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  • 8.5

    Use to love this show.

    By gracielove, Nov 07, 2012

    Loved the story/plot. Good idea.

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  • 9.0

    Dharma and Greg

    By Jaykeson, Oct 22, 2012

    Such a fun and entertaining show!

    Jenna Elfman is fantastic as Dharma. I have seen her in many other shows and movies now - but in a way, a little bit of Jenna will always be Dharma to me (and I'm sure to many other people as well).

    However, the whole cast was awesome.

    If I had to state one of my favourite things about the show, I would have to say that it was the way that Dharma and her family used to totally freak out Kitty Montgomery (Susan Sullivan).

    This is a classic comedy (and one that I will never forget).moreless

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  • 10


    By ecpjll, Feb 22, 2012

    I just have one thing to say: THIS IS THE BEST SHOW EVER PUT ON TV and it is so sad that there was only 5 seasons. But I guess the best things in life never last forever. DHARMA & GREG IS MY FAVORITE SHOW.

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  • 10

    Dharma & Greg were a couple who met and married on the same day. Their ups and downs with beliefs, in-laws, and so on kept viewers laughing and rooting for them to make it.

    By Simbrat, Sep 21, 2011

    My husband and I watched this show when it was on and we recently re-watched every episode. We enjoyed it just as much as we did the first time around. The pairing of Jenna Elfman and Thomas Gibson was fantastic. The actors playing their friends and family were excellently cast as well. I would love to see a reunion show be done. It would be awesome to see what the character's lives would be like five or even ten years down the road. Did they just have one child, or did they have several children? I really miss this show!moreless

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  • 2.1

    "Dharma, I can't believe what a free spirit you are!" That pretty much sums up the entire series. How can you base a whole series on such a stupid premise?

    By coreyb42, May 05, 2011

    "Hi, my name's Dharma."

    "Hi, my name's Greg. Gee, Dharma, I've had bad luck with relationships lately. You wanna get married?"

    "Sure! I'm a spontaneous, 'cool' hippy, so I'll do anything stupid once."

    The entire rest of the show is basically about what a stupid idea this was, since they know nothing about each other. I gave this show a chance, too much of a chance. This show taught me a lesson, though...don't marry a random annoying hippy chick. The only mildly funny dynamic is between the two sets of parents, but the main characters are so annoying (Greg is a giant pushover, Dharma is annoyingly co-dependent, needing approval for everything she does) it's not worth the time. That Family Guy skit really sums the whole thing up, in about two seconds.moreless

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  • 9.1

    Always a great show to watch!

    By vonkie_1991, Aug 01, 2008

    For me the series Dharma and Greg is always enjoyable to watch. If I'm in a bad mood, this series can always make me laugh and turn my mood around. Every single cast member of this series, did an amazing job to portray their characters. And in turn all the characters were funny and great to watch. The chemistry between all the characters were great, and was probably the biggest reason why this show was always fun to watch. I can watch every episode, more than once cause no matter how many times I already watched it, this show always brought a smile to my face.moreless

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  • 9.2

    This show rocked!

    By Heptagram, Jun 18, 2008

    i miss Dharma & Greg it was one of my favourite tv shows it was funny and it showed the life of two people who wouldnt really find love together but did i really wish they didnt stop this seris it one of my favourites im diffenatly collecting it on dvd i cant wait for the rest of it to come out so i can have the whole seris to watch in a row :). Dharma & Greg was a great seris and should not have been cancelled but all shows come to an end and Dharma & Greg meet its end after season 5 which is a little stupid. i miss this Dharma & Greg it was a great show.moreless

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  • 10

    Dharma and Greg, Greg and Dharma. No matter which way you say it, it still rocks!

    By DarkNinja1994, Oct 12, 2007

    Oh, I really do love this show! This show is about how Greg Montgomery, a rich lawyer raised by stuffy parents, met and married Dharma Finklestein, a bubbly yoga instructor raised by crazy hippies. Now every day is hectic, but they always find a way to work it out. I would have to say that Dharma is my favorite, followed by Larry (Dharma's dad), Edward (Greg's dad), Greg, Abby (Dharma's mom), and then Kitty (Greg's mom) way down at the bottom of the list because she is PURE EVIL! My dad is a big Kitty fan, though. I like Dharma because she reminds me of my best friend, Andrea.moreless

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  • 8.8

    It's just funny... love that dharma... peace love and harmony...

    By M-Tang, Sep 05, 2007

    Well greg and dharma meets, and gets married the very same day, so naturally there will be some misunderstandings.

    Greg is an upperclass lawyer, who has allways been controlled by his mother what to do and what not tho do.

    And then theres Dharma. One of the most free spirited people you'll ever know... -Perfect match?

    You can not do anything else than love her, for everything that she is. Always trying to safe the world, and the people within.

    And of course we also meet their parents.

    Edward and Kitty Montgomery, and Abby & Larry Finkelstein.

    Edward who is always told by kitty what to do and how to behave. He both hates her and love for that.

    Larry who is always on the run from the government, b/c of hes supposedly commited crime, and abby who loves him so dearly. Andthey are both hippies to the bone.

    I can only reccomand it...moreless

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  • 9.5

    This show is so funny! I love it!

    By admax99, Feb 23, 2007

    I just started to watch all episodes on DVD and I have to say "I love it"!

    It's so funny to see the two actors playing together. The characters are so great to watch!

    the differences between Dharma's family and Greg's are so huge that you can imagine how disturbing the situations must be for all of them. Two differnet worlds are getting together.

    I love to see Dharma's dog having it's own dog and taking it for a walk. Funny!!!

    I love what the writers did to this wonderful show and I love to watch every episodes again and again. It makes my grey days a bit nicer!

    So many laughs after a long working day!moreless

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