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    One of the best episodes for Christopher Eccleston.

    By arkanitoo, Aug 24, 2014

    Here it is, folks: the episode that made Daleks badass again (and that is not a term I use lightly!). But before we get into the praise and snark a bit of history on the Daleks.

    First introduced in 1963 by the second serial of the show, appropriately titled The Daleks, these evil pepperpots catapulted Dr. Who into fame. In this verion of Dalek history, the Dalek planet of Skaro was once home to two races the peaceful and scientifically adanved Kaleds/Dals and the warlike Thals. After a terrible nuclear war between the races, the Dals were mutated and became the insane, Nazi-metaphor Daleks. These Daleks were more or less confined to their city because the motive power for their shells was electricity that had be conducted via metal walkways.

    The Thals were protected from mutation by radiation by (what else?) anti-radiation drugs. The Daleks, upon finding that these drugs would kill themselves, planned to use a neutron bomb to increase the radiation in Skaro's atmosphere. But the TARDIS crew convinces the Thals to fight against the Daleks and by the end of the serial, the Daleks were seemingly wiped out when their power source was destroyed.

    However, the popularity of the Daleks ensured the survival of at least a token few. They appeared again in 1964's story The Dalek Invasion of Earth and continued to appear with increasing frequency as the years went on. Because of their rather goofy design (they really do look like giant salt shakers with a toilet plunger attached), the apparent ease that The Doctor came to defeat them, and these facts combined with their apparent inability to manage stairs caused the Daleks to suffer through an identity crisis by the time the 1988 Remembrance of the Daleks came around (even though they were pretty badass in that story). To put it bluntly: the Daleks were no longer menacing. What the series needed if they were going to continue to have the Daleks as The Doctor's great foe was something to breath new life and threat into the metal-clad mutants.

    This should have been the last Dalek way for the iconic monsters to go out on a high note. It had such large shoes to fill (being the first Dalek episode of the NuWho) and it did so better than anyone could have imagined not only delivering a Dalek that was a threat again, but also some genuinely touching moments and a moral question that was actually followed through on. I give Dalek a 9/10 in terms of emotion, storytelling, and overall premise. There needs to be more episodes like this one!moreless

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    By TrueTvWatcher, Oct 15, 2012

    Dalek was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Doctor Who. I really enjoyed watching because the story was awesome, we meet the Doctor's Arch Enemy and Rose is put through a dilemma. I liked the way every thing played out and it was fun watching the Dalek on the loose. The ending was very sad as the Dalek requested it's own death. Rose has certainly become a great companion for the Doctor at this point. I look forward to watching the next adventure!!!!!!!!!moreless

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    Dalek sad

    By z0mbieZero, Jun 10, 2011

    Having watched Doctor Who as a kid, I enjoyed the reboot it got with this series. I found the new Doctor a little annoying in the pilot, but he's starting to grow on me. I liked the first few episodes partly because they didn't ask me to take them too seriously, but this one did ask me to take it seriously, and I just couldn't. The idea of the stray, crashed dalek being revived on Earth was kind of cool, but it quickly degenerated into such over the top melodrama that it was uncomfortable to sit through. I put this one squarely on the writing; the actors were fine, the production values were fine, and the dalek itself had a nice modern polish on an old design, especially when it opened up to show its withered little body at the end...but if you're going to ask viewers to get emotionally invested as a dalek learns to empathize with its enemy then question its existence, it's just got to be better than this. This idea has been done before (the 'Hugh' episode on Star Trek Next Generation, the Starbuck/Cylon stranded together in the original Battlestar Galactica, the film Enemy Mine, etc.) but to much better effect. If you're going to cue a swell of violins while the Doctor and his companion emote over 'who is the real monster' in front of a sad, alien tank with its eyestalk cast down, you're wandering out onto some thin ice in my opinion. Kudos for the attempt, and the series is not bad, but this episode made me cringe and not in a good way.moreless

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    An epic enemy has everyone running for their life.

    By Lord_Fly, Oct 13, 2010

    The first time we see the Daleks in Nu Who, and for new comers who aren't familiar with this particular enemy we get introduced to them at the best. This is a great episode were you truly feel you have entered the Who-verse. Needless to say if the Doctor is terrified of these guys then I think we can assume they are bad news.

    They do a good job of making you want to empathize with the damaged Dalek. It has been tortured, bruised and even the Doctor looks down with disdain upon it. Yet, this episode really shows the danger the Daleks pose. It is good to see the Dalek use some creativity in its destruction demonstrating the intelligence of this enemy. It is also nice to see that stairs will not be a problem.

    Again we see that Christopher Eccleston's Doctor has a little darker side with the comment "you would make a good Dalek" striking a cord.moreless

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    Our first meeting with a Dalek!

