News Briefs: The BBC Has Canceled Ripper Street

By Kaitlin Thomas

Dec 05, 2013


... Two months ahead of its Season 2 debut on BBC America, OG BBC has killed off Ripper Street due to the fact that no one actually watched Ripper Street. I feel kind of responsible for this, because it's one of those series that I saw the commercials for and was like, "Hey! That looks sort of interesting. But not nearly as interesting as this other interesting show. Bye, Ripper Street! Hello, Teen Wolf!" If this also happened to you, the important thing to remember is to not blame yourself. Blame Matthew Macfayden and the rest of the cast for not being on a show about teenage werewolf hunks. [Variety]


... Syfy has given a series order to Dominion, a supernatural series based on the 2010 film Legion. It's set 25 years in the future after an Earth-raving war between angels, who are led by Gabriel, and mankind (with the help of archangel Michael), and follows a young soldier played by Christopher Egan (Kings) who finds out he's actually the savior of humanity. Joining Egan are Tom Wisdom (300), Roxanne McKee (Game of Thrones), Alan Dale (Lost), Anthony Stewart Head (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), and Luke Allen-Gale (The Borgias). [Syfy via press release]

... Jenji Kohan, who's brought to life both Weeds and Orange Is the New Black, is developing a period piece for HBO centered on everyone's new favorite historical subject matter: the town of Salem, Massachusetts and its infamous history (p.s. WGN America already has a series in the works focusing on the same time period starring Nikita's Shane West). Kohan will write the script with Bruce Miller (Alphas) and Tracy Miller. [THR]

... TV Land has granted Cedric the Entertainer's series The Soul Man a third season. The order for eight more episodes comes more than three months after the Season 2 finale aired. If you were holding your breath for this news, you're probably already dead. [Deadline

... BBC America has released new photos from the Doctor Who Christmas special, which is set to air Wednesday, December 25 (obviously) at 9pm. Titled "The Time of the Doctor," I'm sure it's just your average run-of-the-mill episode and absolutely nothing of importance is happening. Check out the photos in the gallery below:

... IFC announced today that R. Kelly's "ultimate hip hopera" Trapped in the Closet will be back for more drama and shenanigans sometime in 2014. They also asked me to pass along this message: All 33 previous chapters will air on IFC on Saturday, December 7 at 5:15pm. In return, I'd like for IFC and the rest of the world to never use the words "hip hopera" again. Thanx. [IFC via press release]

... Heather Morris, Mark Salling, Amber Riley, and Harry Shum Jr. will all be returning for Glee's 100th episode. Aaaaand Ryan Murphy might even let them sing! [E! Online]

... Comedian, actor, and marathon-runner Eddie Izzard has inked a one-year talent deal with NBC Entertainment which will also give him an executive-producing credit if he's cast as the lead in a series. The world always needs more Eddie Izzard, so let's hope something good comes along soon. [The Wrap]

... Billy Crystal's autobiographical Broadway play 700 Sundays is coming soon to HBO. The one-man show features Crystal playing several characters who've helped him to become the man he is today. The special, Crystal's sixth for HBO, will be taped in early January and air on the pay cabler sometime in 2014. [HBO via press release]

... Archer's newest trailer warns viewers against the danger of ninjas. This is a serious problem and we should all know what to do if we encounter one. Also, Archer returns with all-new episodes on January 13.


... Fringe alum Lance Reddick is joining American Horror Story: Coven when the series returns in January because God loves us all. He'll be playing Papa Legba, the series' version of "voodoo Satan," in the final episodes of the season. Apparently he's the one responsible for Marie Laveau's everlasting youth. [EW]

... Once Upon a Time has found its Rapunzel and she looks a lot like a former witch who once lived in New Orleans. Alexandra Metz, who played Katie on The CW's The Originalswill make her debut in Episode 14, which airs early in the second half of Season 3. [TV Line]

... Look, I love The CW and I'm totally not ashamed to admit it. But I still won't touch Beauty and the Beast. That being said, Tom Everett Scott is super open to touching Beauty and the Beast (probably not in that way). He's been cast in the recurring role of Sam, an archaeologist with a short temper. He'll make his first appearance in Episode 12. [EW]

... Robert Wisdom (Nashville) has been cast opposite Paul Giamatti in FX's drama pilot Hoke. Based on a series of novels by Charles Willeford, the drama is set in Miami in the '80s and Giamatti plays the titular homicide detective who might just be a tiny bit off his rocker. Wisdom will play Major Brownley, Hoke's boss and the head of the Homicide Squad. [Deadline]


... David Simon, the creator of The Wire, wrote a wonderful story for GQ Magazine about Michael B. Jordan, the young actor who played Wallace on the series. Jordan later went on to shine in TV series like Friday Night Lights and Parenthood, and most recently, he starred in the film Fruitvale Station, which GQ is highlighting as the Breakout Performance of the Year. If you're a fan of Jordan, or even just appreciate his talent, it's probably worth a read. [GQ]

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  • michellegill5243 Jan 03, 2014

    Ripper Street is such a fantastic series that it's criminal that the BBC has cancelled it. You can help out by signing the online petition ( and follow @SaveRipperStreet on Twitter #SaveRipperStreet

  • andreweather Dec 09, 2013

    Aww. Ripper Street was awesome.

  • dragon22a Dec 07, 2013

    While season 2 hasn't aired here yet so I can't comment on whether the quality changed, I did likeRipper Street in its first season so it's sad to see it go. Maybe it just came down to cost. The show was a period piece so the cost of sets and wardrobe may have been just too high given its ratings. i have a feeling the same thing can be said for Copper which also got cancelled in after its second season and after having some strong episodes also.

  • dandelion5R Dec 06, 2013

    Drat. I love Ripper Street. Sad that not enough people gave it a try.

  • TVcom_editorial Staff Dec 06, 2013

    Comment test.

  • joeca1234 Dec 06, 2013

    Ripper St series one was brilliant! Thoroughly enjoyed it! Series 2 there was something missing. There was no attachment to any of the characters in need of help. It lacked a certain warmth with the viewer as well. Such a shame. What changed from series 1 to series 2?

  • rickynotrefle Dec 06, 2013

    Uhhhh i'll touch anything with Kristin Kreuk.

  • estella87 Dec 06, 2013

    Nice Lost-reference with that Dharma ISIS orientation video. ;)

  • numberonecubsfa Dec 06, 2013

    A tv series to Legion? Color me interesting. Even if that movie was bumpy, it had great potential for more stories which never got to materialize. Until now. I may check it out.

  • Yaspaa Dec 06, 2013

    More fantastic news. :/

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