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    By Stick6ft2, Oct 22, 2014

    I'm Robert I went to the hosipal on oct 20 and had to pay $150.00 copay with out knowing what the bill was

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    help needed fayetteville

    By NancySmith1251, Sep 01, 2014

    Have a friend had weight loss surgery 7 years a stressful job has keep her weight off for 7 years .she has great a great had a near death experience because of a allergic reaction to a medicine in canada was in a coma and on a vent for nearly a never takes life for granted would love to see her get a skin removal you guys could help would be great.

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    Doctor Bermann

    By wrightbarb, Aug 25, 2014

    I really miss Dr. Lisa. Wish she would come back. However, I like most of the new doctors on the show. Love Dr. Ian Smith and Dr. Rachel. However Dr. Bermann has to go. I don't know why she was hired on the show. Just hearing her voice annoys me. She overpowers any other doctor speaking to get her point acrossed. She needs to learn when to SHUT UP!!!!!

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    Narrator not needed

    By 58065303, Mar 24, 2014

    In my opinion, Doctors has been ruined since introducing that annoying voice giving a commentary on what the characters are up to. For me, after watching for many years, I'm afraid I will not continue to watch while the program continues to produce this irritating feature. I endorse my feelings with all programs that are following this trend. What a wonder how the actor's feel on this subject? It reminds me of a

    children's The actor's are more than capable of telling & playing their part. Please help.moreless

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    What Self Indulgent Rubbish!

    By roysainsbury5, Oct 14, 2013

    I have enjoyed watching the daily episodes of Doctors up until today. Who is responsible for this self indulgent rubbish? What has it got to do with Doctors? Gave up half way through and will certainly skip tomorrows episode.

    Nothing against Jane Austen. She must be turning in her grave. Can't wait for you to get back to the 'real' story. I put 'real' because we all realise this is nothing like a real doctors' surgery. They have to much spare time on their hands for one thing. BUT I do enjoy it, NORMALLY.moreless

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    Huge fan!

    By keri1983, Aug 05, 2013

    Doctors is a brilliant tv show,and is far better than any of the other soaps,you get a different story each day as well as being kept up to date with the main characters!The recent storyline with Al stalking Jas is gonna be great too!

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    biggest fan

    By cazzy10, Feb 21, 2013

    I love this show so much although im a series behind. I cannot believe why it cannot be on at prime time as it beats all the soaps. and why does it have to go against the soaps at the soap awards? Its not a soap!! the story lines are brilliant! I love tara she is my guilty pleasure, please dont tell me shes not in it any more?

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    By charmedluver42, Dec 07, 2010

    it is a very bad daytime show whenever im at home my mum makes me watch it and i have to seeing as it is on in between neighbours and diagnosis murder two shows i genrally watch!the storylines are pointless and they just drag on...ok i'll can be ok at sometimes but thats very rarely!!

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    i think doctors should get a prime time slot.

    By junelindley, Mar 27, 2010

    keep it up cast bring us more great story lines.u should be in for awards for best tv program.this must be the best thing the bbc have done for ages happy 10th birthday doctors.hope u run for ever heres to the next 10 years.julia and ruth and michelle and jimmi are great actors.dont care much for danial hes shifty.i like nick west why did he leave.bring mac back a a special guest appearance would love him and julia to get together and tell each other a few home truths.well done to all of the cast members and crew.hope jimmi is reunited with evamoreless

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