Diagnosis Murder

Voices Carry

Season 6, Ep 13, Aired 1/21/99
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  • Episode Description
  • Newly retired detective Harry Trumble returns to the force when it appears 'The Clown Killer', a murderer Trumble chased for more than a decade, has emerged from obscurity to kill again. Mark is reluctant to help Harry investigate the Clown, in part due to a rift between the two, but also because Mark suspects Harry has something to do with the Clown's reappearance.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Dick Van Dyke

    Dr. Mark Sloan

  • Victoria Rowell

    Dr. Amanda Bentley, Medical Examiner (1993-2001)

  • Charlie Schlatter

    Dr. Jesse Travis

  • Barry Van Dyke

    Detective Steve Sloan

  • Lee Goldberg

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  • Award-worthy performances from DVD and Jack "Quincy" Klugman

    By jamoon2006, Jul 10, 2007

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  • Quotes (1)

    • Steve: Get me some bacon and eggs will you Jess? Jesse: You can get them yourself! Steve: Yeah, I can gouge your eyes out with my spoon too! Jesse: Hey, well a bright good morning to you too! [Jesse leaves] Steve: [to Mark] This surly-in-the-morning routine works great. You can't believe what I can get people to do for me!

    Notes (2)

    • If you look at the picture on the desk it is Rose Marie of The Dick Van Dyke show giving us an idea of what Katherine Sloan might look like in the 1940's

    • Goldberg & Rabkin once again prove themselves the driving force behind Diagnosis Murder with this dynamic episode, featuring an emmy-worthy performance from Jack Klugman and some of Dick Van Dyke's best moments of the entire series.

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    • adric-5 Jul 16, 2015

      Could someone Please Tell me How Harry knew that the Guy who ran the Oil Company was the Clown Killer in the end. I Don't know about the Prime Time Version BUT in the Syndicated Version there is NO REASON GIVEN that Harry would ever suspect that the guy Steve shot wasn't the Clown Killer.
      In the Hospital Bed he looked happy as a lark. a natural reaction of a man who thinks he has helped stop the Actual Clown Killer. But there is NO SCENE of say Dr Mark accidentally dropping that last note from the Clown Killer and Harry finding it OR his overhearing the conversation in the lab. The Story now looks like he had ESP!
      Sorry But that would be Stupid!
      Are we suppose to think that he just Randomly thought to himself, "Hey, even though ALL the evidence we found points to the guy we shot being the Clown Killer, on a hunch I'll head down to the lab where I heard Steve being paged to, to see if we shot the wrong guy." Doesn't Even Remotely ring true. And saying "Oh he figured it out!" THERE WAS NOTHING FOR HIM TO FIGURE OUT AT THAT POINT! All evidence pointed to that Employee being the Clown Killer. So either bad editing OR bad Writing!