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Season 1, Ep 6, Aired 4/30/05
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  • Episode Description
  • Location: Utah, Earth Date: 2012 Enemy: DalekThe Doctor and Rose find themselves in an underground museum in Utah in the year 2012. The museum houses all kinds of extra-terrestrial artefacts the only living exhibit being one of the Doctor's oldest enemies - a Dalek. But soon after, it escapes from its "torture chamber", and goes on a killing spree. Will Rose be one of the victims?

  • Cast & Crew
  • Robert Shearman

  • Joe Ahearne

  • Steven Beckingham


  • Corey Johnson

    Henry van Statten

  • Anna-Louise Plowman


  • Fan Reviews (34)
  • One of the best episodes for Christopher Eccleston.

    By arkanitoo, Aug 24, 2014

  • Dalek

    By TrueTvWatcher, Oct 15, 2012

  • Dalek sad

    By z0mbieZero, Feb 03, 2009

  • "Alright then, if you want orders, follow this one. Kill yourself. Why don't you finish the job and make the Daleks extinct? Rid the universe of your filth. Why don't you just die!?" - The Doctor. "You would make a good Dalek."- The Dalek.

    By 10thdoctorfan, Mar 22, 2011

  • An epic enemy has everyone running for their life.

    By Lord_Fly, Oct 13, 2010

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (39)

    • (Diana Goddard orders Van Statten’s men to take him away) Henry Van Statten: What the hell are you doing? Diana Goddard: Two hundred personnel dead and all because of you, sir. Take him away, wipe his memory and leave him by the road someplace. Henry Van Statten: You can’t do this to me! I am Henry Van Statten! Diana Goddard: And by tonight, Henry Van Statten will be a homeless brainless junkie living on the streets of San Diego, Seattle, Sacramento… Someplace beginning with S.

    • Dalek: Why do we survive? The Doctor: I don't know. Dalek: I am the last of the Daleks. The Doctor: You're not even that. Rose did more than regenerate you. You've absorbed her DNA. You're mutating. Dalek: Into what? The Doctor: Something new. I'm sorry. Rose: Isn't that better? The Doctor: Not for a Dalek. Dalek: I can feel. So many ideas. So much darkness. Rose, give me orders. Order me to die.

    • Rose: I’m begging you, don’t kill him. You didn’t kill me. Dalek: But why not? Why are you alive? My function is to kill. What am I? What am I?

    • Dalek: (to the Doctor) What use are emotions if you will not save the woman you love?

    • (Rose is confronted by the Dalek) Rose: What are you waiting for? Dalek: I feel your fear. Rose: What do you expect? Dalek: Daleks do not fear, must not fear. (shoots wildly twice, missing Rose completely) You gave me life. What else have you given me? I am contaminated!

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    Notes (16)

    • Original International Air Dates: Turkey: October 4, 2009 on CNBC-e

    • This episode was nominated for a Hugo Award for Dramatic Presentation: Short Form.

    • In an early draft of the script Van Statten's character was named 'Will Fences' in joking allusion to Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Russell T. Davies later changed it to Henry Van Statten, a name he had also used in his series Mine All Mine.

    • The working title for this story was Creature of Lies.

    • The final viewing figure for the BBC One airing of this episode was 8.63 million.

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    Trivia (20)

    • The map of the United States on Van Stratton's monitor is missing Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

    • The fictional Geocomtex website lists under its Products section Node Stabilized (in Lupus and Nocens variants). Lupus is Latin for wolf and nocens for harmful or bad. Interestingly, they also offer Argentum Ordnance, otherwise known as silver bullets.

    • When the Dalek tells Rose, "I feel your fear," she replies, "What do you expect?" This is the same answer the Second Doctor's companion Victoria Waterfield gives a Dalek who makes the same statement in The Evil of the Daleks.

    • Look carefully on the wall behind the Dalek when it is chained up. On the displays there are three schematics of a Dalek. These images are taken from the blueprint schematics that appeared in The Doctor Who Technical Manual entries on Daleks. They are prominently visible when the Dalek speaks to the Doctor for the first time.

    • The Cyberman display has a sign that suggests that the head was recovered after the events in the Doctor Who story The Invasion. The head in the case is modelled on those seen in the Revenge of the Cybermen. Although based of the same design, the Cybermen heads seen in The Invasion are different in several ways from the head shown. One of the most noticeable differences is the handles on either side of the head. In The Invasion they are smooth, but in Revenge of the Cybermen they are ribbed.

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    Allusions (2)

    • Henry Van Statten: [to Adam, about Rose] Hey, Little Lord Fauntleroy, I got you a girlfriend. Little Lord Fauntleroy is the central character in the children’s book of the same name by Frances Hodgson Burnett (1849-1924), originally published in 1886.

    • Adam: When I was eight I logged onto the US Defence System, nearly caused World War Three.
      A reference to the film "War Games" in which that happens.

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