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Quotes (9)

  • "Hic! Boom! Ohhh..." -Benny the Bull, Hic-Boom-Ohhh

  • Dora: Going on a berry hunt. Boots: Going on a berry hunt. Dora: Gonna pick some juicy ones. Boots: Gonna pick some juicy ones. Dora: We're not scared! Boots: We're not scared! Dora and Boots: (Together) What a beau-u-utiful day!

  • Dora and Boots: (Singing) We can stomp our feet. Let's stomp really hard! (They stomp 3 times.) We can clap our hands. Let's clap really loud! (They clap 3 times.) We can stomp, stomp, stomp! We can clap, clap, clap! Yes...we...can!

  • "Benny, you're not a potato anymore!" -Boots

  • Little Monster: When the arrow on the clock gets to 12, all monsters must be home. That's a rule.

  • Singing Gate: (singing) There was a farmer, had a dog, and 'Underpants' was his name-o. Boots: Underpants? That's so silly.

  • Dora: What missing animal starts with the letter S? Armadillo: Snake! That's a shame!

  • Dora & Boots: Butterfly no swiping, Butterfly no swiping, Butterfly no swiping! Robot-butterfly: Oh, man!

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Notes (124)

  • When Spanish station Telemundo aired Dora, the Spanish speaking characters (Senor Tucan/Tico/etc) would speak English. The roles are reversed & Senor Tucan's known as Mr. Toucan.

  • Senor Tucan is on this episode. He only speaks Spanish like Tico does.

  • This episode also appears in online listings as simply "Ice Cream."

  • This episode is available to see on GBA Video Dora the Explorer Vol. 1.

  • This episode is available to see on GBA Video Dora the Explorer Vol. 1.

  • This is one of two bonus episodes on the DVD, Dora's Big Birthday Adventure.

  • This is the episode we first discover that Dora's lastname is "Marquez" thanks to Boots, who addressed Dora's mom "Seniora Marquez".

  • This is the third of four episodes on the DVD, It's a Party!

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Trivia (31)

  • The Wagon had a Seat belt

  • When the first pig was in the wagon and Dora and Boots were singing they were on the road, the camera zoomed in and out and when it zoomed out the road was gone.

  • When Dora and Boots told Tico to open the gate, Tico threw away the bucket of chicken feed and pushed the gate open. But after the pig in the wagon stopped and Dora and Boots thanked Tico, you could see bucket full again and now on their side of the gate when Tico picked it up to continue on feeding the chickens.

  • Boots' surprise party was supposed to be a surprise, yet in the first part of the episode. Dora actually told Boots about the surprise party, blowing the surprise.

  • When Dora showed Boots' birthday cake, Boots poked on top of it to taste the frosting. Yet when they arrived in the party house (Dora's House), the hole in the cake is gone.

  • We are shown in this episode that the first item that Dora ever took out of her backpack was a bandage for Boots' hurt leg.

  • During the interactive segment, when Rojo did ask, which button should be press to sound the alarm, the car in front was already flashing the left directional lights, before the alarm sound was played.

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Allusions (6)

  • This episode contains references to the popular "Bear Hunt" chant. Some of which include the lines "Can't go around it" and "Can't go over it" when Dora and Boots have to cross the icy river and prickly forest.

  • Dora: What a big nose you have. This is one of a few references to the fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood.

  • Title: The Missing Piece This title is also the name of a children's book by author/poet, Shel Silverstein, published in 1976. Five years later, he wrote another book: The Missing Piece Meets the Big O.

  • When Dora's hair grew longer, her friends climb her hair the way they did in the fairy tale Rapunzel.

  • Tacoma Narrows Bridge: The bridge Dora and Boots end up walking over could be a parody of this famous bridge since its design appears to be similar to the 1938 design of that bridge.

  • Title Pun Mary had a little lamb