Dick Turpin

ITV (ended 1982)
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  • S 4 : Ep 6

    The Hanging

    Aired 3/6/82

  • S 4 : Ep 5

    The King's Shilling

    Aired 2/27/82

  • S 4 : Ep 4

    The Secret Folk

    Aired 2/20/82

  • S 4 : Ep 3

    The Godmother

    Aired 2/13/82

  • S 4 : Ep 2

    Sentence of Death (2)

    Aired 2/6/82

  • Cast & Crew
  • Richard O'Sullivan

    Dick Turpin

  • Michael Deeks


  • Christopher Benjamin

    Sir John Glutton

  • David Daker

    Captain Nathan Spiker

  • Mary Crosby

    Jane Harding

  • show Description
  • Dick Turpin and his jolly companion Swiftnick are highway robbers in 18th century England. A nuisance to the noblemen and the rich, bleeding hearts towards the poor, and with lots of romance towards the other gender, they often find themselves in deep trouble. This series, very loosely based on the adventures of the real highwayman Dick Turpin, ran on the British TV station ITV between 1979 and 1982.

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  • Quotes (68)

    • Turpin: Will you do everything I say?

      Nick: Yes, Mr Turpin.

      Turpin: Oh, will you stop calling me "Mr Turpin"? Otherwise we'll have every thieftaker in England after us.

    • Spiker: The sword is a gentleman's weapon

      Dick Turpin: Then why are you using it?

    • Captain Spiker: Well, I'll see you tomorrow at Hertford, Turpin. On the scaffold.

      Dick Turpin: I'll try to be there, Nathan.

      Captain Spiker: I'm sure you will.

    • John Tanner: He looks as if he'd eat too much. Dick Turpin: He wouldn't. Not if you didn't give it to him.

    • Dick Turpin: Who's gonna look after you when you're too old to work?

      John Tanner: When I'm too old to work I'll shoot myself.

    • Nightingale: Dust shalt thou eat, all the days of thy life.

      Dick Turpin: That's Genesis, isn't it?

      Nightingale: Aye, Genesis.

      Dick Turpin: And do you know what comes after Genesis? Exodus. Go on!

    • Dick Turpin: You stink like a polecat.

    • Nightingale: My name is Nightingale.

      Dick Turpin: Well, flutter off and sit somewhere else, you're spoiling my food.

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    Notes (6)

    • Davy's last name is Trimble.

    • The first episode where Sir John acts without his steward Captain Spiker. The role of assistant is played instead by the character Jack Foxwell

    • There is some confusion about the correct order of the final few episodes of this season. The dvd box set puts "Hostages" as the season's finale, possibly because "Jailbirds" can explain Spiker's disappearance in "Hostages". The order given on this site is the correct one though, as "Jailbirds" ends with a cliffhanger that is repeated and resolved in the first episode of season two.

    • Each of these 5 episodes has as opening credits: Richard O'Sullivan Donald Pleasence Patrick MacNee Susan Hampshire Wilfred Hyde White Alfie Bass Oliver Tobias Patrick Ryecart Michael Deeks and Mary Crosby as Jane Harding However, not all of them are present in all 5 episodes, so I have decided to edit the cast guide just like all the other episodes of this show.

    • In his very youth Turpin was taken away by soldiers to become a soldier himself abroad. When he returned home about 3 years later, his parents had lost the farm, and they were starving.

    • At the end of this episode the cast is credited like this: Special Guest Stars Diana Dors as Mrs Buskin Roy Kinnear as Jem Clanton CAST in order of appearance Dick Turpin RICHARD O'SULLIVAN Lord Melford PATRICK MACNEE Lady Melford SUSAN HAMPSHIRE Jane Harding MARY CROSBY Sam Harding ED BISHOP Dr. Simmons JERRY HARTE Noll Bridger OLIVER TOBIAS Cawston MATT ZIMMERMAN Governor Appleyard WILFRED HYDE WHITE Fytton PATRICK RYECART Swiftnick MICHAEL DEEKS Isaac Rag ALFIE BASS Smith GEORGE INNES Ned GEORGE DOWNING 1st Prize Figter PETER DIAMOND 2nd Prize Fighter TERRY PARIS Referee FRANK LEE Jem Clanton ROY KINNEAR Tom Cook BILLY DEAN Saul CLIVE CURTIS Manservant DANIEL CHATTO Ignatius Slake DONALD PLEASENCE Choir Boy PETER BURROUGHS Landlord JOHN ROGAN Mrs Buskin DIANA DORS Sal LINDA HAYDON Officer BRIAN DESALVO This list covers all 5 episodes of the season, so there's no special list of cast in this 5th and last episode of the season.

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    Trivia (3)

    • The real Dick Turpin (1705-1739) was nothing more than a thief and a murderer, but in this episode he is given a background that has themes reminiscent of the Robin Hood saga. Apparently he went off to fight for his country and found on his return that his father's farm had been stolen by the evil Sir John Glutton. Turpin now steals from the rich and - at least - lends money to the poor.

    • At the start of the episode Turpin is seen reading about himself in The History of the Most Noted Highway-Men by Captain Alexander Smith. This bestseller was published in 1714, when the real Dick Turpin was only nine years old. His adventures could not have been included.

    • Joan Sims, playing Sir John's aunt, was only four years older than Christopher Benjamin.

    Allusions (5)

    • Turpin decides to call Nick Smith "Swiftnick" as a tribute to another famous highwayman. John "Swift Nick" Nevison (1639-1684) got his nickname from none other than King Charles II who was impressed by Nevison's flamboyance and the fact that the highwayman never used violence.

    • Turpin tells Swiftnick that he once fought Jack Broughton, a fact that impresses the young lad no end. Jack Broughton (1703-1789) was a bare-knuckle fighter who invented the first rules of boxing, designed to avoid fatalities in the ring.

    • Tyson Sarney: A ready wit! Born under Mercury, I warrant. Dick Turpin: And you under Saturn, I wager. Tyson refers to Mercury, known for his speed, suggesting that Turpin escaped from his assailants because of his swiftness. Turpin hits back with a reference to Saturn, god of agriculture, the reaper. He implies that Tyson earns his money by reaping what he sows, in this case the betrayal of other highwaymen.

    • In this epside Ben Hawk throws himself off the scaffold before they can hang him. This references the real Dick Turpin who did the same thing.

    • At the start of the episode Turpin talks about John Nevison (nicknamed Swift Nick!) whose famous London to York ride was often wrongly contributed to Turpin. The mistake was made by Harrison Ainsworth in his novel Rookwood (1834). Turpin explains to his young companion that he doesn't want Nevison's fame.

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  • Series telling the adventures of highwayman Dick Turpin and his apprentice/partner Swiftnick.

    By expatriot, Jul 05, 2006

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