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    spoiled brat

    By JoeyGouvin, Feb 07, 2015

    shes a babyish stupid ass spoiled brat.

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    By henryjamessegura, Feb 03, 2015


    6 Reasons why Dora is annoying

    Reason #1- Theme Song! (I HATE THAT SONG! IT SO ANNOYING!)

    Reasons #2- I am Map Song from this awful cartoon (THAT ***GOT MAP WILL NEVER SHUT THE FUCK UP!)

    Reasons #3- What are we going song part (AHHH! ENOUGH WITH THIS ANNOYING SINGING ALREADY!)


    Reasons #5- Every the end of all episodes of this HIDEOUS CARTOON, THEY ALWAYS SING WE DID IT!


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    By Nolan242, Jan 02, 2015

    This show is terrible and horrible mixed together. This show is so bad. I HAVE SO MANY PROBLEMS WITH IS SHOW THAT IT'S LITERALLY STUPID FOREVER! I have so many problems with this show! Okay first off the theme song is really annoying. Dora is constently saying the same word again and again! Then after the theme song DORA ALWAYS PLAYS WITH BOOTS EVERY TIME! EVERY TIME WHEN DORA AND BOOTS HAVE A LITTLE PROBLEM THEY HAVE TO BRING THE WORST CHARACTER IN HISTORY! It's the map. The map will never shut up for 2 mintues and IT'S THE WORST SONG IN HISTORY. THEN EVEN MORE DUMB THINGS HAPPEN. Then Dora and Boots walk on a trail then Dora ask us where is the mountain or so on. THATS LITERALLY THE DUMEST QOUSTION IN THE WORLD And everything Dora ask like where is the mountain is always behind her! Eventully swiper tries to steal Dora's stuff then the really stupid commet comes out of Dora and Boots. It's SWIPER NO SWIPING SWIPER NO SWIPING and the fox will go away! SUCIGHTITY DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY. So Dora is teaching kid that if you go up to a robber and the kid says ROBBER NO ROBBING ROOBBER NO ROBBING! The kid would easily be kidnapped! When Swiper get's lucky Swiper throws the items somewhere they can't find it. Dora and Boots have to find it in more of a torchure way. They tell you what it is and dora blurts out every time. Man she's lazy! When part of the joerney is complete dora come on famanos which is another terrible song. Then when Dora is done with her joerney and everybody in the story the sing we did it which again and horrible song. At the end Dora and Boots wonder whats your favorite part of the story. My favorite part is when dora goes to prision for the rest of her life! This just prooves how stupid Dora and Boots are! The show is rated in my opinion 0/10 which is truely a piece of crap! But in Media it's rated 4/5 which shouldn't be true. NICK JR. BANN THIS SHOW NOW!moreless

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    Never liked this show.

    By Murvine_Taylor, Nov 16, 2014

    I do not like Dora The Explorer simply because it is too babyish, and the episodes just repeat themselves. There are also filler parts, such as the map singing, "I'm the map," a bunch of times. OKAY! WE GET THAT YOU ARE THE FRIGGIN' MAP! NOW CAN WE PLEASE GET ON WITH IT!

    I honestly do not know why this show is popular around little kids because when I was a little kid, even I did not care for this show. I heard that it is getting cancelled in 2015. I am really not sad about that, but I do feel bad for the fans.

    Overall, I do not like Dora The Explorer and I do not know how it got to be a long runner. If you like it, then I respect your opinion. I just don't find this show entertaining or see how a little kid would have a great childhood by watching it.


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    Easily one of the worst kid shows in history, How it's gone on for over 10 years is beyond me.

    By Oldnickolodeon34, Sep 11, 2014

    Words can not describe the abysmality of Dora the Explorer. I used to watch the show when I was little, but now looking back at it, I highly regret doing so.

    Dora the Explorer is about a 5 year old Spanish girl and her friend monkey named Boots that go on adventures and try to reach their destinations to wherever they are going, but get stopped from doing so. The show is supposed to teach problem solving skills and spanish. When you watch the first 1 minutes of the show, you'll realize all the plotholes. Oh boy where do we begin?!

    How do Dora's parents allow their 5 year old daughter to go outside wandering in the forest all by herself? Shouldn't the CPS be at Dora's house? Why doesn't Dora tell her parents about the fox that stalks her? I know this is a cartoon and most of the logic is thrown out the window, but this is crossing the line and sending kids the wrong message.

