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    Goodbye Eccleston, Hullo Tennant.

    By arkanitoo, Aug 24, 2014

    So this is the episode where the intense, leather-jacketed Eccleston will regenerate into geeky dreamboat David Tennant. But let's not get ahead of ourselves yet because the 9th Doctor still has one episode to dazzle us with so come on and we'll dive right in!

    The Parting of the Ways picks up right where Bad Wolf left off with Rose a prisoner of the Daleks and The Doctor coming to her rescue. I have to say, this episode certainly starts off with a vibe of sheer epic tension as the Daleks decide to fire missiles at the incoming TARDIS, an action that Rose loudly protests with a cry of "The TARDIS isn't kill shielded, you'll him!" To which the Daleks make the humorous yet chilling reply: "You have predicted (Apparently Rose has forgotten just how of much of cold-blooded killers the Daleks really are. Speaking of which, what happened to the Game Controller? I was hoping that The Doctor would find her I guess having missiles fired at you is a bit

    Thankfully, both The Doctor and Captain Jack have a few tricks up their sleeves as that extrapolator is put to good use again to shield them from both the missiles and the extermination beams. The cool way The Doctor handles the oncoming fire just get the idea across that he's had more than a little bit of experience when it comes to fighting Daleks.

    So how does The Parting of the Ways rate - both as the second half of a two-parter and a season finale? Quite well, actually. It is action-packed and quite cinematic, hitting well both on the story-telling and the emotional aspect. And it made the Daleks live up to their expectations! Despite the use of Rose a la deus ex machina, it had a strong ending that culminated in the reintroduction of the regeneration lore. Finishing out a mostly strong season and being the satisfying conclusion to the Bad Wolf story arc, I rate The Parting of the Ways as a 10/10. This was great television.


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    Phenix Rising

    By sh811a, May 09, 2013

    This is the follow up and it didn't disappoint. What I like is how dark the episode is it really takes an unfun turn. I remember the moment when we see a whole army of Daileks invade the space station, just seeing them really gave me a cold chill and I knew the Doctor, Jack and Rose were all in deep crap . Sure the Doctor along with the companions he's had have beaten the Daileks before but this is the present and it's a whole army, as a saying goes whole new ball game.

    But what really made this episode stand out for me was that it wasn't so much the Doctor as the main protagonist but Rose. Rose really does drive this episode and I personally thought was at her emotional best, one of my favorate moments with her was when she delivered this monalog to Mickey and her mom talking about a better life, a better way of living as opposed to the everyday routine. I thought that was powerful because she's right, it kinda reminds me of the same philosophy in the book "Don Quote" that life should be more than just eating, sleeping, and working but to have and crave adventure, exploration but also to have the strength to do what right in your heart. That's what she believes and that's what I believe to.

    She then figures out the bad wolf message and I thoughout the payoff to this relvolving mystery was good, when we see it was a message she sent herself thoughout time and space to tell herself to go back where she belongs and do what she's ment to do. I also liked seeing both Mickey and her mom (forgot her name sorry) take action helping her open the Tardis control panel, it really shows both of them just like Rose are becoming more than what they are, and they will become people of greater importance latter on.

    Meanwhile we see in the future, the human are just getting their butts handed to them. Those darn Daileks just never play fair, as we see despite how main bullets they fire they have a function that shields most of their bodies from the bullets. Granted, there is a small victory here and there where Jack got to blow away a few from one charge of the lazer gun he constructed and using an android as a trap to kill a small group of Daileks. But as I said small victories as they weren't enough and they keep coming, and we see Jack is the last man standing holding off the Daileks for as long as he can to give the Doctor time to finish construction of the machine, and it was sad when we see him get shot by a Dailek. Though I wouldn't say it's that sad if you remember Jack is an immortal.

    There is of course a pivotal moment with the Doctor as he has the machine ready, it means he'll be able to wipe out all the Daileks but it would also mean he'd wipe out a huge populace on Earth. And yet if he doesn't take action even though human lives will be spared, they will still be harvested by the Daileks. So yeah it's a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation which always sucks because it's practically lose lose. We see for a moment the Doctor coming close to pushing the lever but then suddenly changes his mind and back away, and says one of my favorate quotes in the episode. "Coward any

    This decision I feel doesn't make the Doctor a coward, it means he's brave. Being brave doesn't mean to just simply take action but to make hard decisions. The doctor choose for all the lives to live, which would of been taken if he took the action. This also shows how truly selfless the Doctor is and that depite not being human he has humanity in his heart.

