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    Please take me to Disneyland Now! I can't live without Disney!!!

    By CarmineValpoc, Jun 07, 2012

    All I can say is everything good about Disneyland!

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    Nothing else could ever top it!

    By xGowronx, Jan 26, 2006

    I remember clearly waiting very impatiently for 7PM Sunday night to roll around so I could see little Tinkerbell flitter around the castle ... then I knew for a fact Disney was coming on. Oh how I LOVED this show back then. Considering what this anthology programme was made up of, who didn't love it?

    Disney used The Wonderful World... to highlight some of their best and brightest films and animated shorts. From the Shaggy DA to Bambi, Disney blessed their audience weekly with some of the greatest entertainment of all time. This series gave me some of the most memorable times in my childhood, and I'll always be thankful for that.moreless

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    A 10 is still to low.

    By fluffybear, Aug 20, 2005

    When it comes to The Wonderful World of Disney there is not a score high enough to honestly do this show justice.

    This show was a must on Sunday evenings for nearly 25 years. This is the place where many kids were first introduced to 'Herbie the Love Bug' or 'Flubber' and Davey Crocket.

    This was the ultimate for family entertainment as you knew you were going to be watching a classic show or movie from the Walt Disney Library.

    The only reason this show ended was due to the fact that Disney launched the Disney Channel and no longer had a need to produce a weekly show when they had enough material to fill their new 24 hour channel.


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    This is one of the best programming in the USA ever!

    By MikeGoofy21, Jul 31, 2005

    Since this came to me on Disney Channel in 1997, I noticed that it contains various classics that I never seen before. I even taped it so that I can watch it over and over again. This provides better moments and better segments and other programs that presented whatever the show that comes on television. This will live on for years to come. I give this a most excellent show!

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