    The characters are all braindead morons that rely on the audience for help. Dora asks the audience for help every two seconds like she can't figure out herself. And if that's not enough, she ACTUALLY asks the audience where trees or any objects that are RIGHT BEHIND HER are. Like, seriously? Can't she just get a GPS or take a look behind her?! She also encourages kids to yell at their TV screen as if they aren't speaking loud enough. Swiper is another character that ticks me off. He is literally one of the worst villians in a TV series and is not threatening in any way, shape or form. Whenever he is about to steal/swipe stuff from Dora and Boots they say "Swiper No Swiping!" three times, and then he just gives up and goes. Wow, just... WOW! Are they sending kids a bad message or what? So basically that's saying if you tell a crook to not steal three times they will go away? No, it doesn't work like that at all. Dora's parents are inattentive to their daughter and do not seem to care if Dora wanders around the public forest all alone by herself. You're kidding me, right? What if Dora gets ran over by a car or kidnapped, their parents would find that to be completely okay? The map is a talking map (I wish I was making this up) who sings a God awful and annoying song stating he's the map over and over again (as if the audience didn't figure that out already), he also tells Dora and Boots directions and destinations over and over again. To be honest, if I saw a map like this in real life, I would grab a lighter and set it on fire. The backpack is Dora's purple backpack who carries all her things for the journey, he's just as bad as the Map, he sings a dreadful song were he repetitively states he's the backpack and then tells the audience what's in Dora's backpack. Boots is the only character that I don't ultimately despise, but even then he could be irritating sometimes, and he looks pretty deformed for a monkey. I can overlook the fact that this is a cartoon, but there are too many talking inanimate objects in this show, it makes you wonder what the creators were smoking while making a show like this.

    The voice acting is another highlight in terms of this shows atrocity. It's too painful to tolerate, it sounds like the actors were dared to suck all the helium out of balloons from a birthday party, and these are the results.

    The songs are just abysmal. They're repeated in every episode and are annoying to say the least.

    In terms of artwork and animation, I can't really complain that much, because for what it is it's actually pretty decent. However, I think the colors are too bright and it kind of strains my eyes to look.

    If you watch more than one episode, you'll realize the repetition of this show and it's plot. Here's how each episode usually goes:

    1. Dora introduces herself to the audience.

    2. Dora and Boots start their journey.

    3. The two of them sing about where they're going.

    4. They come across the grumpy troll.

    5. The map sings

    6. They get things they needs to reach their destination on their journey.

    7. Swiper trys swiping those things but Dora and Boots stop him.

    8. They continue to the adventure.

    9. They reach the destination.

    10. They sing we did it.

    11. They ask what your favorite part of theday was

    Don't show this to your kids, I can garuntee they won't learn much, instead put on Sesame Street, Blues Clues and other kid shows that had real educational value. Rating: 1/10moreless

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    By AlexMan586, Sep 02, 2014


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    dora the explore killed nick jr

    By todd_philips, Aug 27, 2014

    lies,dora the explore killed nick jr. for me when it first made it's debut and now looking at nick jr. it is sad back in the 90's nick jr. was cool,we had blues clues before steve left,and we even had a host a face named face and boy was he funny.

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    Why do they still air this?

    By Roletiderole, Aug 14, 2014

    Seriously why? Every 5 or 6 minutes you hear Dora ask the audience something like "Where's the mountain?" when it's right in front of her! Then there's the Swiper the Fox scenes. All they have to do is say "Swiper no swiping" and he just flat out gives up! And even when they don't say it fast enough and he swips the stuff, all he does is just throw it somewhere in the woods and then they have to find it. But it's not that hard to find it! And also how does it get 4.9 at this site if IMDb gives it THREE point nine? Also I mentioned in a few of my other reviews that I was watching Gordy. Well now I'm watching One Hundred and One Dalmatians. Right now they're passing on the message of the stolen puppies. I recommend this movie and all the other movies I rated 10/10 over this show any day. Which is why I must ask, why doesn't this great movie have a profile here? They don't have one for The Jungle Book either. But at least they gave Gordy one!moreless

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    DORA ROCKS!!!1

    By martinezfam1234, Jul 07, 2014

    Seriously all you people talking shit about Dora are nimrods it's a KIDS show it's not for adults. All shows ask questions to the "Audience" Dora isn't the only one. What a about all the adult sitcoms that ask the audience stupid questions! & all you on here keep saying "Spanish girl" what are you racist? Maybe you shouldn't watch the show if you don't understand what she's saying, the shows trying to teach kids another language...

    We like this show it's are daughters favorite she even counts in Spanish now due to only thing we as parents find weird is the NEW show there making called DORA AND FRIENDS... like WTF? now all of a sudden it's changing up?moreless

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