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    Unbeatable Classic One!

    By BunnyBaby, Jun 05, 2013

    There are not enough compliments to give for the Doctor Who show and this is my unprecedented TV show in the history of television! It really touched my life in a simple way by being entertained while watching each episodes of this show. Tom Baker is also the main factor why I watch this up to the end, his acting ability is simply great! Since I'm a fan of this series, I want to own a complete collection of the classic version to relieve the memories. I obtained my Doctor Who classic series from memorylanedvd. com which turned out to be a great buy. Absolutely amazing quality! It also has the entire and I'm definitely contented with this purchase!! I'm so happy to experience watching my favorite show again. Definitely a must have for every classic series fan.moreless

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    Doctor Who

    By MadamStacey, Dec 22, 2011

    Love the classic! I'm just getting into it but I'm finding it fascinating to watch from the 60's.

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    Timelord and his companions as they travel through time/space saving the ones they come across. You learn about people interaction and some scientific theories.The BBC did not give the show enough money over look the set up, enjoy the show. And check out

    By archangelwho, Aug 19, 2011

    Has there ever been a longer running better TV show. The show became new with each new Doctor. Peter Davison left too soon. Colin Baker does not get the credit he should and Tom Baker is not the \"great one\". Yes he was one of the top two Doctors, I liked Davison better, but Colin Baker seem to care more about the show and the fans than Tom Baker does.

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    The longest-running Science Fiction show in the history of television, Doctor Who really raised the bar for intelligent TV.

    By DavidBarro, Apr 13, 2011

    Doctor Who had a fresh way of ensuring survival: having the lead character, The Doctor, with the ability to regenerate, experiencing a complete physical change, this could allow a different actor to continue where the former actor leaves off. A certain flexibility also existed, where the actor could add his own interpretations of the Doctor's nuances and foibles, script rigidity notwithstanding. Since 1963, eight actors have played the role of the Doctor, until its end in 1996, with the shortest tenure being held by Paul McGann, who was cast only for the TV Movie in 1996. Some of the players have received much praise, such as Tom Baker, the infamous "Fourth Doctor" whose tenure was the longest, eight years. Others have endured criticism, such as Peter Davison (The Fifth Doctor) and Colin Baker (The Sixth Doctor).

    Lay the blame wherever you like for why the show had weaknesses; over the course of 26 contiguous years, every aspect of the making of the show would be bound to be at fault at one time or another. Of particular note would probably be the production values, as the BBC had only decided to shell out the big bucks for epic production technology in the past ten to fifteen years, so the early years of Doctor Who, especially in the early 1980s, looked cheesy. Still, the show has amassed millions of fans worldwide and fandom did not waiver during those dark years following the show's end. Doctor Who lives!moreless

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    A great Sci-Fi classic that has aged well!

    By ronindave, Feb 20, 2011

    I first stumbled upon Doctor Who on PBS back when I was about 9 or 10. They were showing repeats from the Tom Baker era (this was when Peter Davison was the Doctor in real time) and they just hooked me! Doctor Who was full of low budget cheesy effects but the stories and the imagination behind them are what got me the most. Daleks and Cybermen stalked my childhood nightmares while words like sonic screwdriver, Time Lord, vortex, time lines, TARDIS, ect became part of my vocab. My childhood would have been significantly poorer without the good Doctor and his TARDIS.moreless

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    Doctor Who (1963) is the longest running TV show in history of telvison. The Doctor is a Time Lord, who travels in time and space in his vessel The Tardis. The Doctor battles the evil of the universe. Over the years in its run, the Doctor has fought ev