    When Rose come in just when the Doctor is about to be exterminated, it was great I really liked the effect seeing the energy of the heart of the Tardis flow though her, it kinda reminded me of the Phenix force from the X-Men comics. I'll admit just seeing the effect and how it's utilized in this show is ten times better than how the Phenix force was handled in "X-Men 3: The Last Stand" and that film blows (sorry but that's how I . What makes the moment great is that it's sort of a switch around because usually it's the Doctor that saves the day but it's the companion for once, this was a revolutionary move for it's time but I think it's cool all the same, a break in the cleche.

    Anyway, it was just cool seeing Rose just vaporize the hell out of the Daileks and the Empieror, Rose literally had the power of a God. I even like some of the dialog she delivers you really heard and seen the emotions, but most importantly loved her determination she knows she could die from this force but she doesn't care as long as it ment the Doctor would live. And that was the main reason she did it not to save the universe or greater good personally I always believe that sole reason is bullcrap; but to save the Doctor someone she loves and I think that's the greatest reason.

    And of course there is a sweet but sad moment at the end. I really love the moment when the Doctor kisses Rose, which I don't feel was just to save her but also signifies that the Doctor loves Rose as more than a friend. Which is something that's never happened in the franchise since his relations with each companion is usually platonic and is one of the reasons I really I really love the recent Doctor Who's is that there is more emotion involved and the Doctor has more depth than before with the mystery about him still attached.

    However, we see the force he absorbed and threw back into the Tardis has fatally wounded him, which of course means regenerations. He'll have some memories but not all which will also mean his true feelings for Rose will also be gone. So seeing him go really made me sad like any other version of the Doctor. Farewell Christopher Eccleston your my third favorate doctor and you really were fantastic.moreless

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    By Doctor10, Feb 15, 2013

    This an amazing episode of Doctor Who. It's an action-packed hour that will have you on the edge of your seat and solve the mystery of "Bad Wolf".

    Some of the best lines, too: "I think you need a doctor" Swoon!

    Goodbye Christopher Eccleston, and if I may say so, you were fantastic :)

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    The Parting of the Ways

    By TrueTvWatcher, Oct 23, 2012

    The Parting of the Ways was a superb and very entertaining episode of Doctor Who. I really enjoyed watching how the rest of the story from the last episode turned out and it was amazing. I liked seeing more of the Daleks, their Emperor and Fleet. It was touching to see Rose, Mickey and Jackie fight to open the Tardis's soul to Rose. I liked how the every thing played out and it was awesome to see Rose save The Doctor and for him to save her. The ending where The Doctor transforms was cool, but I wish we could have had Christopher Eccleston for at least another season. In any case I'm excited to watch more episodes!!!!!!!!!moreless

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    Oh my gosh

    By MarcBianka, Jan 12, 2012

    I think that this episode is the uglyest and the worst from all the movie because The Doctor chenged and now he is another one but not Christopher Eccleston, without him is not that nice. He got something special and ironic. And there's not Johm Brrowman. It is a falling down :(

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    A happy and sad ending, we saved Rose making you wonder if she will ever be the same again, but we loose the 9th Doctor

    By Lord_Fly, Oct 18, 2010

    Now that we have gotten all of that rather pointless gameshow crap out of the way we can get back to the action with the Doctor trying to save humanity from the Daleks. A great finally where the Bad Wolf shows her face and saves the Doctor for once. She seemed almost too powerful which begs the question, where it all game from?

    It was nice to see the Doctor go through all of the effort to try and save the universe but not have the heart to kill all of humanity. It points to those tough choices that maybe should be made but which we really can't do.

    I know the motif is that the Doctor changes those he comes into contact with, but I found it a little unbelievable that so many would be willing to die for the Doctor just because he thinks he can try and save folks.

    I would have loved to see them do more with the Lynda. Jo Joyner is a great actor and Lynda could have added an interesting dynamic to the team. Her role just seemed too small for us to really feel for her when she dies.

    The Doctors Self sacrifice pinnacled in a kiss seemed to capture the essence of the series, with the Doctor willing to do everything to keep Rose safe. Goodbye Doctor #9 you were brilliant.moreless

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    Whoa! Season One ends in a bang!

    By AdrenalinDragon, Sep 29, 2010

    The Parting Of The Ways

    Grade: A*

    The first season finale of the new Doctor Who is amazing, and perhaps still the best one as of today. This episode I can watch loads of times and is still amazing. As most of you should already know, this marks the end of the 9th Doctor (Christopher Eccelston) and boy what a finish to the first series! Incredibly dark, heroic, and an awesome stand from both the Doctor and the Daleks!

    The story continues on from the episode "Bad Wolf". Rose has been captured by the Daleks and the Doctor, along with Jack races to get her with the TARDIS through using a forcefield and shield to protect them. They encounter the Dalek Emperor and talk on how they survived the Time War, and it turns out the Emperor survived and made blessed Daleks through humans, and the other Daleks think he is a God so it turns a bit religious. Nevertheless, the Doctor leaves and seems stumped on how to stop them.

