Arnold's Girlfriend (1)

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Quotes (6)

  • Philip: Alice, why don't you go and tell Arnold the good news, that you both are gonna be in the same hospital room together? Alice: Okay! Kimberly: Come on, I'll take you. Alice: Okay. Mrs. Garrett: Boys and girls in the same room, hmm? I thought nowadays, they only did that in college.

  • Arnold: Willis, you know the tooth fairy that brings you presents when you lose a tooth? Willis: Yeah. Arnold: You think there's an appendix fairy? Willis: I'm sure there is. And what would you like the appendix fairy to bring you? Arnold: Anything you can afford.

  • Willis: You'll feel better when your girlfriend Alice gets here. Arnold: Who told you? Willis: Mr. D. He said that she looks real foxy. Arnold: She may look real foxy, but she ain't no Diana Ross!

  • Philip: I'm taking you to see the doctor, young man. Mrs. Garrett: And I'm going to take your temperature. Arnold: But i don't need no doctor. All I need is a week off of school and an unlimited supply of cookies.

  • Philip: (at the doctor's office) There's nothing to be afraid of. Arnold: Tell that to my knees, and maybe they'll stop shaking.

  • Philip: Tell me. Is this where you get the pains? Arnold: Eh, I guess. Philip: How often do you get these pains? Arnold: Not often. Only when it hurts.

Notes (1)

  • This episode was videotaped on August 18, 1979.