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    Like a scavenger hunt for actual surgery.

    By LawGeek, Apr 18, 2013

    Keep your remote handy if you want to watch. For every hour of programming, you have 40 minutes of the banal home life of the doctor, 15 minutes of establishing shots, and 5 minutes of actual content. I zipped through a whole season in about two hours, and I could have done it in less.

    Do you remember the episode of Friends where Monica put Phoebe in charge of cups? And Phoebe went nuts making everything out of cups? Well, I think they told some film student he could do the transitions and establishing scenes, and in an attempt at seizing the spotlight he produced a ridiculous amount of them. Between each scene is 5 minutes of storefronts and the same damn statue over and over again with the occasional fancy wipe. This is beyond tedious.

    Yet that seems interesting in comparison to the home scenes. Thrill while the wife discusses a remodel! Sit on the edge of your seat when the doctor is late for Tae Kwon Do! Absorb yourself in the 70th identical discussion about how much time he spends with his family! You get the picture. I don't know why anyone would sit through this part of the show. They are uninteresting people leading uninteresting lives.

    When you finally get to the surgery, there are some pretty good parts. They had an expert discuss the cultural reason an anonymous Muslim woman is getting a hymen restoration. There are plenty of patients with botched surgeries and the innovative techniques the doctors use to fix them (it's more difficult than a regular procedure). You also get to see how people come to obsess over their perceived imperfections, how models/actresses can't get work when they're beautiful but flawed, and the tremendous relief of fixing a physical deformity that has haunted the patient for years.moreless

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    Great show. Some of the surgeries weren't necessary though. I do not agree with super huge boobs, sex change operations(you are still the man God made you to be),or skinny women getting lipo.

    By AmazingGal, Nov 12, 2008

    I like this show because it not only shows people making their bodies better, it also shows the lives of these doctors. Dr. Rey is my absolute favorite doctor followed by Dr. Li. I believe that Dr. Rey's wife, Hayley is anorexic. No one is naturally that skinny. She looks like she could wear her little daughter's clothes. I also feel that she does not respect or appreciate her husband. Dr. Rey calls her a rich girl, but I call her a gold digger.I am sure that her parents did not provide her with the kinds of things that he has given her. The two doctors who just had the little boy are great also. I really don't care for any of the others.moreless

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    Censorship of certain procedures.

    By GriffosEmpire, Apr 09, 2008

    I think its disgraceful that certain prodedures are censored. what is this world coming to when, for example a procedure containing the genital area is fuzzed out because its classed as pornography, when is a medical procedure ever classed as pornography its so sad, people arnt forced to watch foxtel so really they would have no right complaining about the so called explicit content. I know if i was considering having some kind of cosmedic surgery done i would like to see before hand what maybe be involved, like wise if was to be broadcast on tv,I would hope that every detail was shown to possiably help those others who where considering a procedure.moreless

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    Dissapointed in the Botox injections for TMJ.

    By joannekent, Oct 01, 2007

    I am a little disappointed in the botox injections to treat TMJ dysfunction with Angie Everheart. Dr. Li only injected the Masseter at the lower attachment site and did not address other muscles involved with the TMJ. Such as, the medial and lateral pteragoid and Temporalis muscles. When you only treat part of 1 muscle out of 4, it just proves why Angie only had 1 week of relief. I am a massage therapist and athletic trainer and work with many people with TMJ dysfunctions and have better results than Angie after the botox. Myofascial release, Neuromuscular therapy and Craniosacral therapy are far more affective and longer lasting than Botox for tight muscles. There are also many other home care activities a client can do on thier own time to treat their TMJ. It does not have to be a debilitating condition and there are other forms of treatment.moreless

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    i would like a tummy tuck

    By tracirage, May 05, 2007

    i have had three kids and i do not look the same as before .so miny women that i know dont look like me (that have had kids). i hate the way my belly looks. i am pretty in the face, but when you get to the belly it is so ugly.i use to modle and now it is sad. i love my kids but what i wouldnt give to have my body back. sometimes i wonder if thats why i have had two failed mariges. i had a two peace bathing suit on one time and my sons friend asked me what was wrong with my tummy. i wanted to cry. i went and put something on quick. this i know would make life so much eazyier. please give me a chance. thank you, tracimoreless

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    Rate-10 HELP I want to feel beautiful! I am a recent widow and in desperate need for your help. I have a great outgoing personality but look wise I am nothing. Please help me for once in my life to feel beautiful. Who would want to date me. Please call me

    By beckyswhitaker, Dec 03, 2006

    This widow woman needs your help to restore my self esteem. I would love to be on your show. I think when you meet me you will love me and understand what I am going through. How lucky could I wish for such a dream come true. I live in Higgston, GA and this GA resident wants to turn a few heads. I want my daughter to be proud of her Mom. I think I would be a wonderful candidate for your show. 912-537-8003 Please make my dream come true. Becky Whitakermoreless

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    Please screen your episodes before airing them!

    By SadieB, Nov 27, 2006

    I like to watch this show because it is very informative. Watching the episode with the young girl who was having breast reconstruction after having all of her breast tissue removed to avoid the chance of having breast cancer, was a great episode. But, being someone who is an incest survivor I was appalled that this episode was not screened properly to take precautions not to pass off the wrong impression to your audience. Maybe you will screen your episodes more carefully now.


    R.B., Floridamoreless

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    I feel bad for Hayley Ray.

    By haleygirl1151, Nov 09, 2006

    I really like watching this show but I feel so bad for Hayley Ray. I remember the episodes where she was losing weight and went down to 95 lbs. and really wasnt eating and this this past episode where she went back to Canada to visit with old friends and see her childhood home. She just cried and cried it was so sad. I think that she is relizing but wont say it that she has lost her life to Robert. That she was her own person and has somehow turned into a robot and seeing her childhood home and friends reminded her of her old life when she was in control of it all instead of the mindless life she is living in Beverly Hills. I am sure it is a nice place to live but it is like she said \"living in Beverly Hills is just... diffrent\" Sure it is diffrent everyone is all about showing off what they have and being fake rather then being down to earth the way Hayley is. I think that Robert (i have to say is very hot!) really needs to spend some time away from the office and get Hayley out of Beverly Hills and just spend some alone time together and really give all of his attention to her. It is sad, it is like you wake up one day and wonder where the heck your life went. I believe that is why she was crying. I am all for being successful in life but not at the expense of your families happiness. I hope that Hayley can find it in herself to get back to that strong female that she once used to be. She seems so alone all the time it is heartbreaking to watch.moreless

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    Dr. Rey needs to change his arrogant, selfish behavior. It is so obvious he does not care for his wife or his children, but may be the wife needs to change, she is very plain. Spice up her caracter, introduce the wife to the a glamorus social life.

    By pinedafernanda, Oct 23, 2006

    Dr. Rey needs to change his arrogant, selfish behavior. It is so obvious he does not care for his wife or his children, but may be the wife needs to change. The wife is a very plain person, physically and personality wise. Her caracter needs to look healthy, have some hobbies, some interest besides the children. Spice her up, she need to be a "Hot Mamacita". Please, intoduce the wife to the glamorus social life of Hollywood, make Dr Rey feel proud and jealous of his wifemoreless

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