    He decides to create a delta wave to eliminate the Daleks. The trouble is that it takes time to build and the Daleks are already arriving on the Gamestation. Jack tells other voluntees to help them fight the Daleks but most of them don't believe they exist, and nevertheless they all get killed. The Doctor realises that he is running out of time, and not thinking they are going to survive, he decides to send Rose home through the TARDIS by tricking her. Rose is annoyed by this, and demands to go back but recieves a message from the Doctor telling her to have a good life and to never come back and leave the TARDIS. She tries to go back by reaching into the heart of the TARDIS, allowing her to control herself back to the Doctor, and again she keeps seeing the words BAD WOLF everywhere.

    On the final minutes, with Jack and everyone else killed but the Doctor, he gets the delta wave ready and just needs to push one button. All the Daleks surround him and the Emperor taunts him by saying either killing all humans and Daleks, or letting them live to take over Earth. The Doctor is pressured to push the button, but chickens out, rather being a coward instead. The Emperor Dalek then tells him he is going to be Exterminated for not pulling the trigger.

    In a seemingly no way out situation, Rose returns just at the nick of time to rescue the Doctor, although the power of the TARDIS has overcome her. She reveals to be BAD WOLF and tells the Daleks that they are tiny and blows them away through Atoms with the power, and just wants the Doctor safe. The emperor is killed and the Doctor begs for Rose to stop and release the power but she can't. She revives Jack and nevertheless is seconds away from being killed by an overdose of time vortex running through her head. Very shortly afterwards, the Doctor says "I think you need a Doctor" and kisses Rose, and transfers the energy to him just in time, and takes it back to the TARDIS. Rose collapses and the Doctor seems ok.

    They are both back on the TARDIS, and Rose wakes up. She can't remember anything and the Doctor notices he is going to regenerate. Trying to stay calm, he tells Rose that he was going to take her to Barcelona and many other places, but she is confused. The Doctor then suffers pains and is going to change, claiming its a way of cheating death. The final words of the 9th doctor to Rose is "I just want to say you were fantastic! Absolutely fantastic! And you know what? So was I!". He regenerates for good and changes into the 10th Doctor, David Tennant, and he comments on his teeth and then going to Planet Barcelona!

    Nevertheless, a brilliant departure from Christopher Eccelston and I still miss him, and with David Tennant gone now as well, we have to recap why the relationship between Rose and the Doctor was so strong in the first series. Sure, the Deus Ex Machina ending was used, but on this finale it works well because it costs the doctor's life as a result of a no way out situation. Other times though it doesn't (Season 3 Last Of The Time Lords I'm looking at you!), but nevertheless The Parting Of The Ways is one of my all-time favourite New Doctor Who episodes, and one of very few to get a perfect 10 from me.


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    Perfect finale for a perfect first series!

    By ArielManto, May 29, 2009

    After 13 episodes of adventures, dangers, aliens, last humans, famous writers, American captains, drama and comedy, this is the last time we get to see the ninth Doctor in action. And what better way to do that with the purest of all evils to fight against – the Daleks!

    This last episode is very emotional on many different levels. The Doctor knows that he can't beat the huge army of Daleks without killing every human living on earth. And it is great that he would rather say that he is a coward than actually do what the Daleks wouldn't hesitate to do any second. And because of this dead-end-situation, he sends Rose home in the TARDIS. Without a proper goodbye, because he knew she wouldn't leave him all by himself. And we really understand the special relationship between those two, when she can't accept the situation and wants to go back so badly that it becomes clear that he is more important to her than her own family.

    And because of her stubbornness she opens the TARDIS and looks into its heart. And suddenly she is in some way like him. She understands what he is going through day after day and with what he has to live with. And she becomes so powerful that even the Doctor is, for once in his life, actually surprised and speechless. Although it is very sad to see Christopher Eccelston leave the show, it happens with a great ending for his ninth. He gets to do, what he always wants to do. He gets to "die" for the one he loves, while absorbing the energy from Rose. And in that moment you can see in his face that he is really, utterly happy with what he did.

    So in the end he regenerates and this is the last perfect moment of this finale, when we get to see number ten: David Tennant!moreless

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    Great finale.

    By ben-the-hen, Aug 12, 2008

    It was a good ending to a brilliant season.

    The Dalek Emperor was a fantastic enemy and played a very very imprtant part in the episode. It shows how willing the Doctor is to protect his friends, at any cost.

    Billie Piper puts her all into this episode and shows a side of Rose we haven't seen. She's determined to get back with the Doctor and eventually saves his life, defeats the Daleks and brings Captain Jack back to life. She is the ultimate hero.

    Unfortunetly, the 9th Doctor absorbs the time vortex and has to die. So of course, he regenerates into...David Tennant!

    With new teeth...on their way to Barcelona.moreless

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