Get Excited, the First TWO Trailers for Doctor Who's "The Day of the Doctor" Are Here! [UPDATED]

By Tim Surette

Nov 10, 2013

I don't know much about this Doctor Who person, but as a television professional it is my understanding that many of you out there absolutely adore the fella(s)! And according to some extensive research on my part, the BBC and BBC America are putting together quite the celebration for the guy(s) beginning November 18 as he turns 50 years of age! 

On November 23, both the BBC: Proper British Edition and BBC: America Rules Okay? Edition will air the special Doctor Who program "The Day of the Doctor," which will see former doctors Matt Smith and David Tennant teaming up (WHAT!?!?!?!) to save our helpless butts once again. 

And now the first trailer for that program is here! Like, actually here. With footage of Matt Smith and David Tennant in the same scene!

But wait! The BBC has released a second, longer trailer on YouTube that shows even more of Ten and Eleven interacting. It's pretty great as well.

Did your brain melt from excitement? It's okay if your brain melted. But just embrace it, you know? Go ahead and watch it a few dozen more times, I say.

For a full rundown of the Doctor's 50th Anniversary celebration, our resident Anglophile Kaitlin Thomas has the whole schedule.

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  • AshleyWilliam19 Nov 11, 2013

    I am so excited, three doctors at once and Billie Piper!!! This episode should be epic!

  • archangelwho Nov 15, 2013

    Two Doctors and a made up one.

  • mdoz34 Nov 11, 2013

    I am always glad to see more Doctor and this, without a doubt, should be interesting...

  • wisperin88 Nov 11, 2013

    DAVID "FRAKING" TENNANT BY A MILE! I think the most excited thing about the trailers are they answer one major question, is David Tennant playing the 10th Doctor or his regenerated clone that stayed with Rose.:(...and it appears he is in fact THE DOCTOR! Which sets my whovian hearts a fluttering.

  • erhabori Nov 11, 2013

    I just peed myself. So excited.

  • erin12312 Nov 11, 2013


  • Madelynn1984 Nov 11, 2013

    EEEEEEk!!!!!! I'm SOOO EXCITED! Yay!!!!!!!

  • Arunsun Nov 10, 2013

    Wish we could see Timothy Dalton as Rassilon/Lord President again :)

  • MightyMad Nov 10, 2013

    LOL @ the sizing up of the sonic screwdrivers!

    Gentlemen, I shouldn't have to tell you that it's not how big it is, but what you do with it that matters...

  • KayWatkins Nov 10, 2013


  • cuculhain Nov 10, 2013

    cant wait, need a TARDIS right now!!!!

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