Christmas Special 2012

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    why on earth?

    By gabimondamo, Feb 18, 2013

    so who's dying when Edith is pregnant? guess the baby itself will past away.

    i dont get it that they need tragedy to let the show go on. there is no use in "killing" matthew, only to come up with another storyline. how dare they!

    to let characters die, just for that the serie is not getting boring, is the worst sign of bad writer - cause he couldnt imagine a "real" story, which tells aout inner movement, inner growing and stuff. no, death is their only way of bringing "new aspects" into story. sucks!

    this ruins everything.moreless

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    This is, without a doubt, the worst

    By TheGrimAriel, Feb 18, 2013

    What a lazy ending. What a cop-out. We all knew "he" was leaving, but in this way? Do they really have no respect these characters at ALL?

    A writer myself, I know you need to respect your characters to get the story working. The ending just feels like one big revenge on the actor. It's really not fair.

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    It's getting to be a bit much

    By Sablwolf, Feb 14, 2013

    I didn't start watching Downton Abbey until the very end of last season when it finally caught my interest. The meticulous attention to historical detail has been impressive; HOWEVER, I'm getting very tired of all the characters dying. It seems pretty lame! I mean really. Does Dan Stevens want more pay or why is he leaving? I say PAY HIM--or do whatever it is he wants to be able to stay--and make this episode a Dallas-esque dream sequence a la . Get on with some more serious writing for Pete's sake! It is almost too much for me to expect ANYONE in this melodrama to have a happy life. I feel I've been suckered by this show, and I don't honestly know if I will continue watching now. I would have given you a nine or even a ten rating before, but I can't go higher than a three today.moreless

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  • 7.5

    Oh Dear ... (SPOILERS)

    By Lady_Lancaster, Jan 22, 2013

    To be honest, I was expecting MUCH more from this 2012 Christmas Special than we actually ended up receiving. I am used to such quality writing and casting that this one left me feeling a bit ... flat. All the Scottish stuff had some beautiful scenery but the actual storyline was unnecessary and 'stole' a lot of time from all that could have been happening at Downton. Dan Stevens has been up and down about his contract with the show for over a year now. Clearly, given the final scene, he has decided not to renew it. I don't know where this leaves Mary and the as-yet-unamed heir. (Will it be Matthew Robert or something like that?) I loved the scenes between Isobel and Dr. Clarkson, they were very endearing, but, overall, I felt that too much was squashed into a relatively short space of time. All the characters seemed like they needed to 'hurry'. Having Matthew dead and Sybil dead and the two babies each with just one parent was a bit lame. I'm sure the writers could have come up with a better exit for Matthew because the whole 'dying after a baby has just been born' has already been done just a few episodes ago, Having said that, this show is of the highest quality and I look forward to what Julian Fellowes has for us in Season 4.moreless

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    Are we losing them one by one?(spoilers)

    By omnomillly, Jan 12, 2013

    I cant believe they killed off another main character at this rate the show will have to end soon as there wont be any actors left. I did enjoy the beauty of scotland and the serfs getting thier groove on while the family were away and am also glad to see them all pretty much getting along downstairs.

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  • 6.5

    How could they? (Spoiler)

    By DelilahKathry, Dec 28, 2012

    For the most part of the episode I was doing something else by side, because the plot just didn't get to me. I actually don't know what to say about it, because it felt really worn out.

    And for the final scene... As stated before, this was really a lame exit for Matthew Crawley. Death after childbirth. Didn't we see that before? But I actually thought in a similar direction, when they held their baby and I was thinking: "Where should they go from here? This perfect little boring couple and now their Well, it didn't hit me the same way as it did with Sybil. Her death was excruciating for me.

    I really liked Matthew, I will miss him. And I'm really not that sure, if I will anticipate the following season of Downton Abbey. It's just not holding up very well - plotwise.moreless

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