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    Incredibly good, and incredibly scary

    By kikkapi, Aug 29, 2014

    This is without a doubt one of the best Doctor Who episodes ever - and one of the most frightening. Seriously, it made me wish I had a sofa to watch it from behind. I finished it about 15 minutes ago and I don't think my heart rate is back down to normal yet.

    It's also amazingly well-crafted, and while I'm certainly not about to give away the ending, it was quite perfect and tied everything together beautifully.

    But I would definitely recommend not seeing it when you're alone in the house, or right before you go to bed. I may never sleep again as it is...


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    Wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff!

    By partykazofia, Jan 04, 2014

    Such a great episode. I was waiting to hear the Doctor say those words ever since I've started watching the show (a friend of mine once told me about them). I don't know if it is okay for me to say it before I've watched the whole series but this episode has got to be one of the BEST!!!

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    Don't even blink!

    By 3Jane, Nov 12, 2013

    This episode was SO much fun. You can watch it over and over, trying to work it out, and revelling in Billie's dalliance.

    I don't find The Weeping Angels so much hide-behind-the-couch scary as suspenseful, with the capability to make you jump out of your skin.

    There is a stretch of road near my house where there are garden statues in view for a minute or two, and I make sure never to blink, just to keep the memory of this episode fresh and alive in my mind. Actually, I think it's time I watched it again.moreless

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    By TrueTvWatcher, Nov 10, 2012

    Blink was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Doctor Who. I really enjoyed watching because the story was intriguing and fun. There was some action, character development and plot progression. I liked the suspense of some of the scenes which had me on the edge of my seat. I liked how every thing played out and certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!

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    One of the creepiest TV episodes ever

    By BevinChu, Oct 26, 2012

    One of the creepiest TV episodes ever written. Genuinely nail-biting.

    Like the original Rod Serling Twilight Zone series, and the original Outer Limits series, ingenious writing obviates any need for elaborate FX.

    Clever cutting between a collection of stationary statues is enough to strike terror into viewers' hearts.

    Remember, don't blink. Blink and you're dead.

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    Best one ever

    By mobbs456, Oct 08, 2011

    An amazing episode for the new Doctor Who. This is truly one of the best episodes ever written - and it doesn't have the doctor in it much! How ironic.

    Compare this with last years Love and Monsters - yeah totally different aren't they? This one has more fire, more drama and above all more characterisation. Speaking of the characters, the gorgeous and coragous Sally Sparrow is the heroine of the story. She stumbles across the Scooby-Doo house, and is plunged into a world of time and angel statues that can kill you. only cryptic messages from the lost timelord and the mysterious blue box can save her and her new lover Lawrence from trouble.

    I only wish that more episodes could of been like this. Perhaps the new new series will have something to offer.moreless

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    A good Horror Drama thats worth watching though don't read to much into the time travel aspect of it all.

    By AgentAlbertross, Oct 08, 2011

    For any children who viewed this episode this will be a classic episode and one which they will remember as the best horror dramas are always something that you can relate too [Sapphire & Steel anyone?] in this case Writer Stephen Moffet has used Statues; something that viewers will always see everywhere.

    This episode doesn't rely on fancy effects to move the story as its all in the editing and story telling surprisingly Martha and the Doctor take a back seat. This ep had obvious roots from Back To The Future Part II as the letter is given to Sally. I felt what let this ep down was the time travel aspect, some of it was good other parts were just unconvincing. Sorry Mr Moffet, but saying that interveening on future events will cause some sort of cataustropic upsetting of the universe seems a little like a plot oversight coverup - the Doctor does it all the time see; Day Of The Daleks. Could he mean the Blinovich Limitation Effect or is he just trying to save his own skin to get the Tardis back? Logically, if the police guy had gone back in time then he could have told his future self not to help Sally and a new timeline would have been set up and none of this would have happened to him! Besides if those Weeping Angels did put you back in time as you now know future events then you can technically alter history for your own gain.moreless

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    Blink, the best Doctor Who episode.

    By wolf359locutus, Sep 18, 2011

    Well it might just be me, but I think that this episode "Blink" is the best of any Doctor Who. It was not silly, or corny (which some have been) and don't scold me for saying that. I love all Doctor Who's, but this was grown up and sophisticated. It was very smart, well written, acted and directed. And may I add, SCARY ! I just loved this episode and it's a "must watch" episode from my "must watch episode list" It was different from any other "Doctor Who" episodes, yet it was still very much a "Doctor Who". I just loved it!!!moreless

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    Best Doctor Who episode so far.

    By jbezzina, Feb 27, 2011

    I have been into Doctor Who since the Tom Baker days and to be honest I cannot consider myself as a fan of the new show. The reason being that I think most of the stories (before this one) were pretty lame. Come on!! you cannot get any worse than pig aliens (or whatever they were) can you? - BUT... over the past 3 episodes I have seen a dramatic improvement in the quality of the episodes. It was like the top brass called the production staff over to their office and gave them a good old kick in the behind and told them to crank up the quality of the show. It also seems like the show is now targeting a more adult audience. I just hope that the quality of the show will remain on these levels.moreless

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