Diagnosis Murder

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Quotes (35)

  • Steve: I hate snakes!

  • Judith: I didn't kill Father. I was with Dante. Dante: She was with me, and I with her. We were together. Jack: Yeah, I get the point.

  • Dr. Sloane: You know Melissa, right now you probably feel that nothing will ever be right again. Melissa: How do you know? Dr. Sloan: Most people feel that way when bad things happen. But bad things pass, as hard as they are. And they make us stronger. And you're going to grow up to be a very strong woman Melissa. I promise you. Melissa: I believe you.

  • Dr. Sloan: Chet was a former classmate of Jack's. Briefly. Amanda: So he didn't graduate? Dr. Sloan: No. Bright, but, ah, one of those kids who just couldn't stay with us. Squeamish. Fainted a lost. Well, like you used to. Amanda: That was just the one time. Dr. Sloan: Was that just once? Amanda: I wish you'd forget about it.

  • Jack: Aren’t you going to give me a physical baby? Amanda: I’m a pathologist, Jack. However, I’d love to do your autopsy, sometime. Jack: Ooo, so romantic.

  • Steve: Give me that.(jack hands him the gun) If you ever pull a stunt like that again, I'll shoot you myself.

  • Steve: (upon entering the Church and seeing his dad dressed as a priest) What are you doing in that? Mark: Blessing everyone I meet! What are you doing here? Steve: Well, Sister Michael was so sure that her gardener didn't kill Wilson that I was just trying to help out. And that's what you're doing, isn't it? She conned you into helping her too. Mark: Conned is not an appropriate word to use applied to a nun Steve.

  • Sister: Will you bless us please Father. Mark: (as Father McGinnis): May the road rise to, to meet you, May the wind be always at your back, And, ah, may you be a half hour in heaven before the devil knows you're dead. Amen.

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Notes (119)

  • Mark's wife died 3 years ago and has a son.

  • You can see a picture of Dick Van Dyke in the movie.

  • Dr. Walters character would never be seen again.

  • A careful observer will note that many of the bit actors in all of the TVMs, but most noticeably in this one, go on to play small roles in the series. Interestingly enough, a high percentage of them also appeared in Perry Mason TV Movies.

  • This also know as Diagnosis of A murder.

  • Ally Walker was the first person to Play Amanda Bentley in an episode of Jake and the Fatman "It Never Entered My Mind."

  • Joyce & Dick Van Patten play ex-spouses in this episode. Dick and Joyce are brother and sister.

  • Dick Van Dyke plays four additional roles in this episode: Jonathan, J. Edison, Judith, and Julian Nash.

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Trivia (42)

  • In the movie Dr Rachel Walters asks Mark if he has any children and Mark says he has one,a son, there is no mention at all of Carol. I know Mark and Carol had a falling out, but surely the Mark we know and love wouldn't just not mention her for the sake of it, would he?

  • Goof: Mark fires three shots at Jim Michaels with a paint gun. In the next cut, Michaels has at least six paint splotches on him.

  • Goof: In the 3rd act right after a commercial break Delores comes out of Steve's room with a syringe in her hand, talks to Mark for a minute, and then walks away. While she walks away you can see that her hands are empty what happened to the syringe?

  • Mark's address is 6544 Colorado Drive, two blocks away from the corner of 12th and Montana.

  • Steve is a homicide detective, but he spends most of this episode working undercover to bust up a drug smuggling ring.

  • When asked if he has ever riden a horse before Mark replies that only the merry-go-round type of horses that go up and down. A likely reference to Dick van Dyke in the movie Mary Poppins.

  • There is scene in this episode where Mark is lying in his hospital bed and talking to Steve. In the beginning, Mark is wearing a napkin on his chest for the food he is supposed to be eating. There is one point where the camera is angled so that you can see both Mark and Steve, and if you look closely, the napkin seems to have disappeared. Then the camera cuts to Steve and then back to Mark and the napkin is clearly gone. Then there is another cut to Steve and then back to Mark, and the napkin reappears for the rest of the scene.

  • Amanda finshed at the top of her class.

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Allusions (12)

  • The character of J. Edison Nash is named after Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931), whose inventions include the light bulb and the phonograph.

  • Father McGinnis' blessing When one of the nuns asks Father to bless them, Mark makes up a blessing that is composed of two separate sayings. The first part is from a traditional Gaelic blessing which reads: May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face; the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand. The second part "May you be a half hour in heaven before the devil knows you're dead" is from an Irish blessing/toast.

  • Mark: Tell Georgia Jerry Mathers. Jerry stared in Leave it to beaver

  • I believe that the fact of the killer being U.N. Owen is a reference to a book by Agatha Christie, now called "And then there were none" (the original title included the 'n' word, so in the UK it has been changed). In that book, the murderer (a judge with a sick sense of humour) signs himself "U.N. Owen" in letters to entice 9 people (himself being the 10th, for "Ten little 'Ns'" who all died) to an island - where they are confronted with crimes for which they were never tried or punished, before he kills all of them, and ultimately himself.



  • Markk is told he watches to many Perry Movies. Most of DM crew worked on the Perry Mason movies.

  • Caitlin: MacGyver would be proud.
    After being captured, Mark jokingly asks his captors "You wouldn't happen to have a paperclip and a rubber band?", an obvious reference to MacGyver's talent of getting out of jams with almost nothing. One of his captors (Carter) then makes a comment regarding how Mark is good at exactly that (using everyday items to save people), to which his other captor Caitlin responds "MacGyver would be proud."

  • Wade Garrett reminds Mark that the last time Mark visited his house, "you tripped over my ottoman." This sounds like a reference to The Dick Van Dyke Show which would open with Rob Petrie taking a pratfall over the ottoman in the living room.

  • Mr. G:Didn't some guy with a mouse already do that? Dick Van Dyke made Mary Poppins (1964) for Walt Disney.

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