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  • Due to the death of Dick Powell the role of Amos Burke was recast with Gene Barry for the television series Burke's Law.

  • Leon Lontoc was billed as "Leon Lontac".

  • This episode was the pilot for the series Burke's Law.

  • UK airdate: 18Oct62 BBC, Tue 8:25pm

  • Writer Simmons was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Writing Achievement in Drama, and won the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Anthology Drama. His script has been published twice: in Writing for Television by Max Wylie (New York: Cowles Book Co., 1970) and in

  • Peter Falk received an Emmy Award for this performance.

  • This was a pilot for an unsold series based on the "African Queen".

  • This was the pilot for the series "Saints and Sinners".

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  • Peter Falk won an emmy for his performance in this episode.

  • This was a unsuccessful pilot for an intended series based on the movie "African Queen".

  • Lowell was one of the first private detectives to have knowledge of karate as a gimmick. The dog's name was Reinhardt, which is a Harvard battle cry in sports (named after Harvard Professor Forest Reinhardt who said "Do more with less".)

  • In all of Gerald Mohr's oeuvre, this is the only time this writer has ever seen him acting drunk!

  • Colossus was an unsold pilot. The alternate airing title for this episode was "The Infernal Season".