Digimon: The Movie (segment 2)

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  • 9.7

    Wargreymon and Metalgurrumon try to save the world by destroying Diboramon but end up failing. But with the help of the kids around the world Omnimon is created and defeats Diboramon.

    By Cowbuddy, Nov 04, 2011

    The second part of The Digimon is my favorite part, I can obviously say this because not only is there a deep plot the adds onto the storyline of the show but the revealing of a new digimon make its ever sweeter. Its hardcore action scenes draw you in and its constant struggle makes you anticipated to see what happens next. Along with that when the hopes of all the kids around the world combine with the defeated Wargreymon and Metalgurrumon, they then combine to form the ultimate being Omnimon who then pretty much slaughters the Diboramon until the last second. However if you do not like Digimon then you will not like this movie as much but for Digimon fans this is a great movie.moreless

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  • 10

    Incredible fights and smart humor

    By CardcaptorToph, Nov 04, 2011

    All I can say is its the best part of the movie. The internet fight is incredible and so well written. The jokes involving the computer and internet are very well done they make sense and are funny at the same time. The movie overall makes me feel smart. I love smart humor and this part of the movie was incredible. I do wish Kari and Gatomon were in the movie more but Patamon is also very adorable. The scene in which Matt and Tai yell to there Digimon to wipe out Diaboromon was by far one of my favorite lines. It was exciting, action filled, and funny. Our War Game is as I said earlier, by far the best part of the movie.moreless

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  • 8.5

    an infected digimon attacks the internet

    By happyfacedie, Nov 04, 2011

    so this starts with Kari naratiing and realising that something is wrong, a digimon! with a virus making it devolp very fast. meanwhile Tai and Sora are having a fight as Tai explains, Kari mentions she is going to a birthday party and sends Tai's ill-written e-mail.(it is implied that Tai and Sora are dating as well as Joe and Mimi).Diaboramons baby form sends Izzy an email and then digivloves to in training. Diaboramons rookie form Karamon sends Tai and Izzy a letter again. Jennai and the digi-destined digimon make contaced using Izzys computor. most of the other digidestined are busy so Agumon and Tentomon have to fight Karamon alone. Agumon and Tentomon "sneak up on" Karamon. Agumon and Tentomon digivolve to champion. Kara mon bypasses champion and jumps to ultimate. Greymon and Kabuterrymon are defaeted before fully digivolving. Infermon starts calling everone in the the world. Izzy gets a satillite uplink for the computor. Matt and T.K find a computor and send patamon and gabumon. WARGREYMON and METALGARURUMON fight DIABOROMON and are defeated. with the help of there human partners the 2 mega digimon digivlove into omnimon and stop diaboromons nuclear strikes.

    the end.moreless

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