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  • S 2 : Ep 10


    Aired 1/27/00

  • S 2 : Ep 9


    Aired 1/20/00

  • S 2 : Ep 8


    Aired 1/13/00

  • S 2 : Ep 7


    Aired 12/30/99

  • S 2 : Ep 6


    Aired 12/24/99

  • Cast & Crew
  • Julie Walters

    Petula Gordeno

  • Celia Imrie

    Philippa Moorcroft

  • Anne Reid


  • Duncan Preston

    Stan Meadowcroft

  • Maxine Peake


  • show Description
  • Created by, written by and starring the one and only Victoria Wood, Dinnerladies chronicles the antics of a group of workers in a "manky old canteen" up in the north of England. Bren (Wood) tries to maintain a semblance of order in amongst the chaos, while dealing with her unspoken love for the canteen supervisor, sex-obsessed cancer sufferer Tony. Dolly and Jean are the bickering menopausal older women, always at odds but best friends underneath it all. Then there's thick-as-two-short-planks Anita, always off living on her own planet, and the terminally uninterested Twinkle, more concerned with her sex life and having a good time than anything else. Making up the motley crew are military man Stan, the handyman, obsessed with following rules and regulations, and ditzy Philippa, the Personnel officer, who never seems to get anything right. Dinnerladies ran for two seasons, from 98 to 2000, and ended due to Victoria Wood's refusal to do any more. Like the best sitcoms, Dinnerladies went out at the top of its game, resolving everyone's storylines. In the UK and still can be seen on UK TV Gold most nights. One of the most consistently funny sitcoms in recent years, the sixteen episodes provide a lasting testament to Wood's comedy genius.moreless

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  • Quotes (39)

    • Jean: I thought about trailing greenery for the reception, but Keith's anti-ivy. Bren: I didn't know Keith had an Aunty Ivy.

    • Bren: Twink, what's the soup? Twinkle: Minestrone. Bren: Well why's it not on the menu? Twinkle: Can't spell it!

    • Jean: Keith's family? Last big wedding his auntie Dot ate a coaster. Dolly: No! Jean: (nods) His auntie Dot from Cockamouth ate a raffia drinks coaster. She thought it was a high fibre biscuit. She had to be held back from moving down the table and buttering two more.

    • Royal: (to Anita) Are you an immigrant? Philippa: No, Anita's British! Royal: Oh, so you don't find it too cold here?

    • Lady Pamela: And how do you feel about having to wear a uniform? Anita: Well I think we can all see the sense of it.....for hygiene, and it protects your nipples

    • Shelagh: I've got High Blood Pressure and Water Retension, you know what that gives you? Bren: Boiling Water?

    • Shelagh: I've got one question for you love - where's my clint? Bren: [long pause with incredulously funny look] ...sorry?

    • Enid: Did you get that skirt from a catalogue? Philippa: No! Enid: Pity. You could have sent it back.

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    Notes (21)

    • First appearances of Stan, Norman, Bren and all her team, Tony and Phillipa. Other people appear but those are the main ones.

    • The actor who plays Norman the bread man isn't credited, but it's not the same one who plays him next season.

    • Julie Walters and Sue Devaney do not appear in this episode.

    • This is the first time that a television programme is presented live in the factory.

    • This is only one of two times that Babs appears on the show.

    • Sue Devaney does not appear in this episode.

    • Bren is the only member of staff in the canteen that doesn't walk out.

    • Julie Walters does not appear in this episode.

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    Trivia (10)

    • This is the first of a few times that Stan wears a wig.

    • Jean misreads the advertised job as 'light housekeeping' which is exactly what Graeme does in the Goodies' episode 'Lighthousekeeping Loonies'.

    • When Jean first meets Nicola, she asks her for a croissant. Jean's response is "You can have belly-dancing classes if you like, but we do need to know". In the following episode 'Catering', Betty is seen in the canteen on her way to a belly-dancing class.

    • The replacement walks out to go to an interview in Scotland for a lighthouse keeper.

    • During the argument between Dolly and Phillipa, Phillipa calls Dolly 'homophobic'. In the next episode, we discover Dolly has a gay son, who is again mentioned in 'Minnellium'.

    • Philipa forgets to tell the staff not to come into work so its her fault how the ladder got jammed in the kitchen.

    • Goof: Petula and Phillipa introduce themselves to each other whilst Bren and Phillipa are discussing their holidays. However in the first season, Phillipa and Petula had several interactions in episodes 1x03, 1x04 and 1x05.

    • The baby on the fire escape is found, at the very end of the episode, to be Anita's. For those who pay close attention, they could have worked this out earlier - when there's a close-up of the baby after it's found, it is wearing the knitted hat Anita was showing her work-mates in the episode 'Catering'.

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    Allusions (2)

    • Jean: It's like taking Telly Savalas for a shampoo and set. This refers to the actor, who is completely bald.

    • Tony: Frightening the lad to death like something from On The Buses. This quote refers to On The Buses

  • Fan Reviews (8)
  • An Awesome Show with an awesome cast

    By JohnnyDepp21JS, Jan 21, 2009

  • Brilliant Television from the amazingly talented Victoria Wood

    By cornetgal, Apr 14, 2008

  • One of the best ever British sitcoms that was unfortunately short-living.

    By mpaa-fan, Aug 13, 2007

  • what a fantastic show!

    By StEpHaNiE2007, May 06, 2007

  • A most wonderful show!

    By paulwj, Mar 28, 2007

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