    By Pucktweety, Sep 21, 2010

    Our first meeting with a Dalek brings up to Utah where some rich American has decided to put a lot of space 'Junk' and artifacts into a cellar deep underground so he can be with the stars, ironic much? The Doctor thinks so too.

    Anyway, yeah, quite an interesting episode. We meet Adam who appears in the next episode. I love how they make him really likeable in this one but in the next one you really hate his stupidity, haha!

    The plot was interesting, the lady who takes over in the end I really liked UNTIL she took over. In general the American accent through me a little at the start because I don't know why but everyone else has an English accent in the show, even the other species. (Has anyone else realised this?)moreless

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    irony or real? just dont get it!

    By hp79, Jun 10, 2010

    Im sorry, but i just dont get it! i am a big fan of sci fi. perhaps this is a little smarter that scifi (i like shows like late Star Trek and stargate etc.), because i dont understand what the fuzz is about. Bad effects, silly story (are they ironic, or is it for real? dont know), and not much of acting either.

    Perhaps its better if you know the whole story. i have only seen these first 6 episodes of the new doctor who. Perhaps it is such smart comedy (or scifi?or what is it?), that i just dont get it.

    But thats how it is, i dont understand what its about, i dont understand if it is supposed to be funny or serious, and i dont understand why so many people love it.moreless

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    Not something special but not something dreadful. In the middle.

    By ben-the-hen, Aug 12, 2008

    This story was mediocre. It wasn't the best there have been but is good by Dr Who standards.

    The story revolves around the return of the Daleks...well Dalek. It let's the characters play around with their past (especially the Doctor) and let's Rose question his morals and is probably the first time Rose is really disagreeing with him. They learn a lot off each other in this episode and makes them see the universe differently. There is a lot of action and drama involved which is always great to see. Bruno Langley puts in a good performence as Adam and it's funny to see the tables turn on Henry van Statten.

    Good episode.moreless

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    The Doctor and Rose land in Utah in 2012 and there's a deadly Enemy waiting underground!

    Written by; Robert Shearman

    Directed by; Joe Ahearne

    By TRForward, Jul 19, 2008

    The Doctor and Rose land in a underground alien museum in america in the year 2012 after getting a distress call. They are captured by guards who think they are there to steal something. The Doctor and Rose are taken to Hennry Van Staten's office. Here they also meet up with Adam, a human boy genius. Van Staten then takes the Doctor to see his 'one living specimen' which he calls a Metaltron as Rose and Adam get to know each other. The Doctor finds out that the Metaltron is really a Dalek, the last of it's kind after the time war. The Dalek tries to exstminate The Doctor but can't as it has no power and is dieing. Van Statten then finds out that The Doctors an alien and takes him off to do tests on him. Rose and Adam then go to see The Dalek. Rose touches it and it heels from the back ground radiation from her time travelling. It then starts killing every one. Van Statten then lets The Doctor free because he is the only one to know what to do. They go back up to the office and start shutting the bulk head doors which is the only thing strong enough to seal the Dalek in. The only problem is Rose and Adam are only just infront of The Dalek as all three of them are trying to escape. Adam escapes but Rose is to late. The Dalek then tells The Doctor to let it pass the bulk head or it will kill Rose. The Doctor lets it through but goes to find weapons with Adam. The Doctor then goes to The Dalek but Rose tells him not to shoot it. The Dalek then commits suicide as it is half human because of absorbing energy from Rose. Adam leaves in the TARDIS at the end of the episode.

    Not the best story of the season, but still a good one it really dissplays the power of the Daleks as there is only one but the consequences are still catastrophic. It is also a good way to bring back the Daleks with just a small plotline so we know how powerful they are without seeing it on the scale it is in all the other Dalek stories.

    Best Actor/ Actress; Christopher Ecclestonmoreless

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    The Doctor and Rose end up in a museum of alien artifacts run by Henry Van Statten, who has a live alien deep in the museum. The Doctor soon finds out that not all his enemies in the Time War bit the dust, as waiting for him, is a Dalek!

    By tomtheroadkill, Nov 01, 2007

    At last! All Doctor Who fans everywhere have been waiting for this moment! The return of the Daleks!!! Or, at least, one of them! A new look for the Dalek, but still the same pepperpot look! The levitating ability is not new (see Revelation of The Daleks and Rememberance of The Daleks) but the swivelling Dalek sections is new as well as the extreme shielding. Also, in this episode, we see a darker side to the Doctor's nature. This is probably well justified, as the Daleks wiped out the Timelords, at least we think so! Rose has a lot to do with the Dalek, as by taking her DNA, has become partially human in nature. It is a brilliant episode, overall, and at last, we finally have the most feared enemy returning to send us all scurrying behind the sofas again! Marvellous!moreless

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