him and he could have stopped the shocking ending where Dexter walks in and finds Rita dead Even though I knew that would happen I still couldn't believe the way she was killed and this is a real test for Dexter because he has no feelings so people are going to see that he actually doesn't care that she is dead when everyone around him is upset.moreless

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    Complete and utter nonsense!

    By ibex337, Apr 04, 2013

    This episode was great until the end, NOT because Rita was killed but because the end feels TACKED ON and RUSHED. It doesn't make any sense in any way, shape or form. Just about every episode before this one shows why a certain event happened to the point where I had no doubt as to why this or that took place. Not the case with this episode. First of all, Arthur didn't know where Dexter lived, he even made a mistake to go to Deb's place instead but assuming he found out, he wouldn't have time to stop by, since he was on the run! Arthur didn't have any time or opportunity to make his way to Dexter's home to kill Rita. He had no reason to assume Dexter was dumb enough to leave his family there either. On one hand he had nothing to lose and would have at least tried, on the other hand, he demonstrated several times before, that he cared about his self preservation too much to risk his life. (never-mind his suicide attempt). By far, the stupidest thing that happens is how Dexter actually catches up to Arthur jumping out from the trunk or from behind the car like some sort of a supernatural being. When the hell would he have a chance to get inside Arthur's Mustang? There was no indication of Dexter even knowing where Arthur was driving off to! That whole thing was so tacked on. And the whole thing about the baby waiting till Dexter would start packing his bag or call Rita before he started crying... Conveniently... What a bunch of BS. This episode felt like the guy who was writing the script knew he had to end the season right there because he was out of time or something. Complete disappointment which ruined my whole impression of the show. (It's ok that Rita dies though. She was pretty annoying, and it was a good idea to move on past her, just not the way it was done here!)moreless

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    Perfect season and perfect finale until final minutes ruined it all...

    By Maye91, Jun 06, 2012

    this was one of the best episodes of dexter yet until the last few minutes. This season was fantastic, the trinity killer made for a very exciting storyline. This last episode was the perfect way to end off such an amazing season right up until the point where rita is found dead.

    Was so looking forward to watching Dexter and Rita and their family next season. This used to be a show that was funny with just the right amount of nail biting moments and the surprises but it was never a show that made you cry or feel depressed.

    I have loved watching Rita and Dexters relationship develop and was surprised and excited when they got married. Dexter and Rita being married and living together is part of what made this season so great.

    I am not sure where the show is going to go from here, but in my opinion the show reached its peak this season and after such a devastating finale i cant imagine it going anywhere except downhill from here

    : (moreless

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    A really sad and shocking season finale that left me in tears, waiting eagerly for the next season to start!

    By Almiie, Dec 18, 2011

    Talking about a shocking episode! The trinity killer finds out Dexter's real identidy. The whole episode is basically about Dexter chasing Arthur down so he can finally kill him. But he cannot seem to catch a break! Everything goes wrong. I must say I really liked this season finale1 Even though we got som closure on the trinity killer the episode still opened up for som new questions that hopefully will be answered in the next season. Will Debra find out more about Dexter and his secret life? How will Dexter cope with this new twist in his life?moreless

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    meh =/

    By chutaboy, Nov 28, 2011

    The entire season was epic. I mean, the twists and turns it featured are brilliant; finding out that trinity had a daughter who was so close to the police and stuff like that was well written. also the fact that debra finds out the truth, or at least half of it about her brother ALREADY made my wait for season 5 exciting! But then, they had to go and kill Rita - which i think was pointless. they didn't have to cut her out. oh well, maybe its just a nightmare that dexter will wake up from. can't wait for season 5.moreless

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    It was great.

    By AndyZhu, Jul 05, 2011

    People got to stop looking at this series as a character development, blah blah blah crap. Following rules makes every show boring and predictable. It's great the writers decides to just have Rita killed. Sad, but NOBODY saw it coming. NOBODY. You can say Dexter's character is back to where it started. But whatever. Quit being scientist and analysing things all the time. You went to school and payed attention too much in class. Enjoy life without being "intelligent" for once. Just watch the show and enjoy what the writers give us. I have no problem with people writing bad reviews and saying that they hate the last episode of season 4. But do not start babbling on about the character development of Dexter. The reason I watch Dexter is not to study him. I watch Dexter just because it is exciting. Not because "Dexter is quickly developing into a family man with kids and now he has developed into blah blah blah" Do not give me any of this BS and just enjoy the show or give it 1 because you do not like the outcome or the episode was boring. Lame people got to get a life and not analyis things all the time.moreless

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    By Mike681482, Jul 05, 2011

    The end of the season deserved a perfect episode and this one nearly was. The final scene opens up a million possibilities for the next season and leaves everything unclosed. Killing Trinity was almost an obligation for the writers, but the Rita thing was unexpected, at least to me. It was difficult to save the situation for Dexter and maintain the general equilibrium given everything that was going on. Besides, family life was getting a little annoying after all. Either way, he managed to free himself from any link to Trinity and get away from his past, since Debra did not find out who he is. Everything in his life shaked a lot during the season, but ended kind of in peace. Until he found Rita, of course.moreless

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    Dearly Departed

    By angim350, Jul 05, 2011

    So I only just caught up with Dexter. It's had me hooked from the start and this episode proves why. The thing that stands out the most is the biiiig twist at the end, which is show changing. If there was one thing I didn't like about season 3 it was how we spent all of it framing a complex relationship between Miguel and Dexter that was never mentioned even once in season 4. The only thing season 3 did was introduce us to Quinn, get Dex and Rita married and get Rita preggers. It just dosen't seem as intense a chapteras seasons 1 and 2. But this episode changes everything. Just as Dexter was finally coming to grips with balancing family and killer life, this happens. It will shatter his world apart. Kudos to Michael C. Hall. He never dissapoints as Dexter but here he's just brilliant. Same for John Lithgo; you could actually feel for him as he was finally on Dexter's table, at least untill you saw what he had done in a final act of murder. Frankly this show is awesome. I hope it keeps going for many years, because four years in and its still not getting old at all. You're not wondering how he can't get caught, but instead wondering how he'll still manage to juggle everything to be the hidden killer.moreless

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