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    By gabrielefacchini7, Aug 23, 2014

    One of the best series of "80" years.

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    What else is there to say? Gary Coleman made this show what it was...

    By D-LinkUK, Apr 16, 2011

    The family friendly series made a star out of Gary Coleman, forever immortalised as the loveable scamp with the chubby cheeks, Arnold Jackson and his catchphrase "What u Talkin' About?" made television history. Yet despite it's cosy sitcom settings Diff'rent Strokes was not afraid to address sensitive issues and during it's long run expertly dealt with the likes of racial prejudice, child molestation and bullying.

    Conrad Bain a distinguished actor played tycoon Phillip Drummond the kindly widower who adopted the Jackson kids from Harlem, Arnold and Willis ( Todd Bridges ) after their death of their mother Lucy who had served as his housekeeper. The kids had to adjust to living in a swank Park Avenue penthouse with a new housekeeper and a teenage sister ( Dana Plato ).

    Bain, Coleman, Bridges and Plato were a formidable team and you cannot help but warm to their likeable characters. Once Diff'rent Strokes ended the young cast were unable to escape the pressures of fame and their various scrapes with the law somewhat tarnished the show's image.

    It still lives today in the minds of 30 somethings who grew up in there teens with the Drummonds and Jacksons.moreless

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    You may remember it fondly, but it's actually awful.

    By 111triceratops, Apr 16, 2011

    I was recently YouTube-surfing and I came across a few old episodes of this series. "Aw," I thought, "A blast from my Gen X past!" I watched "Diff'rent Strokes" religiously as a kid, and I thought it'd be fun to see how it held up.

    Good God, people, this was some bad TV.

    Not sure what else to add. It's really just flabbergasting how bad it is. Every joke is hackneyed, every second is predictable. It's not offensive or anything, but it's just so... not... funny. The writers must've spent their days intentionally trying *not* to amuse themselves or anyone.

    That said, there *was* a reason Gary Coleman was a star -- despite the painful dialogue, he had real personality, and alone among the actors, seemed to actually be having fun.moreless

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    Diff'rent Strokes is the 1980's!!!

    By piccolomaster, Jul 01, 2010

    The Show Diff'rent Strokes ran from 1978 to 1986. This show is the epitome of 1980's culture. I fell in love with this show from its humble beginnings and right up to the end. NBC ran this show for 7 seasons then ABC took over for its final season in 1985-6. I loved all the characters including Arnold Jackson and his older brother Willis Jackson. Phillip Drummond as the father of the two adopted sons and Kimberly Drummond his biological daughter. There were some notable changes in this show. 1. Three housekeepers were used throughout this show. Mrs. Garrett was the original then Adelaide Brubaker and finally Pearl Gallagher. 2. Mr. Drummond gets married to Maggie McKinney. She has a biological son named Sam McKinney. 3. Kimberly Drummond leaves for Paris, France and shows up in the later seasons of Diff'rent Strokes.

    I hope that Sony releases the rest of this wonderful sitcom in the near future. I have the first 2 seasons on DVD so hopefully more will come along soon.moreless

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    Great, But Too Much Drama

    By futuramarama, Jan 17, 2010

    This show is a good one I have liked for like 3 years now. But, it has far too many serious episodes. I mean, of course, there isn't anything wrong with it, it leads to interesting plots. I think they have a good deal of humor, and it does what current sitcoms today don't do: has a serious topic, such as kidnapping, hitchhiking, or something similar, and it handles it in a serious way. Even though it is a comedy, when it has issues like this, it forgets about the comedy and sticks to emotion and drama, something I commend it for.moreless

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    Diff'rent Strokes

    By Aria427, Apr 12, 2008

    Originally on: NBC (30 min.) Status: Ended, Premiered: November 3, 1978, Last Aired: August 30, 1986, Show Category: Comedy Diff'rent Strokes took place in New York and centered around the happenings in the Drummond household. Philip Drummond was a widower and had a daughter, Kimberly. He was also quite wealthy and lived in the penthouse of a luxurious apartment building. His wealth was due to the fact that he was the president of Trans Allied, Inc.

    However, the household was shaken up when Drummond's black housekeeper died and her deathbed wish was that he would take care of her two sons, Arnold and Willis Jackson. So, Drummond took both of them in and they became the sons Drummond never had.

    Others in the cast included Mrs. Garrett the new housekeeper who later left for her own series, The Facts of Life. She was replaced by Adelaide, who was seen occasionally and she was later replaced by Pearl. In the seventh season, Drummond wed an aerobics instructor, Maggie McKinney and she moved in with her son, Sam, from a previous marriage.moreless

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    I remember this show when i was little.

    By chanelissweet, Jun 03, 2007

    Okay my mother always used to watch the re runs of this show. And i was drawn in because of the theme song. Thats how i am if i like the theme song then i'm gonna watch the show. May be not a lot but just enough for the theme song. Of course to me Gary Colesman was the best character to me and when ever i'm truely bored i say his catch phase what you talking about willy's and it always make some one laugh. Together with the catch phase and the theme song all together it maded the show.moreless

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    "What you talkin' about kerfootw?"

    I said, this was an incredible comedy that was also Gary Coleman's breakthrough role!

    By kerfootw, Aug 14, 2006

    Now this was an awesome comedy! With a catchy theme song, a unique idea, great plot, and all the crazy antics by Arnold and Willis, Diff'rent Strokes was a pretty funny comedy about heart and family.

    Phillip Drummond was the very respectful white dad who took care of them. His personality along with actor Gary Coleman's funny personality and actor Todd Bridge's sense of maturity made them one of the most classic TV families out there.

    Pretty evident, in the fact that this lasted nearly 190 episodes, this was a sure classic--as is Gary's "What you talkin' about Willis?" line (he also said "What you talkin' about Rabbi?" once, ha ha!)moreless

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    Philip Drummond is a father of one daughter. When his housekeeper dies, her last wish is for Drummond to take care of her two boys.

    By vicmackey31, Apr 11, 2006

    President of Trans Allied, Inc., widower Philip Drummond and his daughter take in two boys. They were the children of his recently deceased housekeeper. It was her dying wish that Drummond take care of the boys. Being the gentleman that he was, he obliged. They lived in New York City in the penthouse of a luxurious apartment building.

    The children in the cast were Gary Coleman as Arnold Jackson, Todd Bridges as Willis Jackson and Dana Plato as Kimberly Drummond. Conrad Bain played the father Philip Drummond. Mrs. Garrett the new housekeeper (Charlotte Rae) who later left for her own series, The Facts of Life.

    The show doesn't hold up very well today, but at the time was pretty good.


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