Ego Trip

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Quotes (5)

  • (being chased by future police in his future house) Dexter: Where is the front door? (opens a door to reveal another closet) Dexter: (runs frantically) Where is the front door? (stops a moment) Wait! (runs again) I wonder if my old emergency exit is still here. (twists the lamp shade and pulls the switch, causing him to jump into the trap door underneath the drawer and out)

  • Dexter 4: WHO DARES TO DISTURB THE GREAT DEXTER WHILE HE DROPS SCIENCE UPON THE WORLD? Dexter 1: We are the Dexters of the past. We have come from the past to try to reach your all-knowing presence! Dexter 4: PRESENTS? I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY? I'LL BE RIGHT DOWN!

  • [Trying to stop the Dexters from getting the Neurotomic Proto-Core.] Mandark 1: NOOO! I've always wanted the Core! Mandark 2: NOOO! I stole the Core! Mandark 3: NOOO! The Core is mine! Mandark 4: NOOO! Just because I'm bitter and jealous!

  • Dexter 1:Goodbye Dexter! Dexter 3:Goodbye Dexter! Dexter 2:Goodbye Dexter! Dexter 1:Goodbye Dexter! Dexter 4:Goodbye Dexter! Dexter 2:Goodbye Dexter! Dexter 4:G'ybe Billy!

  • Dexter 4: Hello Dexter 2: Hi Dexter 1: Hello Dexter 4: What? 2: Huh 1: Stop it 2: What 4: Hello 2: Hi 4: Hello 1: stop it 2: What? 4: Hi 2: Hello 4: What 2: What? 1: Stop it! 4:... Where's my presents?

Notes (10)

  • Mandark is now more of a "villain" to Dexter rather than a "rival".

  • Christine Cavanaugh, the voice of Dexter, won an Annie Award in 2000 for this TV movie.

  • This TV movie features the old 1980s Hanna-Barbera "Swirling Star" logo at the end, which was also used on The Powerpuff Girls, complete with a newer Time Warner byline on the logo.

  • Dexter's parents only have a short appearance at the beginning playing Twister.

  • This is the last episode to use older animation.

  • Starting here, Dexter has had one button on his lab coat instead of two.

  • The 30 year old (approx) Dexter is voiced by Jeff Bennet (Dexter's Dad), but with Dexter's distinctive accent added. Logical.

  • Whenever the old Dexter addresses the second Dexter, he always calls him Billy. The same thing happens in "Old Man Dexter."

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Trivia (3)

  • After the Dexters had narrowly reached Mandark's castle and the three other Mandarks had arrived, all the Dexters charge in to fight holding their wrenches. But when we see the next clip of the youngest Dexter, he no longer is holding his wrench.

  • When the Mandarks are running after the Dexters to stop them from reversing the core to positive, the Mandark with only his brain left is moving alone. Nobody is carrying him.

  • When Dexter is trying to escape his future home in the time when Mandark has gone corporate, as Dexter slides down the banister you can clearly see the closet has no door at all, but when dexter reaches the closet, it has a door, and it is closed.

Allusions (1)

  • This is a pun of the famous Wizard of Oz, in which the Scarecrow and Tin Man say lions, tigers, and bears, and Dorothy says, "oh my."