    By DoctorWho44, Feb 20, 2011

    Daleks and Cybermen. During Doctor Who's 26 year run on TV, various actors portrayed Doctor Who. It became a famous TV show when William Hartnell portrayed The First Doctor. The First Doctor died in Part Four of The Tenth Planet, and regenerated into a younger Doctor (Patrick Troughton.) Troughton portrayed the Second Doctor for 3 years. Then Troughton announced he was leaving Doctor Who at the end of the previous season. Jon Pertwee portrayed The Third Doctor for 5 seasons. In Part Six of Planet of the Spiders, the Doctor died. Sarah cried over the Dead Doctor. K'Ampo appeared and explained that the Doctor was badly damaged by the crystals, and that the Doctor's cells will regenerate, and the Doctor will become a new man. K'Ampo does, and the Doctor regenerates for the third time. The Doctor regenerates into The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker.) Baker played the Doctor for 7 seasons, longer than any actor, who played the Doctor. Tom Baker left after 7 seasons, and regenerated into Peter Davison. Davison's Doctor is much younger. Davison followed the advice of Patrick Troughton (The Second Doctor) and left Doctor Who after 3 seasons. Davison regretted his decision, but it was too late for him to return as the role of the Doctor went to Colin Baker. Davison regenerated into Colin Baker. Baker's Doctor was unstable, mysterous, and arguemenative. But Baker's Doctor was determined to get rid of the evils in the universe. Baker was fired by the BBC unfairly after the 14-Part Trial of a Time Lord. Baker was invited to come back for a 4-Part regeneration scene the following season. Baker declined not to return to Doctor Who on those terms. Sylvester McCoy portrayed the Seventh Doctor until the show ended in 1989. McCoy did return for a regeneration scene in Doctor Who The Movie. McCoy regenerated into Paul MacGann. MacGann played the Eighth Doctor in the movie only. But he did play the Doctor in audio adventures produced by the BBC.moreless

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    One of the best shows ever to come from British television.

    By gideonbernstein, Dec 02, 2010

    I really enjoy the adventures of the good Doctor. People from all over the world have marvelled at his exciting explots for almost four generations now. This show is as old as my brother Mark, and yet it has not grown old yet. For almost 45 years we watched as the Doctor traveled through time and space in the barely functioning TARDIS as he saves the universe from ruthless villains and hostile aliens from the past, the present, and the future. This show isn't only exciting, but it is also often funny as well. I personaly hope that this show lasts another 45 years.moreless

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    science fiction series

    By Atomius1, Apr 01, 2008

    I first leant of this show and saw a few episodes at the Powerhouse Museum in 2003 when they had some screening to mark the 40th anniversary of the show. It was run (the classic series (1963-89) minus a few dalek eps and missing or incomplete eps) on ABC between 2003 and 2006 and i watched every episode run and enjoyed the series. I much prefer it to the new version (2005-) and have not seen the Cushing or McGann movies. My favourite era would be Jon Pertwees and my favourite theme would be the original sequence. The opening sequence graphics using the howlaround effect are quite superb and the music by Delia Derbyshire is one of the best pieces i have heard. Later sequences were very good though not as much so as the first one. The plots in this show are original, wierd, and science fictionesque. The characters are good, though as a live action show the acting is not as good as in a cartoon- but for a live action show it is very good, and would easily be my favourite science fiction series of all time. The doctor certainly presents an interesting character- the mysterious alien who picks up companions and travels about doing good- but it is a pity such sorts of character are not copied much- his seems to be the only such character i know of yet there is potential in such characters for expansion into other realms. The worldds, aliens (''monsters'') and companions are all great characters- and i guess this is predictable, but my favourite enemy would be the daleks. the daleks of course are not the only good villains. as a singular unit the master would be my favourite villain, but as a plural collective the daleks would be. the daleks are the perfect creature- entirely robotic except for a brainlike mutation of the original kaled species within the metal unit that acts purely as a brain function i suppose. in non canon illustrations there is indicated a 'war computer' and it would seem odd davros has not fully computerised the units- perhaps he feels he needs to feel that a creature can be the most successful thing rather than a machine, or perhaps his technology was lacking. as to the cybermen they portray darth vaderesque cyborgian characteristics though seem far more robotic than vader. a very enjoyable series, i would say that it is at its best during pertwees era, excellent during the first five doctors, quite good during the sixth doctors role and entertaining during the seventh. the seventh doctors era is fresh, decidedly modern, but seems lacking. perhaps if it had been produced today with modern effects and a etter budget it would be one of the best seasons. all in all a good series and with my favorite theme, villains, title sequence of any tv show.moreless

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    By suitelife96, Jul 13, 2007

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :):) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) I love this show it is really cool. Doctor Who? Yes that's his name. It is just a genius show as to Doctor Who being a genius. Let's just say. I leave it at that. I wish they made more episodes of this awesome show. That would make my day. Totally. I am going to the forums. Bye bye now!moreless

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