Doctor Who: Season 8 Finally Has a Premiere Date and a Teaser! (VIDEO)

By Kaitlin Thomas

Jun 27, 2014

Fellow Whovians, stop whatever it is that you're doing and start packing your suitcase with tea, jammy dodgers, crisps, and other things British people eat, because BBC America has finally announced a premiere date for Season 8 of Doctor Who and it's less than two months away!

Peter Capaldi's first season as the centuries-old alien known as the Doctor will arrive on your television screens on Saturday, August 23 at 8pm. His eyebrows were first introduced in Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary Special "The Day of the Doctor," and the rest of his body soon followed in the most recent Christmas special "The Time of the Doctor," which also acted as Matt Smith's swan song. 

It'll be interesting to see what kind of man Capaldi's Doctor is. Will he be haunted by his past like Nine and Ten? Will he be full of life and vigor a la Eleven? With every new Doctor comes a new personality, and I can't wait to see what's in store for Twelve (let's not rehash the Twelve vs. Thirteen debate, okay?). Not only is Capaldi much older than the previous two actors who portrayed the Doctor—David Tennant and Smith—but he also has quite large shoes to fill as both men have ever-expanding fanbases.*

Check out the teaser below and then hit the comments with your first impressions.

*No, I'm not forgetting about Christopher Eccleston, but we only had one season with him, okay?! It's hard to deny Tennant and Smith were far more popular among fans!

What do you think, Whovians? Are you excited for Season 8?

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  • rickvega Jun 30, 2014

    really wishing we get to see some more of River Song, but don't think we will as I think we have already gotten all of her story.

  • flowerjackie Jun 30, 2014

    so so so excited!!!

  • WildPict Jun 29, 2014

    I'm so excited!

  • MichelleHood24 Jun 28, 2014

    Can someone point me toward another trailer that I can watch in Australia.

  • colbyfromage Jun 28, 2014

    I like his outfit. It says, "I WEAR TIES FOR NO ONE."

  • saintmark Jun 28, 2014

    I'll be full of anticipatation

  • ElisaDiaz Jun 28, 2014

    Still so looong until August!

  • sleepy-sonic Jun 28, 2014

    I'm more cautious of Moffat's new convoluted ideas than the Capaldi's performance.

  • Snyltesoppen Jun 28, 2014

    Here`s hoping that River Song shows up somewhere during the season :)

  • ArkhamNative Jun 28, 2014

    I keep getting a "Susan" vibe off of Clara (Jenna Coleman) in these teasers, even though she's really more like Barbara. It's weird, especially since I don't really see Capaldi as a Hartnell-type Doctor. Who will his Time Lord be most like? My brain just now went straight to Increase Mather from WGN's Salem. Wow.

    I think Capaldi could be a great Doctor, if the script quality can rise to his level.

  • MichelleHood24 Jun 28, 2014

    Increase is a d$?/ and just a crazy person. Who knows a dark crazy powerful doctor could be fun.

  • WildPict Jun 30, 2014

    We've had a dark and crazy version of the Doctor, the Valyard in Trial of a Timelord. I know it was only for a few episodes, but he was epic.

  • MichelleHood24 Jul 01, 2014

    I don't remember those.

  • WildPict Jul 01, 2014

    It was during #6, Colin Baker's Doctor Who of the classic